Melon desserts are an aromatic delicacy for sweet teeth. A selection of the best recipes for melon desserts

Melon desserts are an aromatic delicacy for sweet teeth. A selection of the best recipes for melon desserts

Melon is an incredibly fragrant and juicy fruit that is very popular with sweet teeth.

From it you can make a lot of delicious and delicious desserts. Melon is not only tasty, but also very useful.

It is recommended to enter into the diet of people suffering from hypertension, diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart. We have selected for you the best recipes for the most delicious melon desserts.

Melon Desserts - Basic Cooking Principles

Mostly melon consumed fresh, but from it you can also cook delicious desserts. The most popular ones are jam, jelly, confiture and marmalade. For those who are on a diet like melon fruit salads.

Melon produces very tasty and aromatic pastries, but mostly desserts are cooked without heat treatment, which allows you to save all the useful properties.

In summer melon prepare cold refreshing desserts. It can be frozen, ice cream or cocktails.

Desserts can be made from any kind of melon. The main thing is that it is ripe, juicy and not have damage and signs of rot.

The melon is thoroughly washed under a tap, then wiped with a towel and peeled. The flesh is crushed as indicated in the recipe.

Melon desserts will be even more useful if they are cooked with other fruits or cottage cheese.

Recipe 1. Melon sugar-lemon dessert


  • melon - one and a half kilograms;
  • sugar - 75 g;
  • lemon.

Method of preparation

1. My melon, cut it in half and remove the seeds with fibers with a spoon. Cut off the peel with a sharp knife. Pulp cut into small cubes.

2. Using the finest grater, remove the lemon zest from the lemon. Then cut it and squeeze the juice from the pulp into a saucepan. Pour sugar into lemon juice and boil a fairly thick syrup. Add into it a couple of spoons of lemon peel, mix and cool.

3. Put the sliced ​​melon on a plate and pour it with lemon syrup. We stand dessert for half an hour and serve.

Recipe 2. Frozen Frozen Melon and Strawberry Dessert


  • 300 g melon pulp;
  • 10 g vanilla sugar;
  • 300 g strawberries;
  • 75 ml of honey.

Method of preparation

1. Peeled washed melon, peeled, remove the seeds and cut into small slices. Spread strawberries in a strainer and rinse under the tap.

2. Fold the melon pieces, strawberries, vanilla sugar and honey into the blender container. We interrupt everything to the state of mashed potatoes.

3. Put the mass in the container and send it to the freezer. Every hour we mix desserts from melon.

4. We spread the dessert in the ice-cream bowls and decorate with strawberry slices.

Recipe 3. Melon Dessert with Coconut Chips


  • 270 g melon pulp;
  • 50 g coconut chips;
  • 25 g of sugar;
  • 40 ml of filtered water;
  • a bag of jelly “Mango”;
  • fresh mint for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. My melon and peel off. Put the flesh in the bowl of the blender and smash to a puree-like state. Add sugar to puree and mix. If it is too thick, it can be slightly diluted with water.

2. Put mashed potatoes on the fire and cook, stirring, a couple of minutes.

3. Remove from the heat and pour a bag of jelly into the melon puree. Stir until complete dissolution of the dry jelly. Cool the billet to 40C. Whip the fruit puree with a mixer until foam appears.

4. Line a rectangular container with food film and pour fruit mousse into it. Sent to the freezer for two hours.

5. We take out the cold dessert from the freezer and take it out of shape, pulling the edges of the film. Blade knife grease with vegetable oil and cut the dessert into small pieces. Every roll in coconut chips. Decorate the dish with mint leaves and serve.

Recipe 4. Melon-vanilla marmalade


  • half a kilo of melon;
  • 60 ml of cold boiled water;
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • 25 g of gelatin;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • vanilla pod.

Method of preparation

1. Mine and peel melon. Pulp into cubes and spread in a bowl.

2. Remove the seeds from the vanilla pod with a knife and distribute them along the melon; we also place the pod in a container with a melon. We cover it with sugar and leave it for a couple of hours to make the juice stand out.

3. Put the melon slices on the fire and bring to a moderate heat until boiling. Cook at low boil for five minutes.

4. Puree melon immersion blender and again put on fire. Cook from the moment of boiling for another three minutes. Remove from heat and cover with a towel. Leave overnight.

5. Fill the gelatin with cold boiled water, mix and leave to swell.

6. Add to the container with melon freshly squeezed lemon juice. We put on the stove and cook from the moment of boiling up five minutes.

7. Gelatin dissolve in a water bath. Pour it into hot mashed potatoes, mix and pour into small molds. Cool and place for several hours in the fridge.

Recipe 5. Melon Dessert “Breeze in the Sea”


  • four cookies with baked milk flavor;
  • 5 g instant coffee;
  • 100 g of melon;
  • 40 g walnuts;
  • 60 g of black currant;
  • 50 g of sugar;
  • 150 ml of drinking water;
  • 100 g sour cream.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the melon, wipe it with a napkin, remove the seeds with fibers and peel. Flesh finely crumble. Put a layer on the bottom of the ice-cream pan.

2. Boil water and make instant coffee. Soak half of the cookies in coffee and place on top of the melon.

3. Remove the currant from the branches and rinse under the tap. Put the berries in the next layer on the bowl.

4. Put the remaining biscuits on the currants, soak them in coffee. Cookies cover with a layer of chopped melon. Sprinkle all the finely chopped nuts.

5. Whip sour cream with sugar so that its crystals are completely dissolved. Pour the contents of the creamers with whipped sour cream. From above paint nuts and berries of currant.

Recipe 6. Melon Jelly


  • 150 g melon pulp;
  • citric acid;
  • 200 ml of drinking water;
  • 25 g of food gelatin;
  • 50 grams of granulated sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Clean the washed melon from the peel, but do not throw it away. Remove seeds with fibers. Pulp chop into small cubes.

2. Pour water into the pan, add sugar and put it on the stove. Warm up, stirring. When the syrup begins to boil, dip the melon pieces into it. Put a crust here. Boil over moderate heat for five to ten minutes, depending on the hardness of the melon.

3. Pour gelatin with drinking water, mix and leave to swell. Then dissolve it in the water bath until the granules dissolve completely.

4. Take out a melon skimmer. Throw the crust. In the broth, add the dissolved gelatin and citric acid. Stir.

5. Arrange the melon in the molds, and fill it with gelatinous mixture. Put the forms with melon in the refrigerator and soak them until the jelly is completely set.

Recipe 7. Dessert “Aromatic Melon"


  • two glasses of finely chopped melon;
  • vanillin;
  • 75 ml of sugar;
  • 100 ml of condensed milk;
  • 50 ml of lemon juice;
  • 200 ml of 33% cream;
  • 70 ml of drinking water;
  • 50 g frozen cherries;
  • egg white;
  • 50 g dark chocolate;
  • 70 ml of milk;
  • walnuts.

Method of preparation

1. Put 50 g of sugar in water and keep it on fire until it is completely dissolved. Twist the fire to moderate, and cook for another ten minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

2. Cut melon pulp into slices, place them in a blender bowl and smash it to puree. Put it in a bowl, add a spoonful of lemon juice and syrup. Mix well. Put in the fridge for an hour and a half.

3. Beat the egg whites into a firm foam. Add it to the frozen melon puree and beat with a mixer for about a minute. Refrigerate again for an hour. 4. Thaw the cherry and smash it in a blender to a puree state. Add in a cherry puree a spoonful of sugar and cook, stirring, over low heat for five minutes.

5. Pour the milk into the skillet. Put the chocolate into pieces. Put on the fire and melt it, stirring constantly. Combine the melted chocolate with cherry puree.

6. Remove the sorbet from the melon from the refrigerator, and place it in portions. Clean for half an hour in the freezer. Then remove and spread the chocolate mixture. Again, send for half an hour in the freezer.

7. Cream whip into a dense foam. Continue to beat, gradually adding condensed milk and adding lemon juice. Put the ice cream for half an hour in the freezer. After the allotted time, remove, beat again for a minute and spread over the chocolate layer.

8. Remove the form for five hours in the freezer. To remove the dessert, dip the molds in warm water for a few seconds and turn them over in a dish. Garnish with chopped nuts on top.

Melon Desserts - Tips and Tricks

  • Before you start making dessert, try a melon, if it is very sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar. Conversely, if the melon is not sweet, add more sugar.
  • Melon desserts are best cooked in individual ice-cream bowls. So they will be more convenient to serve.
  • Melon marmalade can be rolled in powdered sugar or sesame.
  • A frozen melon dessert will be easier to get out of shape if you lower it for a few seconds in warm water.
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