Canned melon for the winter in banks: tasty and practical. How to prepare a canned melon for the winter without sterilization

Canned melon for the winter in banks: tasty and practical. How to prepare a canned melon for the winter without sterilization

The autumn harvest of melons can be preserved for the winter not only in the form of jam, jam or dried slices. The preservation method allows you to make a winter billet, which, to taste and texture, will be similar to a fresh, freshly cut sweet melon.

Melon fragrant flesh is good in itself. However, it easily absorbs other smells, and therefore allows you to experiment. In a jar of canned melon, you can put spices (cloves, vanilla, cinnamon), fresh ginger, pineapple, honey. Preparation for preservation takes a few minutes, so you can quickly and easily pack several jars for the winter.

Canned melon for the winter in banks - general principles of preparation

To prepare the melon for preservation, it must be thoroughly washed with a stiff brush, cut into large chunks, clean the core with the seeds and cut off the skin. Cut large melon chunks into neat cubes of small size (with an edge of three to four centimeters), with which it is easy to fill a glass jar. It remains to cook the syrup, and the canned melon for the winter in banks is ready.

If the cans with melon filled with syrup are sterilized before the cuff, then it is not necessary to heat or steam them before filling. Just enough to thoroughly wash with soda. If canned melon is prepared for the winter without sterilization, that is, immediately under the key, then the banks must first be steamed over boiling water or calcined in the oven.

How to sterilize filled cans? At the bottom of a wide pot you need to put an old towel and place the container on it. Pour the jars covered with lids with warm water under the neck so that the water does not reach the shoulders of three centimeters. After boiling water, sterilize half-liter jars for 10 minutes, “seven hundred” and liters - 20 minutes.

It is necessary to cool canned melon in the same way as other winter preparations: turn them down with covers and cover them with a warm old blanket, fur coat or blanket.

Canned sugar melon for the winter “Sugar”

Very tasty sugar melon, canned for the winter in banks. It preserves the natural flavor and gets a richer taste. All winter you can eat natural, almost fresh melon and pamper your home with excellent pastries.


• large ripe melon;

• two liters of clean water;

• four glasses of granulated sugar;

• a teaspoon of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

Prepared melon pieces spread on sterilized jars.

Cook syrup. To do this, pour water into the pot, add sugar and put on fire.

While stirring the syrup, wait until the grains of sugar are completely dissolved.

When the syrup begins to boil, add citric acid.

Boil the syrup with acid for three minutes.

Pour melon pieces with boiling sugar syrup.

Sterilize canned melon for the winter in cans, covered with lids, for ten minutes.

Cork the billet, cool and store in a cool place.

Canned melon with ginger

The root of fresh ginger gives the melon a special fresh note, delicate and at the same time bright taste. For lovers of spicy dishes, this option canned melons for the winter in banks will be a real discovery. The number of ingredients is indicated approximately per liter of finished product.


• medium sized melon;

• a piece of ginger root (3-4 cm);

• one hundred grams of white sugar;

• a pinch of citric acid;

• water.

Cooking Method:

Cut the melon into small slices.

Ginger root clean with a knife and cut into thin plates.

Put ginger circles on the bottom of sterilized jars.

Fill the glass container with melon slices.

Pour the rate of sugar.

Add citric acid to each jar.

Boil water and pour melon cubes with boiling water (leave 1.5-2 cm of air from the surface of the water to the lid).

Prepare pan for sterilization.

Sterilize the melon, then cork and cool.

Store in a pantry or winter refrigerator.

Canned melon with pineapple

A simple recipe for fragrant and very tasty melon billet. In combination with pineapple melon gets spicy sourness, which is enhanced by spicy cloves and vinegar. Such canned melon is good both in meat salads, and in sweet dishes.


• two small melons;

• 150 ml of table vinegar;

• one and a half liters of drinking water;

• six carnation buds;

• a pound of white sugar.

Cooking Method:

Prepare banks for conservation.

Cut the melon.

Throw two buds of carnations into each sterilized glass jar.

Lay and firmly press melon slices.

In the water, add the norm of sugar, dissolve in the fire with constant stirring.

Before boiling syrup, pour vinegar into it, mix.

Pour the contents of the cans with hot vinegar syrup.

Sterilize the melon as described above, about fifteen minutes.

Cork and send to cool under a blanket.

Keep jars cool, away from sunlight.

Canned melon for the winter in a spicy syrup

From spices and port wine, you can prepare a stunning syrup for canned melon. Unusual taste and original presentation will turn the original preparation into a gourmet delight.


• two small melons;

• three buds of a carnation;

• pound of sugar;

• half a liter of water;

• a glass of port wine (230 ml);

• cinnamon stick;

• a bag of vanillin or a pod of natural vanilla.

Cooking Method:

With a melon, cut off the skin, discard the bones.

Take a special spoon for the formation of ice cream and remove the melon pulp so that you get beautiful balls.

Pour water into a large saucepan, throw in vanilla and cinnamon, add cloves and granulated sugar.

Bring the syrup to a boil, not forgetting to stir.

As soon as the syrup boils, turn off the heat and throw the sweet liquid melon balls.

Pour in the port, close the lid and let the melon balls stand for fifteen minutes.

Skimmer take out a melon, put in a separate bowl.

Return the syrup to the fire and reduce by medium heat to half. Put the melon pieces in boiled thick syrup and let it cool completely.

Arrange the melon balls in sterilized jars.

Strain the syrup and pour it into jars on top of the balls.

Pour a tablespoon of port wine into each jar, add a bud of cloves and a half-line of vanilla (which were cooked in syrup) if desired.

Sterilize the filled jars for half an hour, covered with tin lids.

Cork banks, cool and send to storage.

Canned melon with cinnamon and honey

A rich bouquet of spices in combination with honey and vinegar make this recipe special. If you want to pamper yourself in the winter with something unusual and tasty, be sure to try to cook such canned melon for the winter in banks.


two kilograms of peeled melon;

140 grams of natural honey;

a pinch of salt;

fifty grams of granulated sugar;

two cinnamon sticks;

four pieces of carnation and badian;

two hundred milliliters of 9% vinegar;

pinch of ground paprika;

three peas allspice.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the melon by cutting into small cubes.

Put all the spices (except paprika), spices and honey, salt and sugar in a saucepan.

Pour the norm of water and cook flavored syrup.

When the contents of the saucepan boil, throw the melon there and add the paprika.

Broil melon slices for ten minutes on low heat.

Pour vinegar, stir and turn off the heat.

Arrange the melon on the banks, pour marinade.

Put the filled jars in the oven and dry-sterilize at 150 degrees. Half an hour is enough.

Banks remove and immediately capped.

Cool as in hot water sterilization.

Store in the pantry.

Canned melon for the winter without sterilization

A faster method of harvesting is canned melon for the winter without sterilization. Time saving is significant, but the taste and duration of storage with this method of preservation do not change.


• a pound of peeled melon;

• two liters of water;

• half a lemon;

• a glass of sugar. Cooking Method:

Cut the melon into small pieces with a side of 2 cm.

Water boil.

Throw melon cubes into boiling water and cook over low heat for three minutes.

Squeeze the juice from half a lemon and pour in boiling water.

Add the rate of sugar, mix and cook the contents of the pan for fifteen minutes.

Pour on sterilized banks.

Corked canned melon for the winter without sterilization, turn the jars and cool.

Keep the workpiece cold.

Canned melon for the winter in banks - tricks and useful tips

  • Preservation of melons is a great way to process unsweetened fruit. If the melon is bought unsuccessfully, do not throw it away or eat it by force. It is better to preserve sugar and enjoy the winter.
  • A ripe fruit or a variety with a loose fibrous structure will not be suitable for preservation: it will simply fall apart. The result will be especially pitiable if you try to make a canned melon for the winter without sterilization. The output will be a mass resembling jam, rather than individual slices.
  • To easily slice melon, you can do so. Cut the melon as usual, into slices together with the crust. Each slice is divided by transverse cuts into small pieces. Then just cut off the flesh with a sharp knife with crocs. Get small cubes of small size.
  • When sterilizing filled cans in a saucepan with water, strong boiling should not be allowed. Water for sterilization can get inside the cans.
  • Syrup from canned melon is perfect for soaking cakes, making fruit drinks or jelly.
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