Pickled apples for the winter in cans without sterilization - an aromatic snack. Pickled apples for the winter: sweet, sour,

Pickled apples for the winter in cans without sterilization - an aromatic snack. Pickled apples for the winter: sweet, sour,

Apple is the most common fruit for our country.

Today, a huge number of apple trees of various varieties are being cultivated.

Fruit is useful both in fresh form, and in pickled.

Many housewives do not like to tinker with sterilization, so we collected for you the best recipes of pickled apples for the winter and without sterilization.

Pickled apples for the winter in cans without sterilization - general principles of preparation

For pickling, use slightly immature fruits so that the flesh remains dense and does not fall apart during cooking. If you use apples from your garden, you can leave them unpeeled. Purchased, especially imported fruit is better to clean.

So that the peeled fruits do not darken, they are soaked in a solution of salt, soda and citric acid for half an hour. You can pickle apples whole or cut them into slices. Fruits are blanched in boiling water for five minutes. Small fruits enough to blanch a couple of minutes. Then they are removed in a colander and placed under a stream of cold water.

Blanched fruits are laid out on clean cans and poured over with boiling marinade boiled in water in which the apples are blanched.

In the marinade add sugar, salt and vinegar. Spices can be added to the marinade, or directly to the jar.

Banks hermetically sealed, wrapped and cooled. Apples are used as a separate dish, or used to prepare side dishes and salads.

Recipe 1. Pickled apples for the winter in the banks completely


  • fresh apples - a kilogram;
  • drinking water - half a liter;
  • vinegar 9% - 200 ml;
  • table salt - 30 g;
  • allspice - 30 peas;
  • granulated sugar - 200 g;
  • ground cinnamon - 3 g;
  • clove - 30 buds.

Preparation Method

1. Strong, fresh apples without damage, wash, wipe with a towel and remove the stem. 2. Banks thoroughly wash, sterilize over steam and dry. Boil lids.

3. Spread the apples into prepared jars. In them, evenly distribute allspice and cloves.

4. Pour half a liter of purified water into a saucepan. Put sugar and salt in it. Stir until the dry ingredients dissolve completely. Put the container on the fire and bring the marinade to a boil.

5. Pour the contents of the jars with boiling marinade. Cover and leave for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure three times. In the last boil, add cinnamon and vinegar to the marinade. Roll up sterile caps with a special key. Cool and store.

Recipe 2. Marinated apples for the winter in cans with slices


  • two kilograms of fresh apples;
  • two liters of purified water;
  • half a pound of white sugar.

Preparation Method

1. Thoroughly rinse the fruit, remove the tainted parts and cut into slices. Cut core.

2. Mix drinking water with sugar. Put on the fire and boil.

3. Put the apples into the saucepan and blanch them for five minutes. Carefully remove them with a skimmer.

4. Transfer the fruit to a clean, sterile three-liter jar. Pour boiling syrup over apples and roll up hermetically.

Recipe 3. Pickled apples for the winter in cans with bell peppers


  • fresh apples - a kilogram;
  • drinking water;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 150 g;
  • sugar - 80 g;
  • allspice - three peas;
  • vinegar - h. Spoon;
  • salt - 30 g.

Preparation Method

1. Rinse the apples well and cut them into quarters. Remove seed boxes and torn spots.

2. Rinse the Bulgarian pepper, wipe it with a towel and cut the stalk with seeds. Cut each pod into four pieces.

3. Add sugar and salt to the pan with water. Put on the fire and boil. At the end add vinegar and keep on fire for a minute. 4. Place spices in the bottom of a sterile dry jar. Fill it with apples, shifting them with slices of pepper.

5. Pour the contents of the jar with marinade, cover with a lid and leave to infuse for seven minutes. Drain the marinade, strain and boil again.

6. Pour the marinade over the fruit again. Repeat the procedure three times. Then roll metal caps. Turn the jars and cool.

Recipe 4. Marinated inks for the winter in banks


  • screening - one and a half kilograms;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • table vinegar - 200 ml;
  • black pepper - five peas;
  • granulated sugar - 600 g;
  • filtered water - liter;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • badyan - an asterisk;
  • clove - five dry inflorescences.

Preparation Method

1. Ranetki must be intact, without damage and wormholes. My apples. From each fruit we remove the stem and half the stalk. Pierce each in several places with a toothpick. We shift the prepared apples into the pan.

2. Pour filtered water into another dish and dissolve salt and sugar in it. Add the star anise, peppercorns, cloves and cinnamon. Stir.

3. Place the pot on moderate heat and bring to a boil. In the boiling marinade we lower the racket and blanch them for four minutes.

4. We throw out the blanched apples with a skimmer, transfer it to a colander and cool it under running cold water.

5. Remove cinnamon and star anise from marinade.

6. Carefully, so as not to bruise, we spread the ratenki on half-liter banks.

7. Fill the contents of each jar with hot marinade. Cover with metal lids and sterilize for 20 minutes. Then tightly roll the banks and leave to cool.

Recipe 5. Marinated apples for the winter in the banks of sweet varieties


  • sweet apples - three kilograms;
  • cinnamon - half of the sticks;
  • drinking water - half a liter;
  • allspice - four peas;
  • table vinegar - 80 ml;
  • carnation - four buds;
  • any berry juice - 80 ml;
  • sugar - 250 g.

Preparation Method

1. Fruit my. We spread in a deep container and pour boiling water. Leave to cool the water.

2. Pour the cooled water into the pan, add spices to it and add sugar. Sent to the stove and bring to a boil over moderate heat.

3. Apples are laid on the banks. Pour into each berry juice and vinegar, pour with hot syrup and roll up tightly with sterile caps.

Recipe 6. Pickled apples for the winter in banks in Bulgarian


  • two medium lemons;
  • 40 g of walnuts;
  • 5 g of citric acid;
  • kilogram of sugar;
  • liter of apple juice.

Preparation Method

1. Apples are thoroughly washed and cut into slices, removing the core.

2. Wash the lemons, cut it in half lengthwise and cut into thin semi-circles.

3. Combine apples with lemons in deep dishes. Stir.

4. Fill the fruit mixture with apple juice and ship the dishes to the stove. Cook until the fruit is soft. Make sure that they do not boil down.

5. Strain the fruit mixture. Fruits set aside, and pour the liquid back into the pan. Pour sugar into it and bring to a boil again. Cook the syrup until thick.

6. Add citric acid and chopped walnuts to the syrup, simmer for a couple of minutes and remove from the heat.

7. Spread boiled fruit in sterile dry jars and pour hot syrup with nuts. Banks close with sterile plastic caps and cool. Store marinated apples in the fridge.

Recipe 7. Pickled apples for the winter in cans “Merry assorted”


  • kg of apples;
  • a kilo of carrots;
  • 500 g of Bulgarian pepper;
  • kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 300 g onions;
  • tomato juice - three liters;
  • clove;
  • salt - 110 g;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • black pepper peas;
  • Acetic essence - 15 ml.

cooking method

1. All vegetables and fruits are small. My apples, remove the stem and pith. The fruits must remain whole.

2. Carrot clean and wash. Bulbs clean from the husk and rinsed.

3. Rinse the Bulgarian pepper and cut each pod in half. We clear from seeds.

4. Washing my tomatoes and piercing each fruit in several places with a toothpick.

5. All vegetables, except tomatoes, dip into boiling water and blanch for a couple of minutes.

6. At the bottom of liter sterile, dry cans put a few leaves of cherry and currant, as well as two sprigs of dill. We put vegetables and apples in jars.

7. Pour tomato juice into a saucepan, add all the dry ingredients and spices to it. Bring to a boil over moderate heat.

8. Fill the contents of the cans with tomato marinade and cover with lids. We place the cans in a wide saucepan and pour drinking water into it over the hangers of the cans. We put on a slow fire and we will sterilize from the moment of boiling up half an hour. Tightly roll up and cool under a blanket.

Pickled apples for the winter in banks - tips and tricks

  • Vinegar can be replaced with sour apple juice, diluted in half with water.
  • Instead of sugar, honey can be put in the marinade. Add it gradually, constantly tasting the marinade.
  • If you are cooking for one or another recipe for the first time, roll a couple of jars and try it in a few days. You may need to adjust the amount of sugar, vinegar and salt.
  • Add pickled apples to the vinaigrette or serve as a side dish to meat or fish dishes.
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