Simple melon jam with lemon, cinnamon, watermelons, apples. Simple recipes for melon jam for the winter

Simple melon jam with lemon, cinnamon, watermelons, apples. Simple recipes for melon jam for the winter

Useful and very fragrant melon is not only a wonderful dessert. From it you can cook a great jam. And in the case goes not only delicious flesh. From hard crusts, you can also cook the original jam.

Simple recipes for melon jam for the winter make it very popular. And the delicate, delicate taste of melon pulp can be saturated with aromas of citrus fruits, ginger, spices. They are very well combined, allowing you to experiment, delighting the family with a new delicacy.

Simple Melon Jam - General Cooking Principles

To make a simple melon jam, you will need one or two ripe fruits, sugar and some citric acid or lemon juice. The melon should be thoroughly washed with a brush or coarse sponge. Then cut, remove the bones and the fibrous core, cut off the skin.

Peeled slices will be cut into small cubes. Some recipes use melon puree.

To saturate simple pumpkin jam with additional flavors and flavors, you can use zest and juice of lemons, oranges, grapefruits, apple slices, cut into thin slices of ginger root.

The finished dessert is laid out in sterilized jars. The container is pre-washed with soda, and then held above boiling water or calcined in an oven heated to 150 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

To cool the sealed jars with hot jam need to lids down and be sure to cover with a warm old blanket. The dessert is well kept in the pantry, cellar, on the insulated balcony.

Simple melon jam for the winter

The easiest recipe for melon jam for the winter includes a minimum of ingredients. It turns out a delicate dessert with a subtle melon-vanilla aroma and a remarkably delicate flavor.


• two kilograms of peeled melon pulp;

• three glasses of clean drinking water;

• two kilograms of white sugar (you can take a little more if the melon is not very sweet); • medium lemon;

• bag of vanillin.

Cooking Method:

Cut slices of melon into small cubes.

Boil the water and blanch the melon in it for five minutes.

Scoop up a melon in a colander with a noisy spoon so that all the water is drained.

Squeeze juice from lemon.

Add sugar, lemon juice and vanilla to water, boil syrup. It will be ready when all the sugar grains are completely dissolved.

Put the melon in the cooking pot and pour over the syrup. Leave for 6-8 hours to insist.

Then send the pan to a slow fire, bring the syrup to boil and cook for fifteen minutes.

Remove from heat and leave to cool completely.

Spread cold jam over sterilized jars, cork and store in a cool dark place.

Melon jam for the winter in the slow cooker

Convenient and quick to prepare winter blanks in a slow cooker. Melon jam for the winter according to a simple recipe is gentle, light, translucent.


• kilogram of prepared melon;

• a pound of sugar;

• one third teaspoon of citric acid;

• pinch of vanilla.

Cooking Method:

Melon pieces lay in the bowl multicooker.

Pour melon sugar and leave for four hours.

Add citric acid, mix well.

Switch on steamer mode and wait for boiling of melon juice.

When boiling bubbles appear, switch the device to baking mode and cook for forty minutes, without closing the jam with a lid. Periodically stir with a special spoon.

Ready jam decomposed into sterile jars and cork.

Melon jam for the winter “Lemon”

Slices of lemon in this simple melon jam give the treat a surprisingly festive look. Instead of a lemon, you can take any other citrus fruit, for example, lime or orange.


• two kilograms of melon pulp;

• one and a half kilograms of sugar;

• four lemons.

Cooking Method:

Cut the melon into cubes, put in a cooking pot and cover with sugar.

Leave on for 4-5 hours so that melon juice stands out. Bring to a boil and cook on low heat for about ten minutes.

Leave for ten hours to insist.

Cut the lemon into thin quarter slices with fragrant peel.

Toss lemon slices in jam and boil for another fifteen minutes after boiling.

Leave the jam to cool.

Bring to a boil again and heat for ten minutes.

Hot pour into banks and cork.

Simple melon and watermelon jam

Crusts from melon and watermelon - a great base for jam. Original on taste, interesting by sight, such delicacy especially will please the zealous hostess.


• a pound of melon crusts;

a pound of watermelon peels;

• four hundred grams of granulated sugar;

• six hundred milliliters of water.

Cooking Method:

From the crusts, cut off the rough outer skin. The resulting white crusts cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape.

For half an hour, pour the crusts with salt water, then immerse in boiling water for ten minutes.

Cook sugar syrup as described above.

Fold the soaked crusts with the pan, pour the syrup.

Boil in three approaches as follows: bring to a boil, turn off for three hours. Repeat twice more.

After the last boil, pour the jam on clean cans and roll up.

Melon and banana jam with cognac

An unusual recipe for melon-banana delicacy allows you to make a wonderful dessert. Cognac note gives it a piquancy. Instead of brandy, you can take another kind of strong alcohol.


• one and a half kilograms of peeled melon;

• kilogram of peeled bananas;

• four lemons;

• one and a half kilograms of granulated sugar;

• a glass of brandy.

Cooking Method:

Melon cubes covered with sugar in a saucepan and leave overnight, covered with a woven napkin.

From one lemon squeeze the juice, pour into the melon base, mix.

Cook a melon for half an hour on a small fire.

Three remaining lemons cut together with a crust into thin slices.

Peel bananas and slice them across.

Put the lemons and bananas in the melon, cook until the components soften. Jam should be thicker. Spread hot in jars.

Cut out circles of lid from clean paper, saturate with brandy and put on top of the jam.

Cork the banks and send to the pantry.

Melon jam for the winter “Ginger-cinnamon”

To prepare the original melon jam for the winter, a simple recipe for delicacy can be complicated. For example, cook dessert with ginger and cinnamon. Get a delicious delicacy with a distinct oriental touch.


• two kilograms of melon pieces;

• two lemons;

• kilogram of sugar;

• fifty grams of fresh ginger root;

• half a spoonful of cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

Slice the melon and put it in an enamel pan.

Ginger root clean, grate on the shallow side of the grater and send in a saucepan.

Squeeze juice from lemons and pour into melon.

Add three spoons of sugar, mix and set aside for two hours.

Boil the syrup from a liter of water and the remaining sugar.

Pour the infused melon with hot syrup and put on medium heat.

After boiling, simmer the mixture over low heat until thick.

When a drop of syrup stops spreading on a plate, add cinnamon, mix, spread on banks.

Cork metal lids, let cool and store for storage.

Melon jam and apples for the winter

The combination of melon and apples is very successful, especially if you take aromatic sweet and sour apples. Pretty simple melon jam has a wonderful taste and beautiful amber color.


• one and a half kilograms of melon pulp;

• a pound of apples;

• pound of sugar;

• one small lemon.

Cooking Method:

Sterilize glass jars.

Wash the lemon thoroughly, wipe it with a towel and remove the zest using a fine grater or special device.

Cut melon flesh into pieces, then chop in a blender.

Pour melon puree into an enameled pan, add sugar, stir and send to the fire. Stir periodically.

As soon as the melon base boils, reduce the fire and boil the mass until thick. When it begins to resemble honey, you can add apples. While the melon base is dripping and boiling, wash the apples, peel and remove the core.

Cut the apples into neat pieces.

Immediately, so as not to darken, put them in a melon mass, mix.

Add a teaspoon of lemon zest, mix again.

Bring the jam to a boil, boil for five minutes and turn it off.

Spread on banks, close with metal lids, sue.

Store in a cool room, not exposing to sunlight.

Melon jam for the winter - tricks and tips

  • A ripe, but fairly hard melon is suitable for making melon jam. Such during cooking will retain the neat shape of the slices, do not soften to a state of mashed potatoes. Soft varieties or overripe specimens are not suitable: it is better to recycle them into jam.
  • Melon and watermelon rinds are soaked before cooking in salted and hot water so that the pieces do not boil soft, retain their original shape.
  • Melon jam is very beautiful. Depending on the melon variety and the added ingredients, it can be almost transparent or amber-yellow. To make the treat even more attractive, you can cut the melon slices with a knife with a textured cutting surface.
  • Jam may vary in thickness. Both liquid and thick consistency - this is normal.
  • You can serve melon jam to pancakes, pancakes, cheese plate, ice cream, cheesecakes. It behaves well as a component of home baking. In addition, from this jam you can make fruit drinks and cocktails.
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