Lingonberry jam with apples is a unique combination of berries and fruits. The best recipes for lingonberry jam with apples

Lingonberry jam with apples is a unique combination of berries and fruits. The best recipes for lingonberry jam with apples

Lingonberry jam with apples is a fragrant sweet and sour delicacy that has been loved by many for its unique taste.

Apples will accentuate the taste of the berry and give the required thickness to the jam.

Lingonberry jam with apples - the basic principles of cooking

Cooking jam is better in a wide copper or enamel pot.

Lingonberry sorted. Pour into a bowl and pour a large amount of water and mix with your hands. So the surface will pop up all the garbage. The procedure is repeated until the water is clear. Then the berries are thrown back in a colander or sieve and left until all the water is drained. Lingonberry shift in a bowl, where the jam will cook. They cover with sugar and leave for several hours to let the berries start making juice.

After the allotted time of the berries, it is desirable to slightly taper the tolkushka. The dishes are put on a moderate fire and cooked, stirring so that the sugar does not burn.

Meanwhile, apples are released from the core. The flesh is cut into small pieces. Fruits are added to a bowl of lingonberries and mixed. As soon as the mass begins to boil, reduce the fire and boil, constantly stirring, about half an hour, be sure to remove the foam.

Hot jam is poured into sterile glass containers and hermetically rolled tin lids.

Lingonberry jam with apples cooked with lemons, walnuts, oranges and spices.

Recipe 1. Cowberry jam with apples


  • cowberry - kilogram;
  • a glass of purified water;
  • a kilo of Antonovka apples;
  • sugar - two and a half kilograms.

Method of preparation

1. Pour some of the lingonberries in a bowl, fill it with cold water and mix it with your hands so that all the garbage, leaves and twigs pop up on the surface. Berries that have drowned must be thrown away. We also get rid of crushed, shriveled and brown fruits. The procedure is repeated three times. We turn back the moved lingonberries on a sieve and leave water to the glass. We shift the berries in the enamel basin. So do the rest of the berries. 2. Lingonberries pour sugar and leave for a few hours. Stir so that all the sugar is in the juice of the berries. Pour in a glass of purified water and send the pelvis to moderate heat. Warm up, occasionally stirring, so that the sugar is not burnt.

3. While the berries are boiling, wash the apples and rub them with a towel. Cut the core. The pulp of the fruit is ground into small slices.

4. Put the apples in a bowl of lingonberries and mix. When the contents begin to boil, we twist the fire and prepare the jam, occasionally stirring and removing the foam. Cooking time is approximately half an hour.

5. Pour hot delicacy into sterile dry jars, tightly close with tin lids and cool.

Recipe 2. Lingonberry jam with apples and cinnamon “Spirit of Christmas”


  • cinnamon sticks;
  • a kilo of lingonberries;
  • 250 g of white sugar;
  • 250 g apples;
  • a glass of purified water.

Method of preparation

1. Pour sugar into a saucepan and moisten it with water. Pour in so much water that sugar does not float in it, but is only soaked.

2. Put the dishes with sugar on a small fire and boil a thick syrup, stirring continuously.

3. Lingonberry take away from the garbage, remove the spoiled fruit. Put the berries in a bowl, cover with water and mix so that all small debris floats to the surface. Rinse the berries a couple of times and fold to a sieve to get rid of excess moisture.

4. Dip the lingonberries in the syrup and twice bring the berry mass to a boil.

5. Apples wash, wipe, cut in half and cut the core. Cut the flesh of the fruit into thin slices.

6. Add apples to the berry mass. Stir and place the cinnamon stick. Boil until the fruit slices are soft. Foam that appears on the surface, be sure to remove.

7. Place hot jam in sterile dry jars and roll up hermetically.

Recipe 3. Lingonberry jam with apples and honey


  • light honey - half a kilogram;
  • apples - 500 g;
  • lingonberries - a kilogram;
  • half a glass of purified water.

Method of preparation

1. Lingonberries we sort out, remove the dry and spoiled fruit. Then put the berries in a bowl, fill them with drinking water and mix with hands to get rid of small debris. We shift the lingonberry to a colander and leave water to the glass.

2. My apples under the tap, wipe with a napkin and cut in half. Remove the seed boxes and cut the fruit into small pieces.

3. We put the lingonberries and apples into the dishes, in which we will prepare the jam, and mix.

4. Put the honey in a saucepan, pour in filtered water and stir until the honey disperses completely. We put on the fire and warm up, but do not bring to a boil.

5. Pour syrup berries with fruit and mix. Put the dishes on a moderate fire, cook, stirring, until the fruit and berries are transparent.

6. Hot pre-packaged jam in sterile dry jars and cork tightly tin lids.

Recipe 4. Lingonberry jam with apples and oranges


  • cowberry - kilogram;
  • 1000 g of sugar;
  • five apples;
  • three oranges.

Method of preparation

1. Lingonberry carefully sort out, removing leaves, twigs and spoiled fruit. Put the berries in a colander and rinse under the faucet. Leave, to glass water.

2. Wash apples and peel them. Cut into quarters and remove the core.

3. Remove the peel from the oranges and peel off the white film.

4. Apples with oranges are twisted in a meat grinder and laid out in an enamel basin. We pour out half of the sugar and cook on low heat for a quarter of an hour, continuously mixing the mass so that it does not burn.

5. Lingonberries poured into the bowl of a blender and interrupt to a puree state. Shift the berry mass into the basin and add the rest of the sugar. We continue to cook from the moment of boiling for another five minutes. Remove from heat and cool slightly. We put it in jars, close the capron lids and store in the refrigerator.

Recipe 5. Lingonberry jam with apples and walnuts


  • cowberry - kilogram;
  • granulated sugar - 800 g;
  • walnuts - 500 g;
  • three large apples.

Method of preparation

1. Lingonberries sort out, removing the twigs, leaves and spoiled fruit. Put the berries in a deep bowl and pour with cold water. Stir with your hands so that all small debris floats to the surface. Wash the cranberries a couple more times. We shift it to a colander, pour boiling water over it and leave it to let the glass flow. Put the berries in a wide enamel basin and cover them with sugar. We leave it for the lingonberry juice.

2. Peel the apples, cut them in half and cut out the middle. The flesh of the fruit is cut into small slices.

3. We put the kernels of walnuts on a kitchen towel, cover with the second and knead with a rolling pin.

4. Put walnuts and apples in a bowl of berries. Mix and set the basin on a small fire. Cook from the moment of boiling for six minutes, and remove from heat. Fully cool and place the pelvis back on fire. Cooking the same amount of time. Nuts in the jam should be transparent. If this does not happen, prepare the jam again.

5. Put the hot jam on dry sterile jars and cork tightly with tin lids.

Recipe 6. Cowberry jam with apples in a slow cooker


  • 350 ml of cold water;
  • a kilo of lingonberries;
  • kg of sugar;
  • 200 g apples.

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly rinse the lingonberries, removing leaves and other small debris. Put on a colander and rinse under the faucet.

2. Wash the apples, cut the fruits into four parts. Remove the stalk and seed boxes. Cut the fruit pulp into small pieces.

3. Place berries and fruits in a multicooker container. Pour in water and add sugar. Stir to evenly distribute the sugar.

4. Close the lid and switch the unit to quenching. Cook jam for two hours.

5. Banks wash well with soda, rinse and sterilize in the oven or over the steam. Spread hot jam in jars and cork hermetically.

Recipe 7. Cowberry jam with apples, spices and lemons


  • three kilograms of lingonberries;
  • clove;
  • one and a half kilograms of apples;
  • vanilla;
  • two lemons;
  • one and a half kg of sugar;
  • cinnamon.

Method of preparation

1. Sort the lingonberries, rinse in several waters and dry.

2. Peel the apples and cut the seed boxes. Cut the pulp into slices.

3. Pour boiling water over the lemons and chop into slices with the peel. Remove bones.

4. Put the cowberry berries in the bowl, in which you will prepare the jam. Add sugar and season to taste. Stir.

5. Put the basin on the fire and boil the berries with spices for ten minutes. Then strain the resulting juice. Put the apple slices into it and cook on low heat until half cooked. Add lemon and cook for another five minutes.

6. Remove jam from heat, add lingonberries to it, mix and pack hot delicacy in dry sterile jars.

Lingonberry Jam with Apples - Tips and Tricks

  • If lingonberries are slightly unripe, pour boiling water over them before cooking.
  • For jam, it is better to take apples of sour or sour-sweet varieties.
  • Cook jam only in enamel or copper cookware.
  • During the cooking process, be sure to remove the foam. Better to do it with a wooden spoon.
  • Lingonberry jam with apples can be served not only with tea, but also cook desserts and pastries with it.
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