Prune jam - a delicacy with a subtle note! Proven recipes for prunes jam on the stove, in the oven and without

Prune jam - a delicacy with a subtle note! Proven recipes for prunes jam on the stove, in the oven and without

Prunes, an almost indispensable component of all Soviet compotes and a considerable share of catering dishes, are now almost forgotten. Alas, the overseas kiwi and other pineapples have pressed a remarkably tasty product. But it’s not for nothing that our people passed a proverb from their father to their son: where he was born, it was useful there - prunes sweets are tasty and wonderfully useful. Rarely compared with them in mineral composition, and the ability to improve digestion.

Prune jam - general cooking principles

• Strictly speaking, prunes are dried plums or with them. But due to the fact that for the manufacture of dried fruits use dark plums, mainly varieties “Hungarian”, they are also called prunes in everyday life. Therefore, when it comes to jam from prunes, they mean dark plums.

• For the preparation of delicacies not only fresh fruits are used, often jam is prepared from already dried plums.

• Fresh fruits must be ripe and not spoiled; therefore, before using plums, they must be sorted out, removing rotten, wrinkled and bruised mold. From the selected plums, the tails are torn off, and then thoroughly washed with water, preferably warm.

• Often, outwardly, the plums look uncorrupted, but if you break near the stone, you can find worms. Therefore, jam is almost always boiled without stones.

• Cooking recipes are both very simple and quite complex. Jam can be cooked only from prunes with the addition of various spices: cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, or an alley. Often it is boiled with other fruits, preferring peaches. Often such a delicacy is prepared with citrus fruits, raisins, nuts.

• Jam can be cooked on the stove in a large thick-walled pot or basin and in the oven, using a deep pan or a wide refractory container. Jam from dried plums, cooked without cooking.

• Regardless of the method of preparation and storage conditions of prune jam, ready-made delicacy is packaged only in clean, dry cans, pre-treated with steam.

Prune jam in chocolate “Plum in chocolate”


• 3 kg of ripe plums, preferably “Hungarian”;

• kilo unrefined sugar;

• creamy “Farmer” oil - 200 gr .;

• 100 gr. dark cocoa powder without sugar;

• a teaspoon of crystalline vanilla.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the prunes with warm water, remove the bones and grind with a meat grinder with the largest grid.

2. Mix the plum mass with sugar. Let stand for half an hour and, mixing well, put on low heat.

3. Mixing and constantly removing the resulting foam, boil the mass for half an hour. Then immediately enter all the cocoa and, stirring, put the butter.

4. While stirring often, boil the plum jam for a quarter of an hour, then add the vanilla sugar and mix well.

5. Spread boiling prune jam over steamed jars and roll up the boiled lids.

6. Leave the preservation until complete cooling, wrapping tightly with a warm, preferably woolen, blanket.

Simple recipe for prune jam


• ripe, selected prunes - 5 kg;

• unrefined sugar - 4.5 cups.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the prunes with warm water and cut them into halves, remove unnecessary stones from the fruit.

2. Put the plums in a wide bowl, add sugar and leave for one hour.

3. Then, slowly stirring, bring the plum mass to a boil and leave to boil at a moderate temperature for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and set aside for a day. Repeat the cooking and cooling procedure three more times.

4. The last, fourth time, bring the jam to the beginning of boiling and packaged in small jars, close with sterile metal lids for preservation, well rolled each key.

5. Turn the containers with plum jam on the lids and leave to cool completely. Cover is not necessary.

Prune jam with dried fruit and honey without cooking


• dried prunes - 100 gr .;

• 200 gr. any light honey; • dates, dried apricots, dark raisins and walnut kernels - 100 g each;

• a quarter teaspoon of crushed cinnamon;

• Lemons - 150 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Scald prunes and other dried fruits with boiling water, rinse with warm water and dry well.

2. Together with walnuts, twist the dried fruits in a meat grinder.

3. Add ginger, honey and about a quarter of a teaspoon of freshly prepared cinnamon powder, ground over a fine grater, mix. Cinnamon can be put less or not add at all, who likes how.

4. Let the jam stand warm for about half an hour. Then transfer to a clean container with a lapped or screwed lid and place in storage in the refrigerator.

Prune jam with raisins "Plum confiture"


• fresh ripe prunes - 1.5 kg;

• 300 gr. honey

• sugar - 300 grams;

• 100 gr. raisins;

• large lemon;

• 100 ml of brandy.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the raisins, collect in a colander and pour over boiling water, dry.

2. Transfer to a bowl, cover with brandy and leave to stand for about five hours.

3. Rinse prunes free of stones, cut the pulp into cubes of arbitrary size.

4. Rinse the lemon well and put it in boiling water for two minutes. Then wipe dry with a towel and scrape the zest with a taster. Squeeze out the juice and strain it through a sieve.

5. In a deep saucepan, dilute the strained lemon juice with half a glass of drinking water, add sugar with lemon zest and bring to a boil.

6. Add honey and cook until it is completely dissolved, if necessary, remove the foam. Do not let the syrup boil.

7. In the cooked honey syrup dip the pieces of prunes and soaked raisins. Cognac also add and gently mix everything.

8. On a low heat bring the jam from the plums to a boil. Then lower the heat so that it only boils slightly and boil, stirring constantly, until it thickens. Approximately 45 min.

Citrus Miracle Prune Jam


• one and a half kilograms of dark plums, “Hungarian” variety; • large orange;

• medium sized lemon;

• walnut kernels - 200 gr .;

• 300 gr. white sugar;

• 100 gr. dark raisins.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the bones from the plums, cut the fruits into medium-sized slices and place in a thick-walled pan, sprinkling sugar.

2. Cut the citrus into small slices together with the zest. Raise the raisins with boiling water, rinse well, tearing off the tails, dry.

3. Add slices of citruses and raisins to sugar-sprinkled plums and put the container on low heat.

4. While stirring, boil the fruit-citrus mixture for about 25 minutes. When the mass starts to thicken noticeably, add the chopped nuts, stir and boil.

5. Spread hot jam from prunes on sterilized jars, and hermetically seal the lids.

Prune jam with almonds and cinnamon in the oven


• kilogram of fresh prunes;

• 100 gr. peeled kernels of almonds;

• 300 ml of drinking water;

• one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon;

• two small cinnamon sticks;

• a pound of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Dip almonds and cinnamon sticks into a deep thick-walled pot. Add sugar, pour in cold water. Wait for boiling, then reduce the heat to medium and boil for 10 minutes.

2. Put the prune in the deep refractory bowl, sprinkle the fruit with cinnamon powder and pour over the prepared syrup.

3. Place the container with the drains in the oven, heated to the recommended 170 degrees for one hour. Be sure to during this time three times gently mix the plum jam.

4. After that, spread out the hot sweet mass in glass containers and tightly seal them with metal lids, rolling the key for preservation.

Prune jam for the winter with “Zhelfix”


• granulated sugar, refined - 1 kg;

• kilogram of ripe “Hungary”;

• one sachet of “Zhelfix”;

• Badian - 3 stars.

Cooking Method:

1. Selected fruits of prunes thoroughly wash with warm water, pat dry. Crushing the plums in two, remove the bones and cut the flesh into two halves. 2. Add “Zhelfiks” and stir well, so that it dissolves completely. Pour the refined sugar and mix the chopped plums well again.

3. On an intense fire, bring the fruit mixture to a boil, add the star anise broken in half and boil it with an average heating of 10 minutes. Be sure to remove and remove the foam from the surface of the jam.

4. Distribute the finished hot jam to the banks sterilized over the steam, quickly, safely roll up and cool.

5. It is advisable to store such prune jam in a place with low temperature or in a refrigerator.

Prune jam in Bulgarian in Bulgarian


• ripe prunes - two kilograms;

• pound of sugar;

• a third of cinnamon sticks or three leaves of the indrishe plant;

• table 9% vinegar - 100 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed prunes into equal halves, remove and remove the stones. Sprinkle the pulp with sugar and place in the refrigerator for ten hours.

2. If during this period the plums do not give enough juice, be sure to add at least 100 ml of cold water and mix thoroughly.

3. Preheat oven to 150 degrees. Transfer the fruit mixture from the container to a deep pan and place it in the preheated oven. Stir in the oven for about an hour, stirring occasionally. During this time, prunes should be well absorbed sugar syrup and boil soft.

4. When the jam reaches the desired consistency, dip the leaves of indrishe into it, pour in the vinegar, mix and place again in the oven. The leaves of indrishe, a Bulgarian plant, a type of geranium, are completely interchangeable with vanilla or cinnamon. It is also possible to add lemon or orange zest.

5. Then jam another quarter of an hour and pack hot, dry, pre-treated over the steam jars, and hermetically seal them with boiled lids. The output should be about 1.5 liters of plum jam.

Prune jam with peaches


• small, fully ripe peaches - 1 kg;

• kilogram of prunes; • two medium oranges;

• bag of “Zhelixa”;

• teaspoon of cardamom;

• kilogram of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Loop the peaches and prunes, tear off the tails and remove the bones.

2. Peel the oranges by carefully removing all the white streaks from the pulp.

3. Cut the peaches, plums and citruses into medium-sized slices. If the oranges have bones - be sure to remove them.

4. Rub orange peel into small chips. In a large container, combine all the chopped fruit, pour the whole amount of sugar and leave for three hours.

5. After the specified time, mix the contents of the container well and put to simmer. Half an hour from boiling add cardamom and “Zhelfiks” to the jam. Use the gelling agent according to the instructions on the package.

6. Mix everything well and pour into specially prepared jars, roll up.

Prune jam - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To make the plums soaked with syrup as best as possible, pierce the fruit in several places with wooden skewers.

• The halves of the plums will melt less and will not turn into a porridge, if you preserve the whole fruits for a couple of minutes in soda solution (take a tablespoon of soda for each liter of water). After soaking, be sure to rinse off the remaining alkaline solution with warm water.

• When preparing jam, be sure to remove the foam from its surface. If you pre-discharge the plums for at least half an hour in cold water, the amount of the formed foam will significantly decrease.

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