Merchant traditions - lingonberry jam with oranges. Prepare for the winter lingonberries with oranges without cooking

Merchant traditions - lingonberry jam with oranges. Prepare for the winter lingonberries with oranges without cooking

Lingonberry - juicy, tart, amazingly fresh!

The same are obtained and fruit drinks and compotes with its addition.

But lingonberry jam is a special topic.

Many people like it, but there are a lot of those who complain about an unnecessarily “sharp”, although, moreover, a unique taste of delicacy.

A simple way, more than once tested on other fruits and berries, is to slightly dilute the main component with others, with a more neutral taste.

Lingonberry jam with oranges - general principles of preparation

• Lingonberry berries must be ripe. Not green and unripe. Going over a cowberry, select berries damaged by rot. They not only spoil the taste of the treat, but also significantly shorten the shelf life of cooked lingonberry jam with oranges without cooking. It will quickly become moldy.

• Enumerated berries thoroughly fill with plenty of cold water. After that, the dirty water, with litter floating on its surface, drain and replace it with warm water. Rinse and gently drain the liquid again. After that, collect the berries in a colander, rinse a couple of times under a tap and dry. If the degree of drying of berries for classic jam does not have a special role, then for lingonberry jam with oranges without cooking it is essential. The berries used for its preparation should be completely dry, even without droplets of moisture, so it would be better to dry them on a towel.

• Lingonberry is a rather tart berry and to dilute the taste, jam is prepared with oranges and other fruits, for example, apples or lemons. Citruses are used with or without the peel. Often use only freshly squeezed citrus juice. To enrich the taste, you can add spices, spices, or replace sugar with honey.

• Lingonberry berries contain a very considerable amount of acid, so it is not recommended to make jam in aluminum containers. It is best to take pots or pans made of stainless steel. • Usually, jam is stored in a refrigerator under capron lids, but for longer storage it can be rolled up. In this case, it is necessary to treat the sterilization of cans and covers very responsibly. Cooked lingonberry jam with oranges without cooking, can not be rolled up in cans, it should be stored only under the non-hermetically closed lids in the cold.

Cowberry jam with oranges and lemon


• 3 kg. ripe lingonberries;

• refined sugar - 1.5 kg .;

• three large oranges;

• two large lemons.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the rind with washed citrus with warm water. Remove all white fibers, divide the fruit into slices and remove the film from them, cut into small pieces.

2. Pour over the dried berries of the cowberry into a large container, add granulated sugar and put on moderate heat.

3. Periodically stirring, and without fail removing the formed foam, boil the jam until done. Lingonberry jam will be ready when its syrup will not spread on a plate.

4. Add crushed citrus to the container, mix thoroughly and boil it all together for 2 minutes.

5. Drain the resulting syrup, and pack berries with fruit pieces in sterilized jars.

6. Boil the expressed syrup for exactly three minutes and pour the fruit and berry mixture into the jars, cork with any reusable lids. Store in moderate cold, in a refrigerator or basement.

Cowberry jam with oranges, slices


• cowberry berries - two full glasses;

• four medium-sized oranges or two large ones;

• one and a half glasses of white sugar;

• three spoons of cinnamon powder.

Cooking Method:

1. After moving over the lingonberries washed with cold water, scald quickly and with the coolest boiling water, then fold to a colander so that the berries are well-dried.

2. Peeled oranges cut into small pieces. 3. Transfer the dried berries and citrus slices to a large basin and bring to a boil over medium heat. Then reduce the heat to medium and continue cooking.

4. After about ten minutes, add sugar mixed with cinnamon and, having stirred well, continue cooking, kneading the berries with a wooden spoon with a long handle.

5. After a quarter of an hour, remove the container from the stove, pack the ready-made jam in sterile containers and seal her cork tightly.

Cowberry jam with oranges (with citrus juice)


• a liter jar of ripe berries of lingonberries;

• two large oranges;

• Fresh cinnamon powder - 1 tsp;

• 1 kg. refined sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the berries several times with warm water and scald with citrus. Cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice, using a small sieve, strain it from the seed and the flesh accidentally caught in it.

2. Dip the lingonberries in a saucepan, pour orange juice to it. Pour all the sugar, mix well and let it brew for at least three hours.

3. After that place the container on the stove, add the cinnamon and mix everything well.

4. Cook the jam on minimal heat, occasionally shaking the container so that the berries are well mixed in the syrup and constantly remove the foam formed on its surface.

5. Ready lingonberry jam should not spread on a cold plate.

Thick lingonberry jam with oranges


• 800 gr. cowberry berries;

• “thin-skinned” oranges - 800 gr.;

• kilogram of white sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Slice the lingonberry-dried cowberries into a deep container and mix with the sugar. Put the berries to cook with very low heat.

2. Oranges for a minute, dip in hot water. This will help to better wash away the harmful substances that the fruit is treated with, as well as remove some bitterness from the zest. Then wash the citrus well with warm water, wipe dry and cut into slices. Twist the citrus in a meat grinder and add to the berry mass after 15 minutes. from boiling. 3. Boil the jam for another half hour and put it in clean cans. Cover the containers with capron lids, cool. Store preferably in the refrigerator or in a very cold cellar.

Cowberry jam with oranges and apples


• lingonberry kilo;

• five ripe apples, Antonovka variety;

• three large oranges;

• one kilo of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse fruit in cold water and peel. In apples, cut the core, and from the oranges, select the seeds, sorting citrus into slices.

2. Pass the prepared fruit through a fine grate in a meat grinder and mix with half of the granulated sugar, stir.

3. Bring the fruit puree over medium heat to a boil, reduce the temperature and cook, stirring occasionally, for another quarter of an hour.

4. Then add the washed lingonberries to the fruit mass, ground in a meat grinder. Dissolve the remaining sugar and, after stirring thoroughly, continue cooking for another ten minutes.

5. Spread slightly cooled mass on clean cans and store in a cool place. Hermetic sealing of the container is not recommended.

Lingonberry jam with oranges for the winter - “Spicy confiture”


• 600 grams of fresh lingonberries;

• a pound of refined sugar;

• two medium lemons;

• 50 ml of balsamic vinegar;

• two oranges;

• a couple of fresh mint sprigs;

• fresh green basil.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the sugar with the prepared lingonberries for the lingonberries to better fill the berries, crush them and leave for 20 minutes.

2. Then, without ceasing to stir, boil the berry mass with moderate heating for 15 minutes and remove the container from the fire.

3. Slightly cooled berries, together with syrup, pour on a metal sieve. Strain the syrup and slightly squeeze out the remaining cake in the sieve. In our recipe, it is no longer useful, but from it you can cook a wonderful compote. 4. Citrus fruits “drown” for a couple of minutes in boiling water, cut in half and strain the juice into the berry mass through the same sieve.

5. Do not throw away the peel, cut it into thin strips. Tie strips of peel, mint and a couple of basil leaves in cheesecloth and dip the bag in the berry puree, pour in balsamic vinegar.

6. Place the jam container on the stove and boil it over low heat until it acquires a thick, viscous consistency.

7. From the finished confiture, carefully remove the gauze bag, boil the jam for another minute and pour into small (half-liter) cans, hermetically roll them up with special metal cans.

Rubbed lingonberry jam with oranges without cooking (in a meat grinder)


• 2 kg. sugar;

• kilo "thin-skinned" orange;

• one kilo of lingonberries.

Cooking Method:

1. In order to keep such a jam for a long time, the picked berries are thoroughly washed with warm water and then dried as well. Even a drop of moisture should not remain on them, so it’s better not to dry in a colander, but spread it out on a towel in one layer.

2. Scald oranges with boiling water and wipe them dry, divide into slices, remove seeds.

3. In the meat grinder, install the smallest lattice and twist the berries on it with oranges, alternating them in small pieces.

4. Then pour the sugar into the fruit mass and mix everything thoroughly. Cover the container with a gauze napkin and leave. After two hours, stir again and leave to stand for two hours.

5. Arrange the jam in sterile jars, tightly close the dry nylon covers and store in the refrigerator.

Cowberry jam with oranges without cooking with honey


• three large lemons;

• three oranges;

• cowberry berries - 3 kg .;

• one and a half kilograms of light honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Enumerated and washed berries must be mashed in a mash blender or in a food processor. 2. With citrus peel, cut into small pieces and mix with cranberry paste.

3. Add honey, mix well and leave for half an hour. Then stir well again and leave again.

4. After two hours, stir the jam for the last time and pour it into sterilized glass jars. Cork tightly with checked covers and clean in cold. Do not roll up.

Cowberry jam with oranges - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Be sure to remove the bones from citrus. They add a bitter taste to tart lingonberry jam.

• Scald oranges and lemons used with peel with boiling water or rinse thoroughly in hot water with a sponge.

• If you only need citrus juice for making lingonberry jam with oranges, put them in water for a couple of minutes, the juice will be squeezed out better and there will be more.

• If you do not like the taste of the zest, but you want a fragrant jam, tie the zest in a gauze bag, and at the end of cooking, remove it.

• To keep cowberry jam prepared for winter without boiling oranges for a long time and do not sugar, pack it in containers only after the sugar has completely dissolved. If you twist the berries and citrus in the meat grinder, twist with them and sugar.

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