Prepare gooseberries: jam for the winter with oranges, nuts, raspberries, currants, bananas. The best recipes for gooseberry jam for the winter

Prepare gooseberries: jam for the winter with oranges, nuts, raspberries, currants, bananas. The best recipes for gooseberry jam for the winter

Gooseberry jam - a delicacy with a thousand tastes.

Why not just add to the sweet billet!

Berries, fruits, nuts, spices.

You can transfer to infinity, but is it worth it?

Maybe it is better to cook and try?

Gooseberry jam for the winter - general principles of cooking

Gooseberries are washed, reclined in a colander. If the workpiece without heat treatment, then you need to dry well on a diaper. Often it is required to remove the seeds from the gooseberry. This is done with a knife, the back of a spoon or a pin.

Jam is always cooked with sugar. The amount of sand depends on the recipe. If the harvest is raw, then more sugar is needed. Since the gooseberry itself is dry, water or juice may be present in the recipe. Of them prepare a syrup, which is immersed berries for further cooking. For the winter, jam is sealed in sterile jars.

Gooseberry: Emerald Winter Jam with Cherry Leaves

The famous recipe for jam, which uses only green varieties of gooseberry. It is advisable to take slightly unripe berries. The aroma of the harvesting give the leaves of cherry.


• 1 kg gooseberry;

• 1.4 kg of sugar;

• 500 ml of water;

• 15 cherry leaves.


1. Wash the berries, then make a cut with a sharp knife and take out the seeds. We do not need them. Gooseberry folded in a clean bowl, let him wait in the wings.

2. Combine water and cherry leaves, boil for five minutes, add half of the sugar, keep on the fire until the grains dissolve.

3. Pour the hot syrup to the gooseberries, cover. Withstand about five hours. It is possible after cooling to send in the refrigerator for the night.

4. We take out the gooseberry, pour out the syrup, throw away the leaves of the cherry. Put the liquid on the stove, add the rest of the sugar and re-dissolve all the grains. 5. After boiling the syrup, throw gooseberries and boil for fifteen minutes.

6. Put the hot jam in a sterile container. Hermetically packaged and waiting for winter!

Gooseberry: jam for the winter with orange

An interesting variant of the preparation of gooseberries, jam for the winter with an orange turns out to be incredibly fragrant and very interesting to taste. Choose good, juicy and ripe citruses. The variety and color of the gooseberry do not matter.


• gooseberry 1.4 kg;

• oranges 0.6 kg;

• 1400 grams of sugar;

• one stick of cinnamon.


1. Tear off the tails of the washed gooseberry and discard. Rinse the berries.

2. We take a needle or a toothpick, pierce each berry in two places, throw it in a bowl.

3. Add sugar, insist five hours. Stir periodically.

4. Rinse the oranges with hot water; brush the zest better.

5. Take a fine grater and rub the zest in a circle of citrus. You can immediately send to the gooseberry.

6. Oranges cleaned of films and peel, disassembled into slices. Bones from citrus need to be removed.

7. Grind prepared citrus through a meat grinder or simply cut with a knife, but not large.

8. We send oranges to gooseberries with zest, stir and set the jam to cook.

9. Boil for five minutes, remove the foam, cool.

10. After two hours, re-boil for 5 minutes, but add cinnamon sticks to the billet, then cool.

11. Last boil, remove the cinnamon, put the jam in dry jars. The safety of the delicacy directly depends on this.

Gooseberry: “Tsarskoe” jam for the winter

The option of truly royal gooseberry blanks, jam for the winter is prepared with walnuts. But they are added in a special way.


• kilo gooseberry;

• half a liter of water;

• nuts half glass;

• 1.5 kg of sugar.


1. Chop the nuts into pieces the size of the cavity of the berries, lightly fry in a conventional frying pan. 2. Rinse the gooseberries, with a pin or spoon, remove the seeds from it.

3. In each berry we put a piece of nut. We shift in a saucepan.

4. In another pot, boil syrup from recipe sugar and water. Heat over low heat so that all the grains are dissolved before boiling.

5. Fill the filled berries with boiling syrup. Stir gently so as not to damage and the nuts do not spill out.

6. Cover and leave for a day.

7. We get jam, cook for ten minutes, cool.

8. Put the boil again, but this time we boil the billet for a quarter of an hour. We decompose in capacity.

Gooseberry: jam for the winter with currants

A variant of the amazing gooseberry jam with red currants for the winter. Although, with black berries, the harvesting will be no less tasty, this recipe is also suitable for her.


• 700 grams of gooseberry;

• 1400 grams of sugar;

• 700 grams of currants;

• water 450 ml.


1. Immediately set to prepare the syrup. To do this, simply combine the sugar and prescription amount of liquid, send to the stove.

2. We wash the red or black currants, free from twigs, leaves, spoiled copies.

3. Cut the berries of the gooseberry in half. If desired, the seeds can be removed, but in this case, you need to increase the number of gooseberries by 200.

4. We shift the gooseberries to the currants, pour the boiling syrup, without stirring, cover, insist about four hours.

5. Put on the fire, cook for twenty minutes. Foam, which will be formed on the surface, must be caught and removed.

6. We pour in banks, hermetically we cork, we send in a cool place.

Gooseberry: jam for the winter without boiling

A variant of the vitamin preparation, which is not heat treated and retains all the vitamins. Keep this dessert in the refrigerator.


• kilo gooseberry;

• one large lemon; • 1.3 kg of sugar.


1. Gooseberries are freed from all that is superfluous, washed, sorted. Then the berries are laid out on a towel, be sure to give dry.

2. My lemon, pour boiling water. Grater remove the yellow zest. The white skin is cleaned and thrown away, the flesh is cut, we also get rid of the seeds.

3. We twist everything together or interrupt in the combine.

4. Combine with sugar.

5. Three hours later, when there is a lot of liquid in the container, the future jam is preheated. We reserve for a while.

6. It is advisable to repeat the heating procedure a couple more times to better dissolve the sugar.

7. Fold in jars, you can close the nylon cover.

Gooseberry: jam for the winter with raspberries

Option gooseberry jam with raspberries for the winter, which helps bring down the temperature, cope with a cold and fill the body with vitamin C.


• kilo gooseberry;

• 300 grams of raspberry;

• sugar 600 grams.


1. We sort out, we wash raspberries, we fall asleep with sugar and while we put on a small fire. Let grains dissolve. If the berry is not very juicy, then you can add half a glass of water.

2. Gooseberries free from tails, washed and shipped to the raspberries. If large varieties are used, the berries can be cut in half.

3. Cook after boiling jam for exactly eight minutes.

4. We pour in the prepared container, we twist covers. We store in the pantry or in the basement.

Spiced gooseberries: jam for the winter in 5 minutes

Option of very fragrant jam, which is prepared in 5 minutes. In the delicacy flavored spices are added with a warming effect that will not be superfluous in winter.


• kilo gooseberry;

• sugar 800 grams;

• 2 star studs;

• ginger 0.3 tsp;

• 1 sticks of cinnamon.


1. Wash the gooseberries, cut in half. Seeds can not be removed.

2. Fold the saucepan, fall asleep with sugar and set on a small fire. 3. As soon as the syrup begins to appear, the temperature can be added.

4. We throw cloves, cinnamon in jam, pour dry ginger. If you use fresh spine, then you can just throw a piece, do not grind.

5. After boiling boil gooseberries for five minutes.

6. We take sterile jars and pour. In the process, you need to remove the asterisks cloves. Cinnamon can be left.

7. Stoppage, put in storage.

Gooseberry: banana jam for the winter

Option of tender jam for the winter, which is prepared with bananas. Bones from the berries will need to be removed. Choose a ripe, but not soft banana. He must smell.


• 0.5 kg gooseberry;

• 0.5 kg of sugar;

• 1 banana;

• 0.3 sticks of cinnamon.


1. Cut the washed gooseberry in half, take out the seeds. Halves immediately dumped into the pan.

2. Add the banana sliced ​​into thin slices.

3. Pour in 100 ml of water and pour out the sugar, which goes according to the recipe.

4. Cook all together for five minutes after boiling.

5. Cinnamon cut into small pieces and throw in the jam. Keep on fire for a moment.

6. Spill, send to storage. Either cool and serve.

Gooseberry: twisted jam for winter

A variant of thick gooseberry jam, which is minced through a meat grinder. Seeds can be removed as desired.


• 1 kg gooseberry;

• 0.7 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. lemon peel.


1. Wash the berries, you can remove the seeds from the inside. We twist through the meat grinder.

2. Add sugar peso and zest.

3. Stir a few minutes, cover and let stand for half an hour to highlight the juices.

4. Put on the stove, slowly bring to a boil.

5. Boil a quarter of an hour

6. We send the workpiece in jars, hermetically close the lids.

Gooseberry: jam for the winter with nuts “Lazy”

Lazy version of the royal gooseberry jam. For him, you do not need to remove the seeds and fill nuts with berries. Everything is much simpler, but it turns out no less tasty. Ingredients

• 1 kg gooseberry;

• 150 grams of nuts;

• 0.8 kg of sugar;

• 5 cherry leaves;

• 0.35 liters of water.


1. Pour the water into the saucepan, boil the cherry leaves for a few minutes, then remove and discard.

2. Add sugar to the decoction, turn on the stove and start heating.

3. Wash the gooseberries, cut them in half. You can use whole berries, but in this case, the cooking time will need to be increased by ten minutes.

4. Put the berries in the syrup, cook for five minutes.

5. While the gooseberries are being cooked, we quickly chop the nuts and fry for a minute in the pan.

6. We shift to the pan.

7. Cooking jam for about ten minutes, turning it off, sending it to banks or simply using it.

Gooseberry jam for the winter - tips and tricks

• Cherry leaves - frequent satellites of gooseberry jam. They give the blank a pleasant scent. But few people know that instead of them you can use the leaves of the garden currant, but only black and fragrant.

• No lemons or oranges? In the jam, you can add only zest. It is she who gives the very flavor and zest of winter delicacy.

• Often the gooseberry does not want to part with the tails, holds them tightly. Berry preparation can take a long time. To avoid this, you can use nail scissors and simply cut off all unnecessary.

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