Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Raw gooseberry jam with orange - a billet from the series “does not happen faster”. You will need a blender for cooking, but you can also use the old fashioned way - to twist fruit through a meat grinder.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Harvest gooseberries of different degrees of maturity. So, for jelly use unripe berries. For raw jam need fully ripened, which have acquired a color corresponding to the variety. In my garden ripened red gooseberries, so the jam turned out very appetizing in appearance, by the way, the taste is also amazing.

There are two reasons for which the garden owners, and especially their children, disliked this tasty and healthy berry.

First, the harvest. I will never forget my hands, punched with sharp thorns, I still regret being small. Having matured, she guessed to wear long leather gloves. As a result, the bush remains undamaged, and the hands are intact.

Secondly, dry gooseberry noses. Anyway, you have to get rid of them. Over time, the problem is solved: for example, free labor in the form of a husband and children appears.

In general, if you work a little bit, then a few jars of gooseberry jam in the winter will come in handy.

  • Cooking time: 30 minutes
  • Quantity: 3 cans with a capacity of 450 g

Ingredients for making raw gooseberry jam with orange:

  • 1 kg of ripe gooseberries;
  • 2 thick-skinned oranges;
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar.

A method of cooking raw gooseberry jam with orange.

Collected and cleaned berries put for a moment in cold water, so that stuck garbage fell behind. Then rinse with running cold water, spread on a towel in one layer and dry. This is an important point, because for making jam, you need clean and dry berries.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Soft-skinned oranges with hot water. It is necessary to wash off all harmful substances from the peel - fruit wax, which is treated with citruses to increase the shelf life, and pesticides. It is no secret that on an industrial scale fruit is processed in all possible ways, and I don’t feel like harvesting berries together with harmful elements of the periodic table. Therefore, I recommend carefully rubing the rind with an abrasive sponge, and then pour it over with boiling water.

Pure oranges cut into large slices.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Grind gooseberry to obtain a smooth mashed potatoes. As I have already noticed, a meat grinder or blender solves this problem with equal success.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Oranges are also ground to homogeneity, add to berry puree.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

Pour sugar, stir. There is no need to spare sugar for raw jam. My grandmother always made it based on the following relationship: for 1 cup of grated berries or fruit, 1 cup of granulated sugar is needed. Maybe it will seem to someone that this is too much, but the jam has always been very tasty, it has been stored for a whole year, it has not been candied.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

We leave a bowl of berry puree and sugar for a while so that the sugar evenly mixes with the fruit and berry mass.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

The jars for washing my soda solution, then rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry in an oven for 10 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius.

Lay out the raw gooseberry jam with orange in the cooled jars, tied with parchment or closed with clean lids.

Store raw gooseberry jam with orange in a cool and dry place.

Raw gooseberry jam with orange

By the way, the most delicious sandwich comes from childhood - fresh loaf, a thick slice of butter and raw jam, the taste is better than any cake. Enjoy your meal!

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