Strawberry jam

Jam from garden strawberries rightfully occupies one of the first places in popularity among garden berry jam. Garden strawberries are often incorrectly called strawberries, but I think the name of the berry in this case does not have special importance, because the jam turns out, firstly, bright red, secondly, incredibly fragrant, thirdly, thick and very tasty.

Garden strawberries contain pectic substances, so the jam from it is almost always thick, especially if you do not regret sugar. In my opinion, when you make sweet blanks, you should not save on this product.

It is important not to digest - with a long boil, the color will become reddish-brown at first, and then completely brown. It is enough for 20-30 minutes to boil the berries in syrup over medium heat, so that they remain intact and bright. Cooked in this way, the jam is well preserved in a dark and cool place.

Strawberry jam

First, be sure to fill the berries with sugar, and then, while the juice is released, prepare the jars, boil the berries and place them in the jars.

  • Cooking time: 2 hours
  • Quantity: 2 cans with a capacity of 600 g

Ingredients for making strawberry jam:

  • 1, 5 kg garden dugout;
  • 1, 2 kg of sugar.

A way to cook garden strawberry jam.

Ripe, strong berries, without damage, spoilage, harvested a few hours before boiling, carefully wash under the tap in order to remove dirt and sand. We tear off the stem and sepals. If the berries are clean, they do not have sand, and are grown in their garden, then it is not necessary to wash them - when boiled in sugar syrup, all bacteria will die.

Strawberry jam

Jam is convenient to cook in a skillet with a thick bottom or a frying pan with high sides - the evaporation surface is large, the foam is convenient to remove, and the cooking time is shortened.

Pour peeled strawberries into a large, deep frying pan or stew pan.

Strawberry jam Strawberry jam Strawberry jam

Pour sugar, mix it with strawberries. We leave the berries for 1 hour, during which time the sugar will dissolve and a lot of juice will stand out. You can sometimes gently shake the dishes to speed up the release of juice.

About an hour later, the next jam looks like it is shown in the photo. If you want to shorten the cooking time, you can mix strawberries with sugar, pour in half a glass of cold water, cover the pan with a lid and shake well - the process will go faster. Put the dishes on the stove. First bring to a boil over high heat. After boiling, reduce, cook 30 minutes. Remove the foam and periodically gently mix so that the mass boils evenly.

Strawberry jam

At the very beginning of preparation, I advise you to prepare jars for packaging. They must be thoroughly washed, rinsed with clean water, and then sterilized over steam or oven dried at 120 degrees. Washed lids must be put in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Strawberry jam

We pack hot mass in warm jars, leave about 2 centimeters free from above. Immediately close tightly, cool at room temperature.

Strawberry jam

Store in a dry, cool place. Blanks do not lose color and taste for several months, subject to the purity and sterility during cooking and packaging.

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