Melon smoothies for health and weight loss. Melon smoothie recipes with fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables, milk

Melon smoothies for health and weight loss. Melon smoothie recipes with fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables, milk

The benefits of vitamin cocktails have long been known. Melon smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get the most out of a tasty sweet fruit. Cooking is simple, and tastes can be varied every day.

The drink is quite thick and nutritious. You can add some fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, honey, sugar, berries. Melon dessert smoothie not only perfectly nourishes and invigorates, but also helps to lose weight. It occupies an intermediate position between food and drink, is very popular in vegetarian and healthy food.

Melon Smoothies - General Cooking Principles

In order to make the melon smoothie really tasty, it is important to choose the right fruit for making a drink. How to choose a ripe melon:

• by color: it is bright yellow or golden;

• on density: when pressing on a ripe fruit, it is noticeably fed under the fingers, pressed through;

• by smell: ripened melon exudes a fresh, sweetish, recognizable aroma.

If the fetus has a “tail”, it is immature. The situation can be corrected if you let the melon lie down at home for 4-5 days.

To make a melon smoothie, peel it and remove the seeds. Puree make with a powerful blender, diluted with juice, milk, yogurt. Watermelons, pears, peaches, cucumbers, lemons combine well with melons. All this can be added to the drink, adjusting the taste, texture.

Banana Melon Smoothie

Very tasty is a combination of melon and ripe banana. This smoothie is nutritious and is perfect for a snack during the day or a light dinner. Fresh aroma and delicate texture enhance mood and really like the body.


• a pound of melon pulp;

• two ripe bananas;

• Two glasses of drinking yogurt or kefir.


Peel the melon, cut into small pieces.

Bananas peel.

In the blender lay the fruit, pour in yogurt.

Whip melon smoothie until smooth for 1-2 minutes. Pour into glasses and drink a nutritious delicacy with pleasure.

Orange Melon Smoothie

Citrus aroma and branded orange acidity are very well combined with melon puree. It turns out thick, tasty vitamin drink, which improves mood and strengthens health.


• four hundred grams of melon pulp;

• incomplete glass of orange juice;

• A tablespoon of honey (optional).


Cut a piece of melon from seeds and skin and cut it into small pieces and fold it into a blender.

Cut the oranges into halves and squeeze the juice.

Pour a glass of orange juice into the bowl.

Add 3-4 ice cubes and whisk until you get a soft thick drink.

If you want the taste to be sweeter, add a spoonful of honey.

Smoothies made from melon, grapefruit and cucumber

The composition of this melon smoothie includes, it seems, completely incompatible components: cucumber and grapefruit. But it turns out a gentle, with a delicate fresh and tropical bright hint of drink. It is incredibly useful, has a beneficial effect on the state of the immune system, calms and fills with healthy energy. Drink this smoothie in the morning or at lunchtime to feel a surge of strength.


• a pound of melon without skin;

• large cucumber;

• two glasses of grapefruit juice;

• three or four leaflets of fresh mint;

• five ice cubes.


Wash cucumbers, carefully remove the skin, remove the seeds.

Cut the cucumbers into small slices, put in a blender.

With the melon cut off the peel, cut as small as cucumbers, also put in the bowl.

From grapefruit squeeze the juice, pour into a blender.

Pour ice, put mint.

Beat the mass to a puree. This smoothie is thick and dense.

Pour the drink into glasses. You can put a piece of ice on the bottom of each.

Melon smoothies with bananas and peaches

Soft ripe peaches are a great filling for melon smoothies. Harmonious taste, pleasant color and soft, homogeneous consistency - this is what you can fall in love with a drink. Ingredients:

• four hundred grams of peeled melon;

• two ripe bananas;

• two large peaches;

• ice (optional).


Remove the bone from the peaches.

Bananas peel.

Peeled melon finely chopped.

Put the fruit in a blender, mash.

If the smoothie seems too thick, add some mineral water or ice.

Melon and Watermelon Smoothies

The combination of the summer "berries" is interesting in taste, texture and color. Having bought watermelon and melon, try making a smoothie of them with a bright aroma and delicate flavor. The drink refreshes, tones, relieves fatigue.


• three hundred grams of melon pulp;

• three hundred grams of watermelon flesh;

• A spoon of honey or sugar (optional).


Cut peeled watermelon and melon into separate bowls.

Two or three pieces from both cups set aside.

Beat the remaining pieces separately in a blender with honey or sugar: first beat the melon, then the watermelon. Do not mix!

Fill the glass with half melon pulp.

Then pour in the watermelon mass.

Spread the slices of watermelon and melon on top.

Honey smoothie made from melon, fig and black currant

The unusual taste and pleasant texture will surely please fans of healthy tasty drinks. Such a melon smoothie smells like the sun, in the summer, gives the body a lot of useful vitamins.


• three hundred grams of melon;

• one hundred grams of black currant;

• three figs;

• a tablespoon of honey;

• two leaves of fresh mint.


Cut the ingredients into pieces.

Beat the berries and fruit in a blender along with the honey.

Pour smoothie into glasses.

Rub mint in your hands and put a piece of paper in each glass.

Cinnamon melon and peach smoothie

By adding spices to smoothies and melons, you can experiment with flavors. Well suited for such experiments is cinnamon, if you like it. Together with a chocolate crumb it turns out not just useful drink, but a magnificent summer dessert.


• three hundred grams of melon;

• two fig peaches; • five ice cubes;

• two teaspoons of chocolate chips;

• one third teaspoon ground cinnamon.


Rinse the peaches, remove the bone.

Cut the melon into cubes.

Throw ice into the blender bowl and turn on the device to get ice chips.

Put the melon slices and peach halves in the bowl, add the cinnamon and beat everything in to a smooth consistency.

Spread the air mass into glasses.

Decorate each serving with chocolate chips.


Melon-Lemon Smoothie

Lemon and melon - a good combination of flavors. Smoothies are useful for children and adults, strengthens the immune system, gives vivacity and good mood.


• a pound of melon;

• lime;

• lemon;

• three tablespoons of powdered sugar or sugar;

• A sprig of mint.


Peel and slice melon.

Scald lemon and lime with boiling water, discuss.

Squeeze citrus juice.

Put melon cubes in a blender bowl, pour lemon and lime juice.

Cut the washed mint.

Put powdered sugar and mint greens.

Whisk everything until a uniform, airy consistency.

Pour into glasses and serve.

Melon Smoothies with Raspberries and Oranges

The combination of berries and melon flavor, enhanced by orange sour and honey notes, will bring real pleasure. You can add crushed ice to the smoothie and drink it on a hot summer day. In this case, add some more honey.


• two hundred grams of melon;

• a glass of fresh or frozen raspberries;

• two oranges;

• A large tablespoon of honey.


Cut the melon into pieces, fold into a bag and send in the freezer for an hour and a half.

Squeeze the juice out of the oranges.

In a blender, put frozen melon, berries.

Add honey and juice.

Beat all until a uniform consistency.

At the bottom of the glasses, put on a piece of ice, fill the smoothies of melon and berries and enjoy the taste.

Milk and kiwi smoothies

The pleasant green color and the fantastic fresh taste of this version of the smoothie will surely make it one of the most favorite family drinks. Instead of soy vanilla milk, you can take cow's milk and put a little vanilla. Ingredients:

• three hundred grams of melon;

• four kiwis;

• half a liter of soy vanilla milk;

• lemon;

• five mint leaves.


Milk pre-cool in the freezer.

With kiwi, remove the skin.

Peel the melon and cut into small cubes.

Squeeze juice from lemon.

Fold the ingredients in a blender and beat for about five minutes.

Pour smoothie in glasses and serve.

Melon Smoothies - Tricks and Tips

Melon goes well with avocado, whose taste is neutral. Try making smoothies from these ingredients. It will be unusual, not very sweet, but tender in texture and very useful.

Melon is a surprisingly useful berry. It contains vitamins, minerals, pectins and other biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The benefits of this melon culture are great:

• improves blood composition

• increases hemoglobin level;

• normalizes hormones and the state of the nervous system;

• eases stress periods;

• protects blood vessels from cholesterol, strengthening the cardiovascular system;

• heals the urinary system, kidneys;

• cleans the intestines;

• improves digestion;

• has antiparasitic properties.

Melon smoothies will help you recover from surgery, atherosclerosis will warn. Men will be helped to restore potency, while women will have a rejuvenating effect.

To drink smoothies was more pleasant, you can cool the glasses before serving in the refrigerator. Ice in the composition will not be needed, and you can give the drink to children without fear of colds.

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