Red currant jelly is a bright and healthy dessert. The best recipes of red currant jelly with cottage cheese, cream, milk, wine

Red currant jelly is a bright and healthy dessert. The best recipes of red currant jelly with cottage cheese, cream, milk, wine

Everyone knows about the benefits of red currants. It contains vitamin C more than lemons. Jelly is served as a dessert, or prepared for the winter.

Red currant jelly - the basic principles of cooking

For making jelly use fresh or frozen berries. Fresh removed from the branches, sorted and washed under the tap. Frozen must be thawed.

Agar-agar, pectin or gelatin is used as a gelling agent. First of all, gelatin is soaked, filled with cold, necessarily boiled water, stirred and left to swell for at least half an hour. Instant gelatin is added directly to the jelly base, without first soaking.

Red currant berries are mashed or left whole, depending on the recipe. Currant puree must be pressed through cheesecloth to get rid of small bones and skins. Berry cake can be used to make compote.

Gelatin dissolve over low heat or a water bath and poured into currant juice. Stir and pour into forms.

The multilayer jelly from berry, sour cream, cream or milk layers looks especially impressive.

Jelly will get even tastier and more fragrant if you add vanillin, juice or citrus zest to the base.

Recipe 1. Red currant jelly


red currant - half a kilo;

gelatin - 20 g;

white sugar - a glass;

boiled cooled water - 700 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Take a glass of chilled boiled water. Put the gelatin in a cup and fill it with water. Stir and leave to swell for 20 minutes.

2. Rinse currants several times. Drop in a colander. Then tear the berries off the twigs. Transfer to a bowl and mash with potato mash to a state of mashed potatoes. 3. Fold the gauze in half, place the berry puree in it and squeeze well. Place the swollen gelatine over a pan of boiling water and hold until completely dissolved.

4. Currant juice dissolve half liter of boiled water. Remove the foam. Pour loose gelatin into it. Stir. Pour the currant mixture into ice cream bowls or glasses. Cool and put in the cold until it freezes. Garnish with currant sprigs.

Recipe 2. Red currant jelly for winter with vanilla


granulated sugar - a kilogram;

vanilla - pod;

red currant - kilogram;

boiled water - half a liter.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out the red currant, separating the berries from the twigs. Put in a sieve and rinse. Fold in a bowl for cooking jam, fill with chilled water and set on medium heat. As soon as the mass begins to boil, turn off the fire.

2. Lean the welded berries on a sieve, place it over the pan and grind it with a wooden spatula. Shake the cake in folded gauze and squeeze it carefully.

3. Strain juice through several layers of gauze. Add sugar to it and set on medium heat. We bring to boil. The pod is cut in half and put in the liquid and cook on low heat for half an hour, stirring from time to time.

4. Take out the vanilla pod. Hot jelly is poured into clean sterilized half-liter jars. Hermetically capped with boiled lids. Turn over, leave for ten minutes, then return to the starting position. Wrap and cool. Keep in a cool place.

Recipe 3. Two-layer red currant jelly


Berry Jelly

300 g of red currant;

boiled water;

150 grams of sugar;

15 g of gelatin.

Milk Jelly

half a liter of milk;

vanillin - bag;

sugar - 150 g;

gelatin - 15 g

Decoration currant berries;

sprigs of mint;

100 g of chocolate.

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin Arrange in two glasses (15 g each). Fill in 150 ml of boiled chilled water and stir. Leave it for forty minutes. The berries of currant heed from the branches, put in a colander and rinse.

2. Put the currants in a deep bowl and mash them with a tolkushka to a puree state. Put the berry mixture in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice well. Dilute it with water, bringing the volume of liquid to half a liter.

3. Pour the currant juice into a saucepan and put on moderate heat. Add sugar, mix and add swollen gelatin from one glass. Heat the liquid, do not bring it to a boil until the gelatin is completely dispersed.

4. Pour the berry jelly into the forms, filling them in half. Cool and refrigerate until it freezes.

5. Pour milk into the pan. Put it on medium heat. Add vanillin, sugar and carefully enter the swollen gelatin from the second glass. Heat, constantly stirring. Do not bring to a boil. Cool the milk and pour it over the top of the berry jelly. Put in the cold. Garnish with mint, currant berries and grated chocolate.

Recipe 4. Red currant jelly with cream souffle



red currant - 300 g;

gelatin - 20 g;

granulated sugar - 150 g.

Creamy soufflé

gelatin - 10 g;

cream 33% - 400 ml;

sugar - 150 g;

100 g of chocolate for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin for jelly pour 150 ml of cooled boiled water. Stir and leave to swell.

2. Remove the red currant berries from the twigs, wash and place in a blender container and chop to a puree. Berry puree mash through a sieve.

3. Transfer the mixture to the pan, add half a liter of chilled water, sugar. Stir and put on low heat. Warm to dissolve sugar. Enter the swollen gelatin, mix and bring to a boil, but do not boil. 4. Pour the jelly over the bowl to the half. Refrigerate and send for several hours in the cold.

5. Gelatin for souffle pour half a glass of water, leave it to swell. Then put on slow fire and melt. Combine the cream with sugar and whisk until a thick foam is formed. Enter gelatin, mix and pour over the berry layer. Chop chocolate on a fine grater. Sprinkle the souffle over it and put in cold for three hours.

Recipe 5. Red currant jelly with wine for the winter


wine - a glass;

granulated sugar;

red currant - two kilograms.

Method of preparation

1. Put currants together with twigs and leaves in a bowl with a thick bottom. Pour in a glass of granulated sugar and pour in the wine. Put on a slow fire and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Do not bring to a boil! Remove from heat, cool slightly. Put the berry mixture in small portions and grind through a sieve.

2. Pour out the syrup into the saucepan, add another 700 g of granulated sugar, mix and return to the fire. Boil for another three minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon.

3. Put the prepared jelly in dry sterile jars. Seal tightly with boiled caps. Wrap in a warm cloth and leave to cool.

Recipe 6. Cottage cheese dessert with red currant jelly



50 grams of corn flakes;

10 ml of cream liqueur;

25 g of cocoa powder;

70 g butter.

Curd cream and jelly

200 g cream cheese;

200 g of fresh red currant;

125 g heavy cream;

three bags of gelatin;

100 grams of natural yogurt;

150 g cane sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Put the corn flakes in a food processor and chop into small pieces. Put in a bowl, add soft butter, liqueur and cocoa powder. Mix thoroughly.

2. Cover the detachable form with a film. Put the mixture for the cake in the form and spread it evenly on the bottom, slightly tamping. 3. Pour the cream into a deep bowl, add sugar and beat until thick foam, gradually adding cream cheese and yoghurt. Soak gelatin, then dissolve it over low heat and enter into the curd cream. Put the resulting mass in the form on top of the cake and send to the refrigerator.

4. Remove the currant from the twigs. Wash and dry. One third of the berries lay on top of the curd cream. Put the rest of the currants in a blender container and grind to a puree. If you do not have this kitchen appliance, you can crush it with potato chips. Gelatin soak in water. When it swells, place the dishes over a pot of boiling water and dissolve. Pour into currant puree. Send sugar here and bring it to a boil. Cool it down.

5. Fill the curd layer with currant jelly and put in the refrigerator overnight.

Red Currant Jelly - Tips and Tricks

  • Dissolve the gelatin on a slow fire or water bath, but do not boil it, otherwise it will lose its properties.
  • Redcurrant is quite an acid berry, so if you like sweet desserts, increase the amount of sugar.
  • Cake left over from the berries can be used to make vitamin compote.
  • Pour the jelly into small ice-cream bowls or glass goblets.
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