New and traditional recipes for pear jelly. Delicious pear jelly with gelatin for the winter, without sugar, original desserts with an unusual taste

New and traditional recipes for pear jelly. Delicious pear jelly with gelatin for the winter, without sugar, original desserts with an unusual taste

Varieties of sweet dishes and pear-based desserts are numerous. Including pear jelly. Depending on the set of ingredients and the technology of processing products, pear jelly is obtained in different combinations of flavor and appearance. Most of the recipes of such a fruit dessert are united by the simplicity of preparation.

How to cook pear jelly: general rules

Pear jelly is made from pieces of boiled fruit, mashed potatoes, and juice. In some desserts for the beauty of the presentation, the pears are left entirely, pouring them into the jelly from the clear juice.

Gelatin (plain, sheet or instant) or agar-agar is most often used as a gelling element. Gelatin in advance (40-60 minutes) soaked according to the instructions on the bag. Before combining with the other components of pearl jelly, they are heated (but never boiled!) Until completely dissolved in the liquid and filtered through gauze (sieve).

Pear jelly can also be made without a gelling agent. Taki blanks are usually made for the winter. In this case, the thickener of the dessert is sugar, lemon or apple juice.

Quick recipe pear jelly

To make such a tasty light dessert you need a minimum of products. The cooking time takes a maximum of 40 minutes. Thanks to gelatin, the dessert freezes very quickly.


· Fresh pears - 500 g;

· Sugar - 100 g;

· Water - 375 ml;

· Gelatin - 1 tbsp. l


1. Gelatin pour 125 ml of water. Leave for half an hour to swell.

2. Washed pears without tails with the peel cut into 4 pieces, put in a saucepan. Pour water so that the liquid is 1 cm covered fruit.

3. Put the tank on medium heat. Boil pears until soft.

4. Hot boiled fruit fray through a sieve, separating the bones, hard skin.

5. Pear mashed potatoes diluted with a glass of water. Sugar is poured. Stir.

6. Put the mass on the fire and wait for the moment of boiling.

7. Fruit puree with sugar is removed from the stove. Gelatin is added. Warm up for 5 minutes in a water bath, not allowing the mass to boil. The finished pear jelly is poured into ice-cream bowls and cooled. Rearrange in the fridge for final freezing. After 40-50 minutes, the dessert will be ready to eat.

Pear jelly prepared according to this recipe can be harvested for the winter. For this, it is still hot, poured into sterilized jars. Store the workpiece in the refrigerator or basement.

Pear Jelly with Lemon

A magnificent dessert in which the honey sweetness of a ripe pear echoes the refreshing sourness of lemon. Gelatin in the recipe can be replaced by gelling sugar. Zest is added as desired.


· Pears - 1 kg;

· Lemon - 1 fruit;

· Common or gelling sugar - 0.5 kg;

· Gelatin - 5 g


1. Gelatin is soaked in water for swelling.

2. Pears and lemon thoroughly washed.

3. Peel off the citrus (zest with white backing). The pear is removed core.

4. Cut all the fruits into even sized pieces. Pour into a container for cooking.

5. Pears and lemon are covered with sugar. Put on the stove (small fire) and languish for 5 minutes under the lid.

6. Flame burners increase to the limit and quickly bring the fruit mixture to a boil.

7. When juice is released, fire is reduced to the smallest. Boil the fruit, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes.

8. Hot fruit mass fray through a fine sieve. Return to the plate.

9. Add gelatin. Constantly stirring, warm up, not allowing boiling, for a couple of minutes.

Hot pear jelly with lemon is poured into sterilized jars. Corked. Leave to cool, wrapped in a blanket. The finished product is transferred to storage in a cold dry cellar.

Clear pear jelly without gelatin

For this recipe take sweet, honey varieties of pears. Therefore, sugar needs quite a bit. Such a clear pear jelly with the observance of the technology of preparation can be stored in a dark cool room for several years.


· Ripe sweet pears;

· Akhar - per 1 liter of pear broth 3 tbsp .;

· Lemon (juice) - 1 fruit;

· Spices (cinnamon, vanilla, cloves) and alcohol (liqueur, rum) - if desired.


1. Pears are washed, thinly cut off the peel, remove seeds, tails, stalks. Cut slices. 2. Fruits are poured into the cooking tank and filled with water so that the liquid has more pears by 3 cm.

3. Pot put on a strong fire. Cook the fruit until soft.

4. Above the wide capacity (suitable pelvis) tighten and fix gauze. The boiled pears are thrown on the improvised filter.

5. After 10-14 hours a clear broth will drain into the pelvis - and it is used to make jelly. Boiled pear slices can be used to make other desserts. Squeeze and grind the fruit is not necessary.

6. When the decoction is allowed to stand, the upper transparent fraction is drained. Add to sugar (3 tbsp. Per 1 l), lemon juice. Stir.

7. Pear broth with sugar and lemon juice boil over a minimum of fire until the liquid begins to gel.

To add spicy flavor to the jelly, you can add vanilla, cinnamon, a little rum or liqueur to the boiling mass at the very end of boiling.

Jelly of pears with wine and spices “Drunk pear” (without sugar)

According to this recipe, jelly is so dense that it can be cut with a knife, like marmalade. “Drunk pear” is eaten as an independent dessert, used to decorate cakes and pies, ice cream. In addition, dense pear jelly can be used to prepare a variety of multicomponent desserts, cold appetizers.


· Juicy ripe pears with dense pulp - 1 kg;

· Stevia (sugar substitute) - to taste;

· Agar-agar - 4 tsp;

· Dry white wine - 0.75 ml;

· Cinnamon -2 sticks

· Vanilla - 1 pod;

· Rum, brandy or brandy (optional) - 4 tbsp. l


1. Pears are washed, peeled, cut into 4 slices.

2. Wine is poured into the pan. Add cinnamon and vanilla.

3. Pieces of fruit poured into the wine with spices. Simmer for 20 minutes. Periodically stir the mass.

4. Slices of pears get a skimmer from wine. Lay out in the same quantity in sterilized jars.

5. The vanilla pod is cut lengthwise and the seeds are scraped with a knife. Return to the wine-pear broth.

6. Agar-agar is added to boiling wine. Cook for 1 minute. At the very end (optional) add alcohol. It not only improves the taste of pear jelly, but also serves as an excellent preservative for long-term storage of dessert. Broth is removed from the stove. Pour them pieces of pears in jars. Corked. Store in the refrigerator.

Whole pear jelly in own juice

Very easy to prepare, but incredibly delicious dessert. Externally, jelly looks very presentable. Therefore, it can be safely prepared for a festive feast on special occasions. Dessert is served in portions.


· Pears dense, ripe - 5 fruits;

· Water - 500 ml;

· Sugar - 225 g;

· Turmeric - 1 tbsp. l with a hill;

· Clear pear juice 500 ml;

· Gelatin - 4 tbsp. l


1. Gelatin is poured with water for swelling (40-50 minutes).

2. Pears are washed, peeled. Tails and seeds are left.

3. From water, 125 g sugar and turmeric boil syrup.

4. Peeled whole pears are gently dipped into boiling syrup. Cook on minimal heat until soft.

5. Gelatin is heated on a steam bath until the granules are completely dissolved.

6. Strain, combine with pear juice. Add 100 g of sugar. Stir.

7. Cooked soft pears are put in glasses (bowls) with their tails up. Pour juice with gelatin.

8. The jelly is cooled and very carefully transferred to the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Before serving, the dessert is decorated with butter cream, slices of candied lemon, chocolate chips.

Pear and cream jelly

Simple, but very tasty dessert of delicate cream and fresh pears, stewed in its own juice. Ideal for children's holiday menu.


· Ripe pears - 4 pcs .;

· Cream (at least 20% fat) - 250 ml;

· Sugar - 1 tbsp .;

· Gelatin - 3 tbsp. l .;

· Lemon - half of the average fruit;

· Vanillin.


1. Vanillin diluted with water according to the instructions.

2. Pears are washed, peeled, cut into pieces. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

3. Fruits fall asleep with sugar and leave for 10-20 minutes, until the pears do not let the juice.

4. Shift in capacity for cooking together with the released juice. Add a pinch of vanilla.

5. Pears put on medium heat. At the moment of boiling, the burner flame is reduced, the fruits are boiled down within 20 minutes.

6. Cream poured into a saucepan, bring to a boil. Remove from heat.

7. To the cream add the swollen, strained through the gauze gelatin. Stir. 8. Pears baked in their own juice are combined with cream and gelatin. Stir.

Pear and cream jelly is poured into ice cream bowls. Cool and set for complete freezing in the refrigerator.

For a beautiful supply on top of the already frozen cream jelly from pears, you can pour a thin layer of colored transparent jelly. For example, from cherry, raspberry or kiwi. This dessert looks aesthetically pleasing and appetizing.

Tricks of making homemade pear jelly

Regardless of the recipe, fruit for making jelly select ripe, with dense juicy pulp. Pears with a loose texture, greenish or, on the contrary, overripe for gelatinous desserts and winter blanks are not suitable.

All fruits must be whole, without wormholes, spoilage, rot. Pears are washed before processing. For the jelly for the winter they use only the flesh - the skin is necessarily removed, the core with the seeds, the tails and the stalks are removed.

If alcohol is indicated in the recipe, but the dessert is intended for children, you can either not add alcohol at all or pour it into the decoction at the very beginning of cooking. Alcohols evaporate at high temperatures, so the finished product will be completely harmless to kids.

To check the readiness of jelly without gelatin, you need to drop a little hot substance on a cold clean saucer. If the mass quickly sets and thickens, it is time to pour the product into the bowl or sterilized jars (for winter harvesting).

Important! For cooking jelly, desserts and sweet pear billet never use aluminum utensils. Upon contact with the metal, the fruit mass is oxidized, which negatively affects the color and taste of the dish.

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