Red currant, grated with sugar for the winter

Red currant, grated with sugar for the winter

Red currant can compete with many other garden berries for its vitamin content. To save them when preparing desserts from it for future use is an important task. Red currant, rubbed with sugar for the winter, is the best option to make a tasty billet that is well preserved and contains all the vitamins that are found in fresh berries. After all, when cooking this delicacy, heat treatment is not used.

Cooking Features

In order for red currant, mashed with sugar, does not deteriorate throughout the winter, you must follow certain rules when preparing it.

  • Currants first of all need to be bored well. This stage of work is considered the most time consuming. After all, it is necessary not only to throw away all the spoiled, unripe berries, which fall into the container for gathering currants, leaflets and twigs, but we must also remove the stem from each berry. It is impossible not to do this, because otherwise “cold jam” will sour very quickly, even if the rules of its storage are observed.
  • Some people do not wash red currants before cooking, however, it is advisable to do this, even if you have collected the berry in your backyard and are confident in its purity. In the same cases, when the blanks are made from purchased berries, the washing process is obligatory, and the currants should be washed very well in running water.
  • After washing, red currants should be dried. To do this, you can lay out on a kitchen towel, which will absorb excess moisture.
  • For red currant wiped with sugar, small cans with a capacity of half a liter or even less are suitable. They must be washed with soda before use and sterilized by any means: someone is used to steam sterilization, someone prefers to use an oven for this. The lids with which you plan to close the cans with “cold jam” also need to be sterilized. Usually they are boiled for this for 5 minutes in pure water.

These rules are the same no matter what recipe is selected. The recipes themselves are different, first of all - the ratio of berries and sugar: the higher the temperature at which you are going to keep currants wiped with sugar, the sweeter it should be.

The classic recipe of red currant, rubbed with sugar


  • red currant - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1, 2 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Prepare the currant by sorting, rinsing and drying.
  • When pouring portions of the berry into the blender bowl, chop it gradually. If you want to get a more delicate texture, rub currant puree through a sieve. It is best to use plastic, as the metal is oxidized. Grind berries best wooden shovel or "tolkushkoy."
  • Mix currant puree with sugar, leave for 2-3 hours until sugar is completely dissolved. At this time, the container in which the berry mass is located should be covered with a cloth or gauze. This is done in order to negate the risk of falling into the harvesting of insects, which are also not averse to eat something sweet. Periodically lift the cloth and stir the berry with a wooden spatula.
  • After a designated time, remove the cloth from the container. If a froth has formed on top of the berry mass, remove it.
  • Spread the “jam” over the prepared banks, tightly close them with lids. If you plan to store red currant rubbed with sugar in the refrigerator, you can also use plastic caps, otherwise you need to use metal ones.

In winter, currants prepared according to this recipe can be kept not only in the refrigerator, but also in any cool room, the temperature in which never rises above 18 degrees. If you plan to store the “jam” at a higher temperature, it is better to use another recipe.

Red currant, rubbed with sugar, - sweet recipe


  • red currant - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1, 8 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Rinse the berry, sort it, dry it, let it dry, pour it on a towel.
  • Fold the prepared berry into a clean, dry, enameled or ceramic bowl. Pour 0, 75 kg of sugar and crush the berry with a wooden pestle. Carefully grind currants with sugar to get a homogeneous mass.
  • Add another 0, 75 kg of sugar to the berry and again smooth it with it.
  • Leave for half an hour, covering the bowl with gauze.
  • Stir in the sweet billet and place in small, sterilized cans. Do not fill the jars to the end - you need to leave a distance of about 2 cm to the neck.
  • Sprinkle the remaining sugar over the cans - later it forms the so-called “sugar stopper”, which will prevent the “cold jam” from souring.
  • Hermetically close the jars of red currants, rubbed with sugar, and remove them for the winter in the closet.

The advantage of this recipe is that the “cold jam” made from it can be safely stored at room temperature.

Red currant, mashed with sugar, for storage in the freezer


  • currants - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 25 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Crush the prepared berry with a blender, adding a little sugar.
  • Spread over clean and dry containers, close them with lids and store in a freezer.

Preference should be given to containers of a small container, as it is not possible to re-freeze the thawed currants.

Cooking currants, mashed with sugar, does not take much power. In winter, it can be used to make fruit drinks, desserts, and simply eat with spoons or spread on bread - the thick consistency of “cold jam” made of red currant allows this.

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