Black currant, grated with sugar

The most vitamin, the most popular in the cold and a very simple supply for the winter - black currant, ground with sugar. In the autumn-winter season, harvesting fresh currant is an indispensable tool for the prevention and treatment of colds, for strengthening immunity, and just for delicious tea drinking. According to the content of vitamin C, black currant gives odds to citruses, yielding only to rose hips - and it is ascorbinka that is responsible for strong immunity in the offseason.

But, if we cook currants, during heat treatment valuable vitamin will collapse. Therefore, I suggest you, instead of jam, “raw” billet - currants, ground with sugar. We make such a reserve for the winter every year for many years. The main condition - sugar and berries we take in a ratio of 2: 1, that is, sugar is two times more than currants.

Black currant, grated with sugar

Thanks to the preserving properties of sugar, “jam without cooking” is well preserved for a long time, preserving all its usefulness. And they, in addition to ascorbic acid, in a currant full. Vitamin E youth; a company of vitamin B group needed for strong nerves and memory; Vitamin P, firming blood vessels; carotene, which, being absorbed, turns into vitamin A, which increases vigilance and immunity.

Currant - a powerful tool against viruses. Phytoncides contained in it, can beat ARVI and flu. A high content of potassium has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, and pectins cleanse the body of “harmful” cholesterol. And yet - this useful berry is very tasty!

Ingredients for making black currant, rubbed with sugar

  • 1 kg of black currant;
  • 2 kg of granulated sugar.

We also need dry sterile glass containers. The most convenient banks with a capacity of 0, 5-1l.

There is no need to roll grated currants with metal lids: it is well worth a year or more to go under tight plastic or screw-in lids.

Black currant, grated with sugar

The method of cooking black currant, rubbed with sugar

Fill the ripe berries of the currant without tails with cold water and rinse; let's catch our hands in a colander and wait for the glass and water to dry slightly.

There are several ways to process currants.

The first is more time consuming and long, but allows you to save more benefits in the berries. Currant with sugar rubbed with a wooden spoon in an enamel, stainless or plastic container.

It is undesirable to use a metal spoon and aluminum utensils, since an oxidation reaction takes place when in contact with them, the vitamins are destroyed, and the jam may acquire a metallic taste.

Black currant, grated with sugar

But, if you are in a hurry, you can try the second, the “speedy” option - twist the currants in a meat grinder. Add sugar to the berry puree, mix it thoroughly, fold it into prepared sterile, dry jars and seal it with sterile caps. There is the third option, which combines in itself the benefit of the first and the speed of the second - crush the berries with sugar tolkushkoy for mashed potatoes, better wooden. It is not necessary to crush all the berries to one — even more delicious, when in some places whole berries are caught in the jam. It is very interesting to see such a sour “surprise”.

Black currant, grated with sugar

The important point is to fill the jars not to the top, but leaving a little, a couple of centimeters, free space. So you need to do so that the jam does not run away from the jar when the sugar starts to melt and the volume of the supply increases.

Store harvested currants in a cool shaded place. In the refrigerator it is not necessary - the jam will stand well in the pantry, on a warm glazed loggia or in the cellar.

Black currant, grated with sugar

From currants, ground with sugar, you can make delicious tea by stirring a couple of teaspoons of food in warm boiled water (not in boiling water - to save vitamins saved from summer).

And still from black currant the excellent stuffing for a grated pie turns out. Imagine how cool it will be to drink currant tea with a piece of crumbly pie in the winter, inhaling the aroma of berries and dreaming of a new, sunny, generous Summer!

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