Sweet cherry compote is an awesome billet! Recipes of various compotes from sweet cherry with stones and without, for winter and summer

Sweet cherry compote is an awesome billet! Recipes of various compotes from sweet cherry with stones and without, for winter and summer

Cherry compote - preparation with the scent of summer.

Juicy berries will remind you of a bright sun in winter and will surely lift your spirits.

The most time to prepare a delicacy, especially, here you can find so many interesting recipes!

Sweet cherry compote - general principles of preparation

There are a lot of varieties of sweet cherries and almost all are suitable for canning Early berries are harvested independently or with strawberries, honeysuckle. Compotes of late varieties can wait for cherries, currants, early apples, meet apricots. Often drinks supplement citrus, which lie on the shelves all year round.

Cherry compotes are harvested for the winter with or without a bone. For removal, you can use a special device, use a pin, pin.

Preparation of cans and sterilization

Any preparations for the winter require sterility and cleanliness. Safety is directly dependent on this. The purity of products pay special attention. Banks before use, thoroughly washed and sterilized over steam, in the oven or in the microwave. Covers are boiled in water or just doused with boiling water.

Some compotes require sterilization. To do this, lay out the cloth in the pan, put the jars with the blank, cover and pour liquid into the pan. It is very important that it be hot, like compote. Otherwise, the glass may crack. The design is put on the stove and boil it at the right time, then the caps are screwed.

Pitted Cherry Compote with Sterilization

A simple and reliable recipe of sweet cherry compote, which will last until the very spring, is saturated and fragrant. The number of ingredients is calculated on three liter jars.


• 600 grams of sweet cherries;

• 300 grams of sugar;

• boiling water.


1. We wash the sweet cherry, put it in a colander, let the liquid flow from the berries. 2. Then we take a special device, or an ordinary hairpin. We take out the bones.

3. We put the berries in sterile jars.

4. Scatter sugar evenly. You can add it more, make to taste.

5. Fill the banks with boiling water. You can take water from the kettle if it is clean and there is no scale on the walls.

6. Put in a saucepan, the bottom of which is covered with a clean cloth.

7. Pour hot water into the pot, put it on the stove.

8. Top of the banks covered with lids, but not yet twisted.

9. Sterilize the compote for ten minutes after boiling the liquid. Do not allow the water to actively seethe, it should barely boil.

10. Alternately remove the banks from the neck, roll up the lids.

Sweet cherry compote with stones for the winter with a lemon

A popular recipe for sweet cherry compote with pits for the winter, which is twisted with citric acid. It is the bone that gives the drink its special aroma and light taste of cherries.


• sweet cherry 1,5 kg;

• 0.75 kg of sugar;

• water 7.5 liters;

• 3 tsp. citric acid.


1. Sterilize the washed jars.

2. Wash berries, dry.

3. We put half a kilogram of dry and clean berries into each jar.

4. Separate the acid in banks, get one spoon.

5. Sugar boil with water for about five minutes.

6. Fill the jar with cherries and citric acid with boiling water to the top.

7. Immediately cork.

8. We take two towels for the neck and bottom, shake.

9. We turn over on a throat, we clean under a warm fur coat or under a blanket. Keep until cool.

Spicy sweet sugar compote

Recipe natural compote, which will help out in the absence of sugar. The drink turns out slightly sour, but very fragrant and spicy. If some spices are not to your taste, they can be safely excluded. The amount is calculated on the three-liter capacity of compote.


• sweet cherry 0.7 kg;

• 1 allspice pea; • 1 clove;

• a little nutmeg;

• 0.3 sticks of cinnamon;

• vanilla.


1. We shift the washed berries in sterile containers. Bones in the sweet cherry are removed or left as desired.

2. Add all the spices. Vanilla throw a little, just a little pinch. Cinnamon in the stick can be replaced with ground powder.

3. Fill with boiling water and send to the pan with a cloth.

4. Add water to the tank, sterilize for a quarter of an hour

5. We take out, we cork. We leave to cool in an inverted position, be sure to cover with something warm.

Sweet cherry compote with pits for winter (with lemon)

This recipe for sweet cherry compote with stones for the winter for those who consider the berry tasteless and unsuitable for canning. Lemon gives the preparation an unmatched aroma and fills with a special taste. Choose a dense, juicy citrus.


• 1 kg of sweet cherry berries;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 1.3 liters of boiling water;

• 0.35 kg of sugar.


1. Remove the tails from the berries, rinse and dry. We send cherries in liter jars, divided in half into two parts.

2. Lemon thoroughly washed, it is desirable to scald the skin with boiling water. Cut into slices and divide into two containers. We throw over the cherries.

3. Boil prescription sugar syrup with added liquid, boil for a couple of minutes.

4. We fill compote with syrup, we cover.

5. Sterilize the jars in a pan with hot water for about seven minutes.

6. Corked, sent to cool under a warm blanket.

Cherry Compote with Strawberries

The recipe is a mixed compote of seasonal berries that usually ripen at the same time. Strawberries choose the smallest, but whole, not overripe and without rot. Preparation without sterilization, therefore we try to observe full sterility. The number of ingredients per jar of 3 liters.


• 0.2 kg sweet cherry;

• 0.2 kg of ripe strawberries;

• 0.25 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. lemon; • boiling water 2.5 liters.


1. At the strawberry we remove tails, we shower it into a prepared jar.

2. Add cherries.

3. Put sand in the jar.

4. We throw prescription acid. In this recipe, it serves as a preservative, you must add.

5. Boil some water for a few minutes.

6. Fill with boiling water to the throat.

7. Quickly throw in the lid, quickly twist the key. You can use screw caps, in this case, just bring the thread until it stops.

8. We take a jar from two sides: at the neck and at the bottom. We shake hands. You can put on the floor and just ride. You need to dissolve all the sugar so that it does not settle in one place.

9. Put the container on the lid, throw warm blankets on top.

Sweet cherry compote with ossicles for the winter (with orange)

Recipe mixed compote of sweet cherry and orange. The drink is prepared in one-liter jars. Citrus will be used with a crust, so we clean the skin well with a brush and wash it with soda.


• 0.15 kg sweet cherries;

• 6 tablespoons of sugar;

• 1 wide orange ring (30-50 grams);

• 850 ml of water.


1. We wash all the berries, lay out in a colander and leave to drain the liquid.

2. Cut a thick circle from the orange, divide it into several parts.

3. In a sterile jar lay out the berries and orange.

4. Pour sugar pesos. Fans of acidic stewed fruit can add a third of a teaspoon of citric acid to the jar or throw a slice of sour citrus.

5. Pour in hot water. Boiling water should reach the neck.

6. Cover the jar with a metal lid and transfer it to a saucepan with a cloth napkin.

7. Pour hot water so that it reaches the banks of the hangers.

8. Turn on the stove and sterilize for 10 minutes.

9. Twist the lid. We send the jar to cool up bottom.

Sweet cherry compote in own juice

Variant of rich sweet cherry compote, which is prepared in its juice. A blank saves packaging, the drink turns out to be concentrated, suitable for further dilution with water. Berries can be used for baking, desserts, various other dishes. Ingredients

• cherries;

• a little boiling water.


1. Bones are removed from the washed berries.

2. Sweet cherry is tightly packed in jars. Optionally, layers can be slightly sprinkled with sugar.

3. Fill the banks with boiling water. Water is added quite a bit, as the berries occupy almost the entire volume.

4. Put the jars in the pot, gently pour in hot water and begin to sterilize.

5. After boiling the liquid liter jars are prepared for 12 minutes. Be sure to throw on top of the cover.

6. We cork, we send to ripen under a blanket.

Mint sweet cherry compote with pits for winter

For this fragrant and refreshing compote you will need several leaves of mint. But you can also use lemon balm. In the absence of fresh grass, pour into the jar a little dried herbs. Compote recipe with double fill.


• 0.3 kg of berries;

• 4 mint leaves;

• 0.3 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. lemon leaves.


1. Wash cherries, lay out on a towel and leave to dry for a while.

2. Mint also need to wash, dry.

3. We throw berries in a sterile jar, pour boiling water and cover with a lid.

4. After ten minutes, pour all the liquid from the jar into the pan, add sugar, throw the lemon and boil for five minutes.

5. In a jar of steamed berries add leaves of mint (lemon balm).

6. Fill with boiling syrup, cork.

Sweet cherry “Cherry Flavor” compote

Recipe simple drink with a cherry aroma for summer consumption. In addition to the berries of the cherry will need a few cherry leaves.


• 2 liters of water;

• 0.15 kg of sugar;

• 5 cherry leaves;

• lemon juice or acid.


1. Wash berries, throw in a saucepan.

2. Fill with water. If you need to reduce the time, you can immediately use boiling water from the kettle.

3. Give the compote to boil, boil for two minutes.

4. Pour sugar, stir and taste. 5. If the acid of the berries is not enough, then pour in some lemon juice or throw dry acid.

6. Cook the drink until the berries soften. Time depends on the grade and degree of maturity.

7. Add cherry leaves and immediately turn off.

8. Insist drink under the lid for 4 hours, and more.

9. Filter, cool and use for its intended purpose.

Sweet Cherry Compote - Tips and Tricks

• There is a dangerous substance in the bones of a sweet cherry, the amygdalin glycoside. With prolonged storage of compotes, it decomposes and turns into a drink. It is undesirable to store blanks for more than a year.

• When preserved remained sweet syrup? You can pour water into it, add any berries, fruits, lemon, zest, pour karkade, any other fruit tea and make a wonderful drink.

• Tanks for preservation are not washed with foaming agents for dishes. They part badly with glass and adversely affect the quality of the workpiece. For washing cans, it is better to use baking soda or mustard powder.

• If after seaming in the can “bubbles run”, the lid is badly screwed on. The stock can be scrolled again if the compote has just been closed. If the bubbles are seen after a few hours, then it is better not to risk it. It is wiser to pour the drink into the pot, boil it and drink now.

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