Strawberry compote

The first strawberry ... With what joy you collected it in the garden and shared with all the household! And then the strawberry beds warmed the sun, it began to rain, and the season began - just have time to collect! And ate, and treated to friends, and desserts, pies, jams prepared ... What else can you think of with strawberries? Let's cook strawberry compote! On hot days, I really want to drink, so it's great if there is always a jug with a cool natural drink for children and adults on the table. Homemade compote is much tastier and more useful than store juices, and even more so soda, from which thirst is only intensified.

Strawberry compote

Compote is good because you do not need to drink it immediately after cooking, like fresh or homemade lemonade. You can make a big pot for the whole day ... or even for the whole winter! And not only selected berries are suitable for its preparation - you can also use crushed berries, which are not suitable for other recipes. The main thing is not to get rotten, spoiled - one such berry can spoil the jar of compote, so look carefully.

Ingredients for Strawberry Compote

  • Fresh ripe strawberries;
  • Sugar;
  • Water.
Strawberry compote

For compote, I usually do not measure the exact amount of berries and sugar, as for jam, but take about 2, 5-3 liters of water about 600-700 grams of berries and sugar to taste - 3-4 tablespoons. If the berries are sour, or you like the drink sweeter - you can have a few more spoons with five tops. It is necessary to try, because everyone has his own taste. But I can say for sure - the compote is tastier, the more strawberries it contains!

Strawberry compote preparation method

Put on the fire pot with water. By the way, the taste of the drink also depends on the quality of the water. Therefore, it is not very desirable to cook compote on a tap that has just been dialed from the tap. I use filtered water. You can take water from a well or a source, if they are in your area, buy purified or at least just dial from the tap and let stand in an enamel pot.

In the meantime, the water in the pan boils, prepare the berries for compote. We iterate over them, we throw out the spoiled ones. To make the strawberry clean, type in a large bowl of cold water and gently pour berries there. Let them soak for 4-5 minutes - pieces of land from the garden will sink to the bottom. Just do not overdo it, otherwise the berries themselves will limp.

Strawberry compote

We catch them in a colander and rinse under running water. We leave for a while in a colander to drain excess water, and then we clean the tails. In the same way we prepare strawberries not only for compote, but also for jam, baking, desserts.

Strawberry compote

Add sugar to the berries.

Strawberry compote

When the water boils, pour strawberries with sugar into the pan and boil the compote without a lid on the fire with more than average, from the moment of re-boiling for 5-7 minutes, so that the berries boil well.

When the strawberries become soft, pale, and the broth - a rich color - it means that the berries gave the paint and taste to the drink. Compote is ready - you can turn off, pour in cups, cool and enjoy a ruby ​​strawberry drink.

Strawberry compote

And if you want to roll up strawberry compote for the winter, then by the time it is ready, you need to prepare a sterile container. I use glass bottles for juices with screw caps for compotes - it is more convenient than regular cans and it is easier to roll up.

You can sterilize containers in a dry way - in the oven, or wet, as I do: thoroughly wash the inside and outside (using a brush), and then pour 1/4 - 1/3 of boiling water through a funnel into each bottle. Pour carefully, gradually, otherwise the glass may crack. Let the container stand for a couple of minutes with boiling water, covered with lids, then drain the hot water, rinsing the walls of the dishware with it. Covers 1-2 minutes boil.

Strawberry compote

Hot compote immediately after turning off the fire under the pan, pour the scoop into bottles and twist the caps well. Cover with a thick towel and leave to cool, then remove for storage.

Now, on a snowy winter day, you can pour into the glasses a bright, fragrant strawberry compote ... and feel the taste of Summer!

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