Charlotte with pears in a multicooker

Charlotte with pears in a multicooker

The process of making charlottes with fruits or berries is not complicated and lengthy, but the traditional recipes of this type of pies provide for baking them in the oven. Biscuit dough, which is one of the most popular desserts, is no exception. If the oven does not work or is busy with other baking, a charlotte with pears can be made in a slow cooker. The advantage of using this device is reliability - the cakes in it almost never burn. The disadvantage is the lack of baking brown crust, because of what it looks a little less appetizing. However, this problem is solved, and using a smart kitchen unit for making pear charlotte is a good way out if you cannot bake this cake in the oven.

Cooking Features

Cooking charlottes with pears in a slow cooker will not cause difficulties even for a novice chef, but knowing a few things will allow him to get the best result.

  • The volume of the multicooker bowl is limited, it is possible to cook only a small size charlotte in it. The number of ingredients specified in the recipe can be proportionally reduced, but not increased. A significant decrease in the number of products is also undesirable - the cake can go too “skinny”, even if it rises well.
  • Prepare a charlotte in “Baking” mode, on average, its preparation time is 1 hour. This is more than when cooking cake in the oven, however, during this time, the charlotte in the slow cooker does not always have time to bake it - it depends a lot on the power of the device. Readiness baking check wooden toothpick. If, when immersed in the dough, it becomes wet, you need to bake charlotte for another 10-20 minutes in the same mode.
  • The top of the charlotte when cooking in a slow cooker, as already mentioned, will not be rosy. If you take it out, throwing it over the steamer (and this way of extracting the cake is the easiest one), then the bottom browned part of the cake will be on top. In this form, without turning, and it should be shifted to the dish. Another way to disguise the paleness of the cake is to pour it with condensed milk or chocolate sauce when it is served.
  • Pears for charlotte need not be cleaned if they are ripe, sweet and have a delicate skin. The green fruit peel is removed. Over-grown fruit is not suitable for making charlottes, as it is very soft in the process of cooking, soaking dough, and instead of charlotte you will get a shapeless little appetizing mass.
  • Dough flour must be sieved to remove litter and saturate with oxygen. Only then will the dough be tender and airy.
  • The basis of the traditional charlotte is biscuit dough. It is made from eggs, sugar and flour. To make the cake lush, flour is injected into a well-beaten egg mass. The cake will be softer if kefir or other fermented milk product is added to the dough. For fluffiness, baking powder is often added to the dough, which may be soda.

Charlotte can be served with tea or separately, warm or cooled - it is tasty in any form.

The classic recipe for a charlotte with pears in a slow cooker


  • chicken egg - 5 pcs .;
  • sugar - 0, 25 kg;
  • wheat flour - 160 g;
  • vanillin - 1 g;
  • pears - 0.5 kg;
  • vegetable oil - how much will leave.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash pears, dry with a towel. Remove twigs and dried stamens on the opposite side. If necessary, peel the fruit. Cut in half. Cut the core. Cut the pears into slices, divide in two.
  • Break the eggs into a bowl, beat them with a mixer. Add sugar and vanilla, whisk together with it. The result should be a fluffy mass of white.
  • Sift flour, stir it into the egg mass with a spatula. It is not recommended to use the mixer at this stage, as there is a risk to precipitate the dough.
  • Smear a bowl of multicooker with oil, pour half of the dough into it (it resembles sour cream in consistency).
  • Place the top of the prepared pear slices on top.
  • Pour the remaining dough, cover it with the remaining pieces of pears.
  • Start the unit by selecting the “Baking” program. Set the timer to 60 minutes.
  • After the beep on the completion of the device operation, check the readiness of the charlotte with a toothpick, if necessary, start the unit for another 20 minutes in the same mode.
  • With the appliance turned off, remove the bowl from it, insert the steaming rack into it. Holding it with a mitten, turn the bowl over - the pie will be on the grate with the light side down.

Cool the cake on the wire rack to the desired temperature, transfer it to the dish and invite everyone to the table.

Chocolate cake with pears in a slow cooker


  • chicken egg - 4 pcs .;
  • wheat flour - 120 g;
  • cocoa powder - 50 g;
  • baking powder for dough - 10 g;
  • cinnamon - 5 g;
  • pears - 0.5 kg;
  • sugar - 180 g;
  • butter (to lubricate the form) - how much will go;
  • powdered sugar (for serving) - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the pears, blot with a napkin, peel, cut into cubes about 1 cm in size.
  • Beat eggs with sugar into a fluffy mass.
  • Mix sifted flour with cocoa, cinnamon and baking powder.
  • Pour the dry mixture into the egg mass. Stir with a spatula until homogeneous, avoiding the formation of lumps.
  • Pour pear pieces into the dough, mix, trying to distribute them in the dough as evenly as possible.
  • Grease the capacity of the multicooker, put the dough with pears into it.
  • Turn on the unit by activating the Baking program, set the timer to 50-60 minutes, depending on the power of your multicooker.
  • After the indicated time, check the readiness of the cake, if necessary, bake it in the same mode for another 10 minutes.
  • Leave the charlotte for 10 minutes in heating mode, fold it to the steamer grill.

Put the cake on a plate, sprinkle with powdered sugar and you can brew tea, invite the household to the table.

Charlotte with pears and apples in a slow cooker


  • pears - 0, 3 kg;
  • apples - 0, 2 kg;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • flour - 160 g;
  • sugar - 0, 25 kg;
  • mayonnaise - 40 ml;
  • soda (quenched with vinegar) - 5 g;
  • butter or vegetable oil - how much will it take to lubricate the bowl;
  • breadcrumbs - how much will go.

Method of preparation:

  • Grease a bowl of multicooker with oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
  • Cut pears and apples into cubes of the same size, mix, put in a slow cooker.
  • Whip eggs with sugar. Add mayonnaise and vinegar-ignited soda, whisk together with them.
  • Pour the sifted flour, cook the dough. Fill them with fruit.
  • Turn on the multicooker in the Baking mode for an hour, if necessary, extend the operation of the device for 10-20 minutes.

It remains to remove the cake from the bowl and put it on the dish. Apples give the charlotte the missing acidity, with them it turns out even tastier than with pears alone.

Charlotte with pears is almost as popular as with apples. It is easy to prepare, especially if you resort to the help of a multicooker.

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