Meat in soy sauce: pork and beef. Top 10 recipes for cooking meat marinated soy sauce

Meat in soy sauce: pork and beef. Top 10 recipes for cooking meat marinated soy sauce

How to cook meat in soy sauce at home?

It would seem that he prepared the meat, poured it over the sauce and the pan.

However, in order for the meat to turn out really tasty, juicy and tender, there are some secrets of its preparation in such a marinade.

What kind?

Learn from our unique recipes!

Meat in soy sauce - the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients are meat (pork, beef) and soy sauce. To make the dish tasty and unusual, seasonings, onions, peppers are added to the marinade. For a change, soy sauce can be mixed with starch, then the sauce will be more thick. Depending on the recipe and method of preparation, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, ginger, apples, leeks, mayonnaise, honey, or even sugar are added to the marinade.

First, the meat is washed, dried and cut into pieces. It can be as small square or rectangular pieces, and flat chops. Pour the sauce, not salty. Leave to marinate (in a cool place or refrigerator).

In some recipes, onions, tomatoes or apples are immediately added to the marinade.

In other recipes - onions, tomatoes and carrots are fried in a griddle. Marinated meat is lightly fried in a separate pan until browning. You need to fry on a strong flame, so that the beef or pork quickly browned, but not dried. Then add vegetables, seasoning, leaves of Lavrushka and set aside to stew. Gradually pour sauce, in which the meat is marinated.

Meat in Korean Style Soy Sauce


• Six pieces of pork loin;

• Onion - 1;

• Tomato (one);

• Three Chin. lie soy sauce.

Cooking Method:

The pork loin is cut into small squares and placed in a deep bowl. Onions and tomatoes are cut into half rings and put on top of a layer of meat. Pour over soy sauce, sprinkle with seasoning. Set to marinate for an hour and a half.

Then spread on a griddle with hot oil and fry, stirring with a wooden spoon. When a golden crust is formed, remove the griddle from the stove and place the meat on a plate or container.

Meat in “Home-style” soy sauce


• Beef (half a kilo of pulp);

• Carrot - 1;

• Leek (single stem);

• Oil (two tables. Lod.);

• Four table. lie sauce (soy);

• Salt, pepper (ground).

Cooking Method:

Beef cut with a sharp knife into pieces. Fold in a griddle with hot oil, salt and pepper. Fry on a strong flame before browning. After that, pour in soy sauce and torment for another five minutes.

Carrots and onion finely chopped, added to meat. Continue to simmer. Put mayonnaise, pour water and a little more soy sauce. Roast until cooked beef.

Roast meat with soy sauce


• Pork (eight hundred grams);

• Bulb onion - 3;

• Five table. lie sauce (soy);

• Garlic - three feathers;

• Three green apples;

• Oil (three table. Boxes.);

• Sugar - one table. lodges .;

• Lavrushka (two leaves);

• Salt, pepper (ground).

Cooking Method:

Pork is cut into flat pieces (in the form of chops) and placed in a deep bowl. The onion is chopped, garlic is passed through the garlic masher. Add to the meat, pour soy sauce. Then add bay leaves, a little oil, sprinkle with sugar, salt and pepper. All mixed, set soak.

Apples finely chopped (as on the cake).

Spread the meat with the marinade in the baking dish, apples are laid on top. Cover with a sheet of foil and bake in the oven (recommended temperature - 220 degrees).

Beef in soy sauce


• Meat (four hundred grams) of beef;

• Sauce (soy) three table. lodges .;

• Garlic (2 feathers);

• Pepper (Bulgarian sweet);

• Sugar - one tea. lodges .;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Beef is washed, cut into squares and laid on a griddle with high edges. Pour water and tormented by slow fire. The resulting foam is removed skimmer.

Pour in soy sauce, pour sugar. Garlic is crushed (passed through the garlic mill), the pepper is chopped into rectangular pieces and added to the meat. Salt and stew about half an hour. Served with boiled rice, potatoes, pasta. Garnish poured ready hot sauce with meat.

Meat in a quick stir soy sauce


• Pulp of beef (half a kilo);

• Onion - 1;

• Pepper red (hot) - one;

• A glass of soy sauce;

• Garlic - two feathers.

Cooking Method:

Beef with a sharp knife cut into flat pieces and laid in a deep bowl.

Pour soy sauce so that it covers the meat. Put marinate in the refrigerator for two or three hours.

Onions cut into half rings, garlic is crushed through a press. Put on a skillet with high sides and fry.

To obtain a sharp taste of meat to the roast add hot red pepper, cut into half rings.

The meat with the marinade is shifted to the pan to the fried vegetables.

Fry first on a strong flame, then turn off the gas. Close the lid. You can add a little water (so get more gravy). Stew until cooked and served with a hot side dish.

Meat in “Asian-style” soy sauce


• Beef pulp (eight hundred grams);

• Soy sauce (two tables. Boxes);

• One hundred grams of butter (butter);

• Oil (vegetable) - seven table. lodges .;

• Salt, thyme;

• Condiments (oregano, basil).

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed and cut with a sharp knife across the fibers into squares.

A mixture of seasonings and vegetable oil is added to the soy sauce. Pour into the meat and leave to marinate.

Spread soaked meat on a greased baking sheet. Lay out the pieces of butter on top.

Put in the oven for forty minutes. The optimum temperature for roasting is one hundred and eighty degrees.

Meat in soy sauce “In Chinese”


• Pork - half a kilogram;

• Four Chinas. lie ginger;

• Carrot (three hundred grams);

• Green onions (bunch);

• Ten Chin. lie corn starch;

• Half a glass of white semi-sweet wine;

• Red pepper (hot) - 4;

• Water;

• Sugar - eight tsayn. lodges .;

• Salt;

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Soy sauce is mixed with starch, topped up with wine and poured ginger. Pork is cut into flat pieces and poured sauce. Carrots are skipped on a coarse grater or cut into rings, chopped green onions. Hot peppers cut into strips. Vegetables are fried in a frying pan, pickled meat is added. First extinguish on a strong flame, then diminish and allow to extinguish.

When ready sprinkled with chopped greens, served with a hot side dish (potatoes, rice, pasta).

Meat in soy sauce with honey


• Pork pulp (three hundred grams);

• A glass of soy sauce;

• Honey (two tea.);

• Pepper red and black (ground);

• Vegetable oil - fifty grams;

• Condiments (hops-suneli).

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed and dried (allowed to drain water), blot with a napkin.

Meanwhile, they are preparing the sauce. Honey is heated in a water bath.

Pork is cut into pieces of medium size. Fold in deep dishes. Pour honey sauce, add soy and spices. Stir, cover and leave to marinate in a cool place.

Pickled meat spread on the pan without sauce. Fry on a strong flame for about five minutes. After that, pour the sauce and stew for twenty minutes until cooked.

Meat in soy sauce with cane sugar


• Pulp of beef (half a kilo);

• A glass of soy sauce;

• Cane sugar - three table. lodges .;

• One tea. lie ginger;

• Garlic - two feathers;

• Two tables. lie starch;

• seasonings;

• Onion - 1;

• Vegetable oil (three table. Lie.).

Cooking Method:

First, make the sauce. Cane sugar is mixed with soy sauce and starch. Add seasoning, chopped ginger and garlic.

The meat is washed, allowed to dry and cut with a sharp knife into small squares. Fold in deep dishes. Pour cooked sauce. Leave to pickle.

Peel the onion and cut it into half rings. The bell pepper is cut out from the peppers and chopped into straw.

Vegetables lightly fried in a skillet. In another skillet, roast the meat until browning. Then mixed with vegetables, pour marinade sauce and stew until cooked.

Meat in a soy sauce in a crock-pot


• One kilogram of pork (pulp);

• Water (two glasses);

• Starch - two tea. lodges .;

• Two glasses of soy sauce;

• Onion - 2;

• Garlic (one head);

• Three table. lie sesame;

• Herbs (olive);

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed and cut into small squares with a sharp knife. Layers are placed in a deep dish, pouring each row of soy sauce. Set to soak in a cool place or a fridge for five hours.

Pickled meat is spread in a bowl (oiled) for the slow cooker and put on the “Baking” function. With the lid open fry the meat until browning. Spread on a plate.

Half rings of onion, chopped garlic are placed in a bowl, sprinkled with sesame and fried. Pour the marinade in which the meat was soaked.

Starch is mixed with water and poured into the sauce, mix.

In the gravy spread roasted meat. Include the function of "quenching", close the lid and bring to readiness (cooking time depends on the model of multicooker).

Meat in Soy Sauce - Tips and Tips

• Meat in soy sauce does not require additional salting, because the sauce itself is quite salty.

• To make the meat juicy, without a marinade, it is fried on a strong flame for no more than one or two minutes.

• To make the meat whole pieces and not fall apart, it is cut across the fibers, not along.

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