Teriyaki chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook teriyaki chicken.

Teriyaki chicken - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook teriyaki chicken.

Teriyaki sauce is very popular among the peoples of the Far East. It is used literally to any kind of meat, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to assert about one single recipe for its preparation. This is due to the fact that each culinary specialist “drives” certain ingredients to the sauce, which, in his opinion, most effectively emphasizes the taste of one or another dish.

Today it is not difficult to buy such a sauce in any supermarket, but still the most delicious sauce is the one that you cook with your own hands. Moreover, it’s not even difficult to cook it. The homeland of teriyaki is Japan, and according to this it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is unlikely that the original recipe for its preparation has reached us. Translated from Japanese, “teri” is a sweet soy sauce, that is, honey, sugar or mirin add to it sweetness. Some chefs use pineapple juice. “Yaks” is cooking on a wire rack. And now we are going to start cooking teriyaki chicken.

Recipe 1: Teriyaki Chicken

Ingredients Required:

- chicken meat - 1.3 kg .;

- wine vinegar - 3 tbsp. l .;

- black ground pepper - 1/3 tsp. and more depending on your wishes;

- honey - 2 tbsp.

- starch - 2 tsp;

- fresh shredded ginger - 10 cm or 1 tsp. dry ginger;

- garlic - 4 cloves;

- sesame oil - 2-3 tablespoons;

- water - 1 glass.

- If desired, you can add celery, carrots, parsnips, cilantro and parsley.


To cook teriyaki chicken according to this recipe, you need to prepare a wok griddle.

First prepare the sauce. If you got honey thick consistency, then you can mix it with soy sauce and put on a minimum heat to heat. As soon as you get a homogeneous mass, leave the honey to cool. Now you can add to the honey all the other ingredients, mix everything well. Only now it is not necessary to add to the sauce neither water, nor starch - we will need them in the subsequent stages of preparation. And so, the marinade is ready and we can safely lower the meat into it and leave it to marinate for at least 3 hours. Ideal - a day in the fridge. The meat is already marinated, and now you need to put it in the wok pan, add the marinade and pour a little water. Depending on how finely your chopped chicken is, the duration of the cooking process can last from 20 minutes over low heat. As the sauce evaporates, add water to the pan. Dissolve starch in cold water and when the process comes to an end, add it to the meat. That's it, the process is finished, and our chicken teriyaki is already cooked.

In that case, if you want to immediately cook teriyaki chicken, bypassing the marinating process, then you need to pour soy sauce directly into the pan, add honey, wine vinegar, garlic, ginger, pepper and butter. Heat over low heat, add green roots and pieces of chicken. In the process of cooking, periodically turn the meat from one side to the other. Shortly before the end of the process, dilute the starch in water and add to the meat. Rice or potatoes are usually served as a side dish for such meat.

Recipe 2: Teriyaki Chicken with Ginger

Ingredients Required:

- chicken breast - 4 pcs .;

- soy sauce - 3 tbsp. l .;

- sake - 2 tablespoons;

- brown sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l .;

- Mirin - 1.5 st.l.

- grated ginger - 3 tsp;

- chives - 2 tbsp. l .;

- long grain rice - 300 g;

- vegetable oil.


Wash and dry chicken breasts and place them between two films or in a bag. Culinary hammer beat each breast to a thickness of about 1 cm. In a bowl, we pour soy sauce, mirin, sake, a teaspoon of grated ginger and sugar. We will interfere until all the sugar is completely dissolved. Add meat to the sauce, mix and send to marinate for 1 hour. In the process of marinating the meat must be turned at least once.

In a separate saucepan, boil rice. To do this, we need exactly 12 minutes, after the expiration of which, we immediately drain the water and add the remaining ginger and chopped chives to the rice. Cover the dishes with rice with a lid and set aside.

Pour oil into the pan. With pieces of meat, partially remove the marinade and fry in hot oil on one side for 5 minutes, then turn the pieces of meat and continue frying for another 4 minutes. Put the meat on a plate. Add marinade to the pan and add 3 tbsp to it. water. Bring the sauce to a boil and immediately put the pieces of roasted meat into it along with the juice that it has allocated. Stew the meat again for 5 minutes, turning it over once during cooking.

And now the pitch. Take the skewers. Meat cut into strips diagonally and string it on skewers. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve with cooked rice.

Recipe 3: Teriyaki Chicken

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet - 1 kg;

- Apple cider vinegar - 3-4 tbsp.;

- soy sauce - 125 ml;

- brown sugar - 150g;

- ground pepper - 1 tsp;

- garlic - 3 cloves;

- fresh ginger - 10 cm;

- starch - 2 tsp;

- water - 50 ml.


In a small saucepan, mix soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and pepper. Grate ginger and garlic, and starch will dissolve in water. Add to saucepan and mix well. We put on a slow fire, and constantly stirring the spoon, bring it slowly to a boil. As a result, we should have a thick consistency sauce. Take a baking sheet and grease it with butter. Now lay out the sliced ​​fillet and pour the cooked sauce. Preheat your oven to a temperature of 220 degrees and send meat to it for half an hour.

Delicious and incredibly tasty chicken meat in teriyaki sauce is ready. Serve the rice as a side dish and believe - your family will admire the taste of the dish you have cooked.

Teriyaki chicken - secrets and tips from the best chefs

- The duration of the process of cooking chicken teriyaki depends on the size of the cut pieces of meat and on its type, that is, the chicken fillet cooks faster than the rest of the carcass.

- The amount of ground black pepper and ginger can vary in accordance with their taste preferences. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, add a little more sugar.

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