Buckwheat porridge with meat. Learn the best recipes for cooking buckwheat porridge with meat in a pan, in the oven, multicooker

Buckwheat porridge with meat. Learn the best recipes for cooking buckwheat porridge with meat in a pan, in the oven, multicooker

Buckwheat porridge is truly a folk dish.

This cereal is rich in nutrients and calories.

It is ideal for breakfast - if you cook it with milk, and for dinner - if you serve it with meat.

Today we share with you unusual recipes for cooking buckwheat with stewed and roasted meat.

Buckwheat porridge with meat - the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients are buckwheat and meat pulp. Buckwheat is washed and boiled in boiling water. The flesh of the meat is cut into pieces and lightly fried. In another skillet, grated carrots and chopped onions are stewed. Stir-fried vegetables are added to meat and stewed. Then mixed with boiled buckwheat and served to the table.

It is also possible not to boil buckwheat in advance, but first slightly fry it in the pan and then add to the half-cooked meat. Pour water and simmer together with vegetables and meat.

When cooking buckwheat in the oven, it also should not be boiled in the classical way in a saucepan. First, the meat is stewed, and then only washed buckwheat is added to the sky. Again put in the oven and stew until cooked. Enjoy your meal!

Buckwheat porridge with “Country-style” meat


• Pork pulp (six hundred grams);

• A pound of buckwheat;

• Carrot - 5;

• Onion - 2;

• One hundred grams of butter;

• A glass of vegetable oil;

• seasonings;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Onions are peeled and cut into half rings.

Carrots are peeled and cut into strips.

Pork is cut into small pieces.

In a pan with high edges, pour vegetable oil and fry onions. Then add the meat and fry.

Pour carrots and pour a liter of water. Salt, add spices and stew on a weak gas.

In another skillet, melt the butter and fry the buckwheat.

After that, roasted buckwheat is transferred to the meat. Pour water so that it completely covers the contents of the pan. Put on medium heat. As soon as the water is a little evaporated, the gas is turned off and continue to torment for another twenty minutes. When ready, the contents of the pan are mixed, laid out on plates and served to the table.

Buckwheat porridge with “Classic” meat


• A glass of buckwheat;

• Two glasses of water;

• Three hundred grams pork meat;

• Onion - 1;

• Salt pepper;

• Sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed, allowed to drain and cut into pieces. Then fry in a skillet, salt and pepper.

The onion is peeled and finely chopped. Add to the meat and continue to simmer it on a weak gas.

Meanwhile, boiled buckwheat. Water is poured into the pot and set on fire. As soon as the water boils, immerse the washed cereal in it. Praying and boiled until tender. At the end add a piece of butter.

When ready, boiled buckwheat is laid out in the center of a flat dish, meat stewed with vegetables is laid out on the edges. Serve guests.

Buckwheat porridge with meat in a “Po-peasant” multicooker


• Two measuring glasses of buckwheat;

• Three hundred grams of meat;

• Sour cream - one table. lodges .;

• Two and a half measuring glasses of water;

• Salt;

• Onion - 1.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into pieces, put into the bowl of the multicooker and fry with the lid open.

Buckwheat is washed, onions are cut into rings or half rings. Add to saucepan to the meat. Pour water, add salt and sour cream. Cooked on the mode of "Porridge".

Buckwheat porridge with meat according to grandma's recipe


• Five hundred to six hundred grams of beef;

• Two large onions;

• Fifty-sixty grams of butter;

• Ground black pepper;

• Lavrushka leaves;

• Buckwheat;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

First, they cook meat. It is cleaned of films and tendons, then cut across the fibers into small pieces one and a half centimeters thick and then beaten off. The bottom of the broiler or pan greased. Layers lay meat, alternating layers in the following sequence: one layer of meat, one layer of onions, cut into rings, but so that the last was meat. Each layer is sprinkled with salt and pepper, and the top is smeared with butter. Stew meat on low heat until cooked. Buckwheat is boiled. When serving, they pour water over the meat with gravy formed during the quenching.

Buckwheat porridge with meat and cheese


• Beef (six hundred to seven hundred grams);

• Fat;

• Small carrots - 4-5;

• Bank of mayonnaise;

• Buckwheat;

• Flour - one or two tables. lodges .;

• Cheese - sixty to seventy grams;

• Sugar, salt;

• Pepper, spices.

Cooking Method:

The meat is freed from tendons and films, cut into small pieces, salted, rolled in flour and fried so that it is covered with a golden crust. Rub cheese on a coarse grater, then carrot. Put the cut meat on the pan and stew for one hour, then add the grated carrots.

Mix the mayonnaise with one teaspoon of sugar, then add the mixture to the pan, where the meat is stewed with carrots. Stew until the meat is tender. Seven to eight minutes before full readiness, sprinkle meat with grated cheese.

Buckwheat is boiled, laid out on a la carte plates. From above impose stewed meat with cheese.

Buckwheat porridge with meat and tomato paste


• Beef (600-650 grams);

• Animal fat - two or three tables. lodges .;

• Two onions;

• Tomato paste (three or four tables. Boxes);

• Wheat flour (one and a half tables. Lodges.);

• One hundred grams of sour cream;

• Buckwheat;

• Greens, salt;

• One tea. lie Sahara;

• Pepper.

Cooking Method:

Meat free from films and tendons, cut into small pieces the size of half a matchbox and sprinkled with sugar, salt and pepper. Then pieces of meat are breaded in flour, fried in fat, and fried and pre-cut onions are added to the pan. Half a liter of water (or broth) is poured in, stewed for an hour. Then add tomato paste to the pan and stew until cooked. Finished meat is poured with sour cream and stewed for another three to four minutes.

Buckwheat is boiled and served with stewed meat.

Buckwheat porridge with meat in a pot

Ingredients: • Pork pulp (half a kilo);

• One carrot;

• Three hundred grams of onion;

• Buckwheat (half a kilo);

• Butter;

• One and a half liters of water;

• Salt - two tea. lodges .;

• Pepper.

Cooking Method:

Onions are cut into half rings, carrot is ground on a grater.

Pork is cut into pieces and mixed with prepared vegetables.

At the bottom of each pot pour a little oil, spread the meat with vegetables and pour water. Salt, pepper, add bay leaf.

Stew in the oven for about an hour. Then the pots are taken out, poured into each washed buckwheat, water is added, a piece of butter, and again sent to the oven. Stew about half an hour. The dish is ready.

Buckwheat porridge with chicken


• One chicken or one kilogram of chicken legs;

• One or two bulbs;

• Buckwheat (three to four hundred grams);

• One hundred grams of vegetable or ghee;

• Tomato paste (four to five tables. Lodges.);

• Spices and salt.

Cooking Method:

Buckwheat is washed and boiled.

The chicken is washed, plucked and gutted, if necessary. Pour it with water and salt, boil until cooked, periodically removing the foam and excess fat. After the chicken is ready, separate the meat from the bones and finely chop it.

In a pan, watered with butter, lay out buckwheat and chicken pieces, add tomato paste and mix everything. Meat should be boiled on low heat for twenty to thirty minutes. At the end of cooking, pepper and, if required, still salt.

Buckwheat porridge with minced meat


• Three hundred grams of buckwheat;

• Vegetable oil - one hundred grams;

• Two hundred grams of minced meat;

• Onion - 3-4;

• Carrot - 2;

• Water.

Cooking Method:

Heat oil in a skillet, add onion rings, chopped carrots. All ingredients are passaged.

Add minced meat to the fried vegetables, fry for another fifteen minutes on weak gas.

Water is added to minced meat and left to stew. Buckwheat rinse and lay out on the ready stuffing. Pour water and stew until ready cereals.

Buckwheat porridge with meat and mushrooms


• A pound of buckwheat;

• Beef pulp - four hundred grams;

• Two hundred grams of mushrooms;

• Onion - 2;

• Two carrots;

• One liter of water;

• Seasoning, salt.

Cooking Method:

Beef is cut into pieces of medium size, finely chopped onion, carrot is grated. Vegetables are fried in a pan with butter. Then add the chopped mushrooms and stew a little more.

In another skillet, roast beef until browning, then pour in one liter of boiling water, cover with a lid and leave to stew until done.

Buckwheat is washed, first lightly fried in a dry skillet.

Then the cereal is added to the beef, pepper and salt. Close the lid and stew. Ten minutes later add the roasted vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, chopped greens, seasonings. Stir and leave to stew on weak gas until cooked.

Buckwheat porridge with meat - tricks and tips

• Buckwheat before boiling, rinse well under running cold water.

• To make buckwheat crumbly, you can fry it in a frying pan, and then add to the meat, add water and simmer. So the dish will turn out in own juice and is more tasty.

• Meat should be cut into small pieces across the grain.

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