Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat - a dish from childhood. How to cook tender meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat: the best recipes

Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat - a dish from childhood. How to cook tender meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat: the best recipes

Still from childhood they remember round meat balls, which we were fed in kindergarten and at home. Prepare them in gravy. She makes meatballs juicy and fragrant.

Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat - the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients of meatballs: minced meat and buckwheat. The quality of these products depends on the taste of the dish. For cooking meatballs use minced meat from any kind of meat. You can buy a finished product, but it is better to make it at home from chilled or fresh meat. For juiciness, it is added minced through a meat grinder, or finely chopped vegetables.

Buckwheat groats must be picked and washed. Boil, cool and combine with minced meat. Porridge add whole grains, or grind in a meat grinder.

Meatballs are stewed on the stove, baked in the oven or steamed. When stewing, they are first fried on both sides to an appetizing crust. Then they spread it in a cauldron, poured it over with sauce and tormented for about ten minutes.

Gravy is prepared on the basis of tomato sauce or pasta with sour cream. To make it thick, they add starch or a little flour.

The sauce can be creamy, tomato or sour cream.

In addition to the main products, vegetables, cottage cheese, ground crackers, cheese or other ingredients are added to the mince.

Recipe 1. Classic croquettes with buckwheat and minced meat in the oven


600 grams of pork;


a glass of buckwheat;

one and a half glasses of tomato juice;


two cloves of garlic.

Method of preparation

Wash the croup. Shift in a saucepan, pour clean water in the ratio of one part of the cereal two parts of the liquid. Boil for 20 minutes. Stir and cool.

Wash the pork, dip it in napkins, cut into slices and grind in a meat grinder, setting a medium grate. Peel slices of garlic and onion from a peel and finely crumble. Combine minced meat with cooled porridge and vegetables. Season with aromatic herbs and spices. Knead the resulting mixture thoroughly, beating on a bowl so that gluten is released.

We form round small meatballs and stack them into a form, after having previously lubricated it with a thin layer of fat.

Bringing tomato juice to a boil, season with pepper. The resulting sauce pour the meatballs. Heat the oven to 200C, put the form into it and bake for 45 minutes. In the baking process, periodically turn the meatballs and pour the sauce.

Recipe 2. Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat on the plate


a pinch of black ground pepper;

400 g chicken fillet;

150 g of ground crackers;

100 grams of buckwheat;

5 grams of salt;


bunch of dill;

400 ml tomato paste.

Method of preparation

We go over the buckwheat by removing the garbage. We wash it and boil it in drinking water until half ready.

Wash and chop the chicken fillet. Put the meat in a blender container and interrupt until smooth.

Clean the onions from the husk and grind it with a blender. Chilled buckwheat porridge combine with onions and chicken minced meat. Season everything with pepper and salt. We drive in eggs and knead with hands, beating on a bowl.

We form medium-sized balls from the resulting mass. Bread them in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until delicious crust.

Dilutes tomato paste with drinking water, and warm up to boil. Season the sauce with chopped dill, spices, pepper and salt. Fill the meatballs with gravy and bring to a boil. We reduce the fire to a minimum, cover with a lid and torment for half an hour.

Recipe 3. Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat with cheese


300 grams of minced meat;


100 grams of buckwheat;

a small bunch of greenery;

50 grams of cheese;

two cloves of garlic;

bulb onions. Method of preparation

Sort through buckwheat, rinse it under running water and place in a saucepan. Fill with clean drinking water and cook until ready. Cool it down.

Coarsely grate cheese. Peel slices of garlic and onion. Grind vegetables with a blender.

Mix the minced meat with chilled buckwheat porridge, grated cheese and chopped vegetables. Beat in a raw egg, salt and season with spices. Knead everything thoroughly with your hands, beating it, and form small balls. Each place in a silicone cake pan. Bake meatballs at 180 degrees for half an hour. Serve with fresh vegetable salad or side dish. Meatballs can be steamed in a multi-cooker by placing molds in a special fixture.

Recipe 4. Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat in sour cream sauce


700 grams of minced pork;

5 g ground paprika;

100 grams of buckwheat;

refined oil;


5 g of ginger powder;

450 ml sour cream;

4 black peppercorns;

chicken egg;

5 g hops-suneli;


on 4 pieces garlic and bay leaf.

Method of preparation

Flush buckwheat grind, put it in a saucepan, salt it and fill it with drinking water. Cook over moderate heat until cooked. Cool porridge and transfer it to a deep container for kneading minced meat.

Rinse the pork, dip it in napkins and cut off the strands and films. Pass meat through a meat grinder. Also chop the peeled onion. Mince and onions send buckwheat porridge. Squeeze the chives through the press. Beat eggs, season hops-suneli, pepper and salt. Knead until smooth.

Form round meatballs of small size. Spread them in a preheated pan with butter and fry over high heat to an appetizing crust on both sides. This will keep juiciness. Meatballs fold in the cauldron. Add peppercorns and bay leaf. Season sour cream with ground paprika, black pepper, ginger powder and salt. Stir. Pour the meatballs with sour cream. Cover the cauldron with a lid and set it on a low fire. Stew for an hour. Serve the meatballs with potato garnish.

Recipe 5. Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat in a slow cooker with cream sauce


600 grams of pork;

kg of potatoes;

100 g buckwheat;

two bulbs;

three stacks drinking water.

Creamy gravy:

200 g of cream;

kitchen salt;

liter of drinking water;

50 g of flour;


50 g of oil draining.

Method of preparation

We put the washed cereal into a multicooker pot, pour it with drinking water, close the lid and start the “porridge” program. Cook until done.

Peel and chop the onion. My meat, we clean the films and grind in small pieces. We twist the vegetables with pork through the meat grinder.

Peel and wash the potatoes. Cut the tubers into quarters.

Chilled buckwheat porridge combine with minced meat. Salt, pepper and thoroughly knead. We form round meatballs of the same size.

Multicooker bowl after my buckwheat porridge, wipe and set in the device. Run the program "baking". We set the time for 20 minutes. Put the butter in the bowl. Clean the onion, finely crumble and lay it in the bowl. Lightly sprinkle with flour and fry.

Pour in cream, drinking water. We spread meatballs. In the bowl set the device for steaming. Put the potatoes in it. Salt and spread on top of the pieces of butter. We include the “steaming” program and cook for forty minutes. Serve meatballs with potatoes, watering with cream sauce.

Recipe 6. Meatballs with buckwheat and steamed meat with zucchini


100 grams of buckwheat;

30 ml grow. oils; 600 grams of minced meat;

400 ml of tomato sauce;

400 g zucchini;

3 onions;

1 carrot.

Method of preparation

Rinse the buckwheat and soak in cold water for three hours. Onion, carrot clean. Shred onion finely. Coarsely peeled carrots. Under the sun oil, heat well in a frying pan. Put the onion in it and fry, stirring, until transparent. Add grated carrots and continue to fry until soft vegetable.

Peel the remaining two onions, finely chop them and add to the minced meat. Wash zucchini, wipe and chop on a fine grater. Squeeze the squash chips lightly with your hands and add to the mince. Here, send buckwheat groats and half vegetable roasts. Mix well, seasoning with spices.

Form round meatballs of the same size and place them on the steamer. Pour water into the pan of the device, bring it to boiling. Install the grill, close the lid and cook for about an hour. Serve with vegetable garnish or fresh vegetable salad.

Meatballs with buckwheat and minced meat - tips and tricks

For juiciness, add finely chopped onion or mince lard through a meat grinder.

To make the meatballs juicy, fry them until golden brown on high heat.

Stir the stuffing for at least ten minutes so that it becomes viscous and dense.

Diet meatballs steamed.

Observe proportions when cooking porridge. For one part of the cereal you need to take two parts of the liquid.

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