Honey Cake: a step-by-step recipe for your favorite dessert! Cooking delicious honey cakes with proven step-by-step recipes

Honey Cake: a step-by-step recipe for your favorite dessert! Cooking delicious honey cakes with proven step-by-step recipes

A homemade version of your favorite honey cake will be very useful at a family party or as a dessert for children. Its appetizing aroma and taste will appeal to absolutely everyone. Rest assured, the shop cake with home-baked delicacy cannot be compared!

Detailed step-by-step recipes for honey cake, presented below, will help you bake a cake no worse than a counterpart analog. The main highlight of this pastry is natural flower honey. This is the main ingredient that gives the cake a distinctive taste. In classic recipes there is not a lot of it, but for big honey sweeties you can put a little more!

Honey cake (step-by-step recipe) - general principles of cooking

Dough for honey cake can be made both liquid and cool. From the first variant one whole sponge cake is baked and then divided into several parts. The second version of the test is immediately divided into 6-9 parts and rolls alternately into the reservoir. Each layer is baked for several minutes in the oven.

Stratified classic honey cake with custard. But if you wish, you can also use butter cream, whipped cream or sour cream.

It is better to remove the collected honey cake for a start in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and only then serve it to the table. During this time, the cakes will have time to soak, and the cake will turn out juicy and soft.

Honey Cake: A Step-by-Step Recipe for the Classic Dessert

Ingredients for cake layers:

• 300 g wheat flour of the highest quality;

• 150 g of granulated sugar;

• half a pack of butter;

• half a glass of natural flower honey;

• two chicken eggs;

• 15 g of baking soda.

For cream:

• half a pack of butter;

• half a can of boiled condensed milk with sugar;

• 100 g peeled walnuts;

• 40 ml of sunflower oil.


1. Take care of the cake first. Since they should rest after baking, start with their preparation. Dip into a bowl of soft butter. Enter the granulated sugar and honey. If honey is hard, pre-heat it in a water bath. 2. Stir the mixture. In warm honey, sugar and butter will quickly disperse.

3. Enter the baking soda and mix.

4. Break into a mass of eggs and slightly beat with a hand whisk until the structure is homogeneous.

5. Separately sift flour with baking soda.

6. Sprinkle flour gradually, in several passes into the sweet egg mixture.

7. Stir the dough so that there are no lumps that are not mixed.

8. Cover it and clean in a bowl in the cool (for example, on the shelf of the refrigerator) for half an hour.

9. Take out the dough and divide into 7-8 parts of approximately equal in mass.

10. Alternately roll the pieces into thin plates.

11. Take a baking dish, preferably round and detachable. Cover it with food foil and spread it with a drop of sunflower oil.

12. Transfer one piece of dough onto the foil. Send it to bake in a well heated oven at 200 ° C. This will be the first cake.

13. After 4-5 minutes, remove the form from the oven and put the cake on a wire rack to stand.

14. Also deal with all parts of the test. If their edges are slightly uneven, cut them to the shape of the cake. You will have 7 or 8 honey cake cakes.

15. Step-by-step recipe continues by settling cakes on a grid for 2-3 hours. In the meantime, get ready to prepare the cream and nuts. Rinse the walnuts in water.

16. Drain nuts on a towel.

17. Put them in a dry frying pan and put on a slow fire. First they will be dried, then roasted.

18. Stir the nuts so that they are roasted evenly.

19. When the dark skin begins to peel off, remove the pan from the heat.

20. Put the nuts on a plate and remove the skin with your hands.

21. Clean even warm nuts chop to crumb with a knife on a cutting board or in a blender (coffee grinder). You can also put them in a bag, grind with a normal rolling pin.

22. For the cream, place in a separate bowl soft butter and condensed milk. Slightly beat with a mixer and mix with nut chips.

23. Collect the honey cake as follows. Put the first cake on a flat plate and mix it with cream, cover with the second cake. Lubricate it too. 24. So continue until the cakes and cream are over.

25. Immediately such a cake should not be consumed, it will be a little dry. Put it on the shelf in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the cakes are soaked with cream.

Honey cake with sour cream: a step-by-step recipe

Dough Ingredients:

• half a kilogram of wheat flour of the highest quality;

• 15 g of baking soda;

• 50 g butter;

• three chicken eggs;

• 2-3 Art. l natural flower honey;

• 150 grams of granulated sugar.

For cream:

• half a liter of sour cream;

• 100 grams of granulated sugar.

For the glaze:

• 100 g of granulated sugar;

• 100 g unsweetened cocoa powder;

• 200 ml of sour cream (fat content of 20%);

• 20 g butter.


1. Make a water bath. Pour water in a third of the volume into the pan. Place a smaller saucepan in the water and put it all on a slow fire.

2. Put honey, sugar, butter in a smaller saucepan and break the eggs. Immediately begin to stir everything actively.

3. When the mixture thickens, remove it from the heat. It turned out choux preparation for honey cake.

4. Step-by-step recipe should be continued by sifting flour. Do this with a fine sieve.

5. Start adding flour to the brewing mixture. Also add baking soda. If desired, you can replace the bag baking powder. Knead the dough. It will be elastic, but not too tight.

6. Next, put a tablespoon of wheat flour on the table and place the dough on it.

7. Hands give him a long shape.

8. Cut it into pieces. At will it is possible to make from 6 to 8 parts.

9. Roll each part separately into a thin round layer.

10. Prepare a baking dish. Cover it with thick paper - tracing paper.

11. Bake a layer in a hot oven at 200 ° C for several minutes.

12. So roll and bake all the cakes. When they are ready, lay them on the grill on the kitchen table and leave for a few hours. Three or four is enough.

13. On the glaze again, make a water bath. 14. Put less butter, sour cream, sugar and cocoa powder into a smaller saucepan. Mix everything and wait for the boil.

15. Immediately turn off the heat and remove the icing from the water bath. Cool to room temperature.

16. On a cream in a separate bowl, put sour cream and granulated sugar. You can take powder instead of sand. Mixer on the first speed, beat the mass until smooth.

17. To make the cake with straight and even lateral edges, attach a round baking shape to each cake and cut the blanks along it.

18. Now it's time to pick up the cake. Spread the cakes alternately on a tray or plate and grease them generously with sour cream.

19. When all the cakes are greased and assembled into a cake, spread its top and side surfaces with cooled icing.

Honey cake: step-by-step recipe with batter

Ingredients for the batter:

• 350 g of wheat flour of the highest quality;

• half a glass of sugar;

• 150 ml of natural flower honey;

• 100 g butter;

• three choice eggs;

• 20 g of baking soda;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• 40 ml of sunflower oil.

For cream:

• half a liter of sour cream (20% fat);

• a glass of cream (fat content of 33%);

• 150 g of powdered sugar;

• 1 g of vanilla.


1. Prepare a biscuit base in advance. 7-8 hours before making a cake, take a test. Beat the eggs in a saucepan and beat a little.

2. Add honey, butter and sugar. Stir.

3. Put the mixture on a very slow fire or water bath.

4. While stirring, brew the preparation for dough until smooth.

5. Remove from heat and enter the baking soda filled with lemon juice. Stir to whiteness.

6. Add the prepared flour to the white choux mixture. Stir until smooth. The dough will be watery, but do not worry, it will make a great honey cake.

7. Step-by-step recipe continues baking cakes. Spread the oil on the form and pour all the dough into it.

8. Spread the dough in a circle with a spatula or regular spoon. 9. Put the dough to bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 200 ° C.

10. Then pull out the big cake and put it to cool. Then divide the biscuit en a few equal cakes.

11. When all the cakes are on your table, cut them in an even circle. Do this by applying a lid from the pan to the desired diameter or a plate.

12. On the cream, take a large bowl. Pour the cream in there. Add sour cream, powder and vanillin. Take the mixer and start beating. First, at first speed, then increasing speed.

13. Beating the cream until fluffy, begin to coat the cake. Putting the first cake, smear it with cream. Do not regret, the cakes should be well soaked.

14. Cover with a second cake and mix again. So do with all the cake layers.

15. When the last layer is laid, grease it well from above and from all side surfaces.

16. And now immerse the cuts from the cake in a blender and chop it into a crumb.

17. Sprinkle the cake over the top and sides with this crumb.

18. Send the product to the shelf on the shelf for up to 3-4 hours for impregnation.

Honey cake (step-by-step recipe) - tricks and helpful tips

• Ready cake layers should be allowed to cool completely, only then can the cake be collected.

• Instead of boiled condensed milk for cream you can use regular.

• To make the cream chocolate, you just need to add cocoa.

• Decorate cakes at your discretion and desire. Classic honey cake is decorated only with crumb.

• Any nuts, fruit, chocolate or dried fruits can be added to the honey cake layer.

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