Meat baked in dough - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat baked in dough.

Meat baked in dough - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat baked in dough.

If you already bake the meat, then do it best in the dough. The result obtained is significantly superior to those obtained by baking in a sleeve or foil. Each experienced hostess will confirm that it is in the dough that the most juicy and flavorful meat is baked.

Baked meat in dough - food preparation

For such a dish it is important to buy a suitable piece of meat. It is a piece, since it will be completely baked, and its minimum weight is 1 kg. Neck, back, ham - the most suitable parts for baking. They should not be cartilage, veins, tendons.

The meat is used only chilled, it never leaves a frozen, juicy dish.

Meat must be marinated before use.

Meat baked in dough. The best recipes

Recipe 1: Baked meat in the dough (chop)

The recipe for the preparation of delicious meat, which will be to the place on any occasion, wherever you would arrange it - at home, in the country, on the river bank. At a picnic, it is enough to serve fresh vegetables, more greenery, excellent red wine - and the festive table is ready!

Ingredients Required:

- puff pastry (450 g);

- on a bunch of green onions, celery, parsley;

- egg (2 pieces);

- anise liqueur (1 tbsp. l.);

- milk (2 tbsp. l.);

- mustard (1 tbsp. l.);

- breadcrumbs (6 tbsp. L.);

- vegetable oil (3 tbsp. l.).

Well, and the main ingredient - meat tenderloin (chop), it will need 0.8 kg.

In addition, to obtain excellent meat will require salt, coarse black pepper.


The dough is used frozen, bought in the store. So its preparation consists only in defrosting.

The meat must be washed, dried, generously lubricated with mustard.

In a heated vegetable oil, fry, brown each flank.

Prepare the mixture for lubrication test.

Cut all the greens, pour in the liqueur, add one egg, breadcrumbs, pepper, and salt.

This mixture thickly lubricate the rolled dough.

Place a fried piece of meat on the dough, wrap it carefully and carefully pinch the edges of the puff pastry.

Beat the milk with the remaining egg, grease the dough with this mixture.

The temperature of the oven should be brought to two hundred degrees.

Having sent the carbonade to the oven, it remains only to be patient - in 45 minutes a tasty piece of meat will arrive on the table.

Recipe 2: Baked meat in dough (pork with onion)

Pork with onions in half - an excellent filling for puff pastry.

Do not be afraid of self-preparation of the dough - this is done elementary, you can easily see this.

Ingredients Required:

- pork (1 kg);

- onions (1 kg);

- ghee butter (50 g).

For puff pastry:

- flour (2 glasses);

- water (3/4 cup).


You will have to start with cooking dough. It is kneaded from water and flour, salted to taste (no more than a pinch of salt).

Stand it for half an hour in a warm place.

Cut into four equal parts.

Each roll out, and then lay on each other, lubricating each layer, except the top, with oil.

The resulting pile is rolled out again. Get puff pastry.

It is rolled out so that the edges hang from the pan.

Pork washed, cut into pieces, not forgetting the salt and pepper.

Onions are also cut, frayed with salt and pepper.

Half the onions are laid out in an even layer, pork on top. Cover it with an even layer of the remaining onions.

The final stage - “wrapping” pork with onions in the dough. The edges of his wrap, and then gently pinch. The surface is lubricated with oil, yes abundantly.

In the oven, the temperature inside which is heated to 180 degrees, send a baking sheet for forty minutes.

Recipe 3: Baked meat in rye dough

Juicy, aromatic, unusually tasty pork, soaked in the aroma of rye bread - a dish for true connoisseurs of meat dishes.

Keep in mind that the pork for this dish is marinated day. So count your time, prepare the meat in advance. The result will delight you, the dish will be excellent. Especially if you buy a pork neck for him.

Ingredients Required:

- pork (1.5 kg);

- garlic (4 cloves);

- vegetable oil (1 tbsp. l.);

- Vinegar (1 tsp);

- pepper (peas and ground black);

- lemon (1 pc.);

- Bay leaf.

For the test:

- rye flour (5 glasses;

- water (about two glasses).


Prepare marinade for meat. Squeeze lemon juice, pour vinegar, add crushed garlic cloves, pepper, salt, vegetable oil.

Rub the meat with salt, pour the marinade and leave in the cold for a day. For even marinating, you sometimes have to pay attention to it - from time to time turn it over. Gone day - time to prepare the dough. Add to the flour a half or two glasses of water, knead well. It should be thick.

Roll it out with a layer about 1 cm thick.

Pork lay in the center of the layer of dough, wrap. Carefully pinch the seam in the middle.

In the center, make a couple of small holes so that the steam comes out and the dough does not crack.

Put the workpiece on a greased baking sheet, bake.

The temperature in the oven should be 200 degrees, the baking time is about 90 minutes.

Recipe 4: Baked meat in a dough with mushrooms

Try to turn it into a beautiful shape when folding dough, and you get a dish that you can proudly put on the festive table. Be sure that guests are not stingy in assessing your culinary skills.

Ingredients Required:

- puff pastry (0.4 kg);

- pork (1 kg);

- mushrooms (0.25 kg);

- vegetable oil;

- onions (1 pc.);

- egg (1 pc.);

- parsley (bunch).


Wash and dry the meat using paper towels. Grate salt, sprinkle with pepper.

Wash mushrooms, chop.

Onions clean, chop, fry in vegetable oil.

To put the onions mushrooms, fry together.

Pour the chopped parsley there, fry, stew, cover with a lid.

Fry a piece of pork, roasting it all sides.

While the meat cools, heat the oven to two hundred degrees.

Lay out the dough on a baking sheet, its edges should hang down.

In the middle of the layer of dough, spread the mushrooms so that they are all covered with a piece of meat.

Laying out the meat, roll the dough, pinch the edges, moisten them with water beforehand.

Beat the egg, lubricate the surface of the dough.

Cover with foil.

Bake pork 60 minutes.

Meat baked in dough - tips from experienced chefs

Always buy a piece of meat for baking that is bulky, not flat.

The beef for this dish should be young, from young bulls.

If you want to bake lamb, then buy a chicken leg.

Before baking, always fry a piece, this action “seals” the juice, it does not follow and the dish turns out to be exceptionally juicy.

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