Puff pastry pie with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook a cake of puff pastry with meat.

Puff pastry pie with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook a cake of puff pastry with meat.

Puff pastry does not need to be advertised, and when it is mentioned, many people remember the “Napoleon” cake with crispy crust and soft cream. But this is not the only treat that can be prepared from it. For example, biscuits, pies, pizza, pies with various fillings and even meat in the dough can be made from puff pastry.

The process of making puff pastry at home is time consuming and requires certain knowledge and skills, so even experienced housewives buy frozen dough in the supermarket in order to save time.

The cake is the basis of which the puff pastry can be filled with various fillings: cottage cheese, fruits, meat (except game), vegetables, cheese, greens, eggs, mushrooms and fish.

In this article we will talk about puff pastry cakes with meat filling. They start such pies with raw or boiled meat, the only condition: it is cut into small pieces or passed through a meat grinder. You can diversify the taste of the meat filling with such products as onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, greens, cheese, eggs, cream and spices.

Puff pastry pies with meat - cooking variations

Recipe 1: Puff Pastry Meat Pie (“Lazy Pie”)

There are cases when you want a cake with fragrant tea, but do not want to knead the dough at all. In this case, this recipe for lazy baking will come to the rescue. The fact is that this cake can be made from a puff semi-finished product bought in a supermarket or from a frozen prepared food you just in case.

Ingredients Required:

- puff pastry (frozen) - 500 grams;

- ground beef - 500 grams;

- egg - 2 pieces;

- carrots - 1 piece;

- leek (stem) - 1 piece;

- dill - 1 bunch;

- pepper, salt, vegetable fat for frying minced meat. Preparation:

To prepare a puff “Lazy cake” with meat filling, it takes 55 minutes, of which: the preparatory stage - 15 minutes, the heat process - 40 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking puff “Lazy cake” with meat filling.

Preparatory stage:

- Boiled eggs and carrots are minced.

- Leek is sliced ​​into rings.

- Dill finely chopped.

- Puff pastry is divided in half and rolled into a layer.

Heat process:

- Preparation of the filling: leek stewed on vegetable fat. Ground beef is laid in a transparent onion, which is fried under the lid until cooked. 10 minutes before the fire is turned off, carrots, eggs, herbs and spices are laid in the meat.

- The filling is laid out on the layer of puff pastry, evenly over the entire area. A second layer is placed on top, and the edges are carefully fastened. Formed cake in several places is pierced with a fork and sent to an oven heated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

“Lazy pie” with meat is served cold. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 2: Puff Pastry Pie with Chicken Meat and Mushrooms

This pie is cooked quickly: roll out the dough, lay out the meat stuffing, half an hour in the oven and voila you will see appetizing, hearty pastries.

Ingredients Required:

- puff pastry - 500 grams;

- chicken fillet - 400 grams;

- mushrooms (to your taste) - 150 grams;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- cream - 100 grams;

- eggs - 1 piece;

- pepper, salt, vegetable fat for frying mushrooms.


To prepare a pie with chicken and mushrooms, it takes 1 hour, including the preparation of the filling - 30 minutes, the heat process - 30 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking cake with chicken and mushrooms.

Cooking toppings:

- Chicken fillet is boiled in a standard way.

- Mushrooms are fried with onions until cooked.

- Boiled meat, mushrooms with onions are passed through a meat grinder. Ready stuffing, brought to taste with spices, is poured with cream. Pie Forming:

- Puff pastry is divided into two, but not identical parts. Most of them roll out into a layer that is larger than the diameter of the form, the second layer with a diameter like the form.

- A larger layer is settled into a shape, the meat filling is laid out over the entire surface, and the cuts of the dough are wrapped inside (covering minced meat). Curved edges are smeared with an egg. The filling is covered with the second layer (the edges do not join). A hole is made in the middle of the cake.

Heat process:

The formed cake is sent to an oven heated to 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Layer cake with chicken and mushrooms is cut into portions and served warm. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3: Puff Pastry Meat Pie (Alsatian)

Alsatian pie is an invention of French chefs, and as you know, baking this country is known all over the world. The highlight of the cake is the white bread that makes up the toppings.

Ingredients Required:

- puff pastry - 500 grams;

- minced pork - 500 grams;

- white bread - 2 slices;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- milk - 0,5stakana;

- garlic - 2 teeth;

- eggs - 2 pieces;

- salt, pepper, vegetable fat for frying onions.


To cook an Alsatian pie with meat, it takes 1 hour, including the preparation of the filling - 15 minutes, the heat process - 45 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking French Alsatian pie with meat.

Preparing the filling:

- Bread soak in milk.

- Finely chopped onion, garlic fried in vegetable fat.

- In one container combine: minced pork, eggs, onion with garlic and bread. The filling is well mixed, salted, pepper.

Cake Formation:

- Puff pastry is divided into three equal parts and rolled.

- The first layer is laid out on the bottom of the form, the filling, the dough, the filling and the last layer of the dough. The edges do not pinch.

Heat process: Formed cake in several places is pierced with a fork and sent to an oven heated to 220 degrees. After 20 minutes, the cake is covered with foil, and the heat treatment lasts 25 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees.

Pie Alsatian with meat is served directly from the oven. Enjoy your meal!

Puff Pastry Meat Pie - Chef Tips

High-calorie puff pastry, but despite this it can be found in the bins of every second housewife, firstly, it can be stored in the freezer for a long time, and secondly, sweet pastries, quick snacks, pizza and pies can be made from the dough with various fillings.

It is easy to work with puff pastry, but there are requirements that it is important to comply with:

- Frozen dough is defrosted at room temperature, if the temperature is too high, the dough will quickly blur and it will be difficult to work with it.

- Puff pastry is not wrinkled with hands, but rolled with a rolling pin in one direction, otherwise you risk breaking layers.

- Semi-finished products (products) of puff pastry are sent to the oven cold, the dough has time to rise before the butter melts.

- Semi-finished puff pastry baked at a high temperature of 190-230 degrees, in a preheated oven. If the temperature is above 230 degrees - the cake hardens, at low - dry.

- To make puff pastry baking shine, it is smeared with an egg.

- In order to make puff pastry more quickly, the lower and upper layers of dough are pierced in several places with a fork.

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