How to cook samsa in the oven quickly and tasty

How to cook samsa in the oven quickly and tasty

Samsa is a dish of Kyrgyz cuisine, it is prepared in a special oven - tandoor. We will not engage in the construction of tandyr, but simply learn how to cook samsa in the oven.


For the test -

3 cups flour;

0, 5 glasses of water;

0, 5 tsp salt;

1 teaspoon lemon juice;

300 gr. butter;

For stuffing -

400 grams of meat (200 grams of pork and 200 grams of beef are possible);

3 large onions;

salt and red pepper to taste.


Samsu in the oven is better to cook from puff pastry, as the usual unleavened dough in the oven will be dry.

How to cook samsa in the oven quickly and tasty

So proceed to the preparation of puff pastry, there are many ways. I will tell you about the simplest. In the flour pour 0.5 cups of water, add salt and lemon juice. Knead the dough and roll it into a layer, about 5 mm thick. Butter is very cool, divide into 6 equal parts. One part is rubbed on a large grater and evenly distributed onto the layer of dough, fold the dough in four, roll out and rub the next part of the oil. Again, fold the dough four times, and so on, until all the oil has been rubbed. After that, we put the dough in the fridge so that it is cold and you can start preparing the samsa. It is better to chop meat for minced meat, of course, if you have minced meat, you can use it. Onions just finely cut. Onions should be plenty to make samsa juicy. Mince salt, pepper and knead well.

Cool dough cut into small squares, lay out stuffing for each one and make envelopes. Put the converters on a baking sheet greased with grease. We send samsa to an oven heated to 180 degrees. We bake for 30-40 minutes, so as not to burn, you can cover it with foil on top.

Puffed samsa in the oven, video recipe

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