Patties with minced meat and rice - nourishing, tasty, home-style! Cooking baked, fried and puff pastries with minced meat and rice

Patties with minced meat and rice - nourishing, tasty, home-style! Cooking baked, fried and puff pastries with minced meat and rice

There are many options for rice pie fillings. Boiled cereal mixed with eggs and herbs, add to it mushrooms, cabbage and other vegetables. But meat options are especially successful. It turns out not only delicious, but also very satisfying pies.


Patties with minced meat and rice - the general principles of cooking

For pies, you can make yeast dough or baking powder. It is kneaded in water or with dairy products. Below there are different options for fried and baked pies. You can also buy dough in the nearest store. In the puff version, too, it turns out very well and quickly enough.

Stuffing for pies can also be bought, but it is advisable to cook yourself. In this case, you can be sure not only in quality but also in the amount of fat. Minced meat can be added to rice in raw or fried form. The grass is always boiled, as it absorbs a lot of water. If this is not done, the rice simply will not have time to cook in the pies and spoil everything.

What else can be added to the filling:

· Onions and other vegetables;

· Mushrooms;

· Eggs;

· greenery.

Spices are welcome. You can choose them to your taste and add in any quantity. Once the dough and the filling will be ready, you can begin to form and fry or bake the pies. With such stuffing, they are always made closed in the classical form, the size can be determined independently. Fry patties usually in a pan with refined butter. Baking is done in the oven.

Fried mince pies with rice

Recipe for ruddy fried pies stuffed with minced meat and rice. You must begin the preparation with the test. It should stand in a warm place for at least two hours.

Ingredient list

· 400 ml of water;

· Flour;

· Egg

· Onion;

· 2 spoons of sugar;

· 50 g butter;

· 10 g yeast;

· 150 grams of rice;

· 500 grams of minced meat;

· 2 glasses of vegetable oil;

· Spices.

Method of preparation 1. The water, which is listed in the ingredients, needs to be heated, it should become pleasantly warm, after which you can add sugar and yeast. Stir, pour a teaspoon of salt, pour in melted butter and beaten egg. After that, we begin to introduce flour, making a soft pie dough. At the end, with kneading, we introduce about 30 ml of vegetable oil.

2. Cover the dough, let it rest in heat and increase 2.5 times. Then we lower and give a little more up. This whole process will take about 2-2.5 hours.

3. Rice simply boil in a sufficiently large amount of water, drain.

4. Cut the onion, fry in 50 ml of butter, add the stuffing. Stir and fry a little too. At the end we introduce rice. The filling should be practically finished. Be sure to salt, and pepper, garlic, herbs and other spices can be added to your liking. Leave the patty stuffing to cool.

5. We get the finished dough and divide the pieces. Then roll out small circles, lay out the stuffing with rice. We form ordinary pies.

6. Since they will be roasting, there is no need to approach anything. Pour the oil into the pan, it should be quite a lot. Spread on several pies and fry.

Baked patties with minced meat and rice

For baked pies in the oven, you need to make a more rich and tasty dough so that you get soft and airy products. Stuffing for any filling, you can take the chicken.

Ingredient list

· 350 g minced meat;

· 130 grams of rice;

· 250 ml of milk;

· 2 eggs;

· 60 g margarine;

· 35 g sugar;

· 5 spoons of vegetable oil;

· 1 bag of yeast;

· Flour (how much dough will take);

· onion and garlic.

Method of preparation

1. In milk, add 100 ml of hot water, yeast and sugar, add 5 tablespoons of flour and stir. Leave in a warm place to all this rose a little.

2. While whipping one egg white with a whole egg and an incomplete teaspoon of salt. Margarine melt. Combine all this with yeast talker, stir and you can enter more flour. Making the dough. At the end, pour in a spoonful of vegetable oil to knead it all up to smoothness. 3. Since the pies will be baked, the dough needs to stand longer, let it rise twice, which is about three hours, but if the room is warm and the quality of the yeast is high.

4. Stuffing from slightly roasted minced meat. First chop the onion, fry a little in the oil and add the minced meat. Cooking is just 6-7 minutes. Rice boil in another dish. We mix. You can squeeze garlic here, do not forget about salt.

5. We get dough, sculpt pies. We spread on a baking sheet and on it we give still to lie down, that dough would rise. Then grease the yolk. For fluidity, you can add a spoonful of water (milk) to it. We bake at 210 degrees.

Puff pastries with minced meat and rice

Option fairly fast pies with minced meat and rice. Here they will cook in the oven, but you can also fry in a skillet. Forcemeat is used raw, you can take for it any meat or poultry.

Ingredient list

· 700 g puff pastry;

· 150 grams of rice;

· 300 g minced meat;

· 200 g onions;

· 50 ml of oil.

Method of preparation

1. Start by all means with rice. We put it to stew. Next to the pan, pour the oil and lay out the chopped onion. But it does not need to fry. Over medium heat we pass a little to transparency. This technique will make the filling more tasty, the vegetable will be exactly baked.

2. Mix rice with minced meat and prepared onions, pepper and salt.

3. Roll out the puff pastry, which must certainly melt. Cut it into squares, lay out the stuffing of minced meat with rice.

4. Sculpt square cakes and lay out on a baking sheet. We try to maintain distance even when using dough without yeast. This will allow the pies to be baked evenly.

5. Put the pan in the oven, cook at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes. There is a time to make cakes from the remaining dough and filling.

Quick patties with minced meat and rice on kefir

The dough for this recipe needs to be kneaded independently, but it does not need to stand for a long time, as in the yeast variants above. The recipe is based on kefir and soda. Also used eggs, you can take one, also work. This is another recipe for minced meat and rice pies in a skillet. Ingredient list

· 400 ml of kefir;

· Flour;

· 2 bulbs;

· 2 eggs;

· 15 g of soda;

· 300 g minced meat;

· 250 g cooked rice;

· Spices and oil.

Method of preparation

1. Mix the kefir with the eggs and beat a little, salt, add the soda. The reaction will begin, it is better to wait a little. For the same reason, do not use small dishes for kneading, as kefir rises a little.

2. Add flour to the dough, knead. Make a soft mass. Leave for 15 minutes.

3. Take boiled rice. Peel the onions, fry them in a skillet with minced meat. Then mix it all up with rice and season with spices.

4. The dough lay down a bit and became even softer. It's time to divide it into pieces, roll out, make pies with cooked stuffing.

5. Heat the butter in the pan and run the patties. They will start to increase in size due to soda. Fry on both sides.

Patties with minced meat and rice with eggs

The option is quite economical, but delicious filling for patties with minced meat and rice. It will additionally need boiled eggs and greens. We prepare the dough according to the recipes above or just buy in the store.

Ingredient list

· 1 kg of yeast dough;

· 150 grams of rice;

· 1 bunch of onions;

· 4 eggs;

· 250 g minced meat;

· 250 g of oil;

· salt pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Cook rice in one pan and cook eggs in another. All this is cooled, eggs cut into small cubes, be sure to drain the water from the rice. Green onions just finely chopped.

2. Not a lot of minced meat, put it on a griddle with a spoon of oil and fry a little. 3-4 minutes is enough. Then we shift to other products. Mince the salt, mix thoroughly. You can pour in a little oil to make a more juicy filling, sometimes sliced ​​suet is added.

3. We take out the dough, make home-made pies from it, fry in oil. But you can also cook this pie in the oven with this filling.

Lenten patties with minced mushroom and rice

Forcemeat is not always meat, there are interesting options for pies with mushrooms and rice. In this recipe, the dough is also lean, without the addition of eggs and dairy products. We take refined vegetable oil, but you can add olive to the filling. Ingredient list

· 300 ml of water;

· 250 g of boiled mushrooms;

· 100 g onions;

· 10 g yeast;

· 130 grams of rice;

· Greens, garlic;

· 250 ml of oil;

· Flour;

· 30 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Lean yeast dough kneaded in the same way as the usual options. Combine water with an incomplete teaspoon of salt, add sugar and yeast, pour in 4-5 tablespoons of oil. Knead the dough, remove the fit.

2. Cook rice. Mushrooms are prepared in advance. Boiled product can be twisted or cut finely. Fry the onions, add the mushrooms, warm them together for a few minutes, this will enhance the taste. Mix the stuffing with cooked rice, cool the minced meat.

3. Well-raised lean dough should be divided into pieces of 50-70 grams, then let them lie a little more, cover with a napkin.

4. Roll out the cakes, lay out the mushroom stuffing with rice, make the patties. Spread in preheated refined oil, fry a few things to rosy color.

Patties with minced meat and rice - tips and tricks

· Pies will not be fat if you immediately put them out of the pan on paper. Top can also be covered with napkins.

· Yeast dough loves heat, only at a suitable temperature will it fit well and ripen. Puff pastry likes cold. Keep it in the freezer. But none of these species likes drafts.

· Was the stuffing left? You can put it in a bag and send it in the freezer. If raw meat was used, then meatballs or meatballs can be rolled up.

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