Manty with potatoes and minced meat is a Russianized dish. Recipes of different dumplings with potatoes and minced meat: ordinary and lazy

Manty with potatoes and minced meat is a Russianized dish. Recipes of different dumplings with potatoes and minced meat: ordinary and lazy

Manty has already ceased to be a purely Oriental or Asian dish.

He is loved in many families, cooked for a variety of recipes and with their additions.

Why not just put in manty!

But any recipe in its own delicious and original.

Adding potatoes to the stuffing is not new. It is put in the stuffing for a long time and not always to reduce the cost of dishes. With him it turns out especially tasty and satisfying.

If the stuffing is very fat, then a couple of potatoes can help out great, as with insufficient meat.

Scampin manty with potatoes?

Manty with potatoes and minced meat - general principles of cooking

Dough fresh water is kneaded on water or milk, an egg, salt is required, sometimes some vegetable oil is put. This makes the mass more elastic and comfortable to work. After kneading, the dough needs to rest for at least 20 minutes, and only after that you can begin to model.

Stuffing for the filling should be chopped. Previously, the grinder is not used. It was believed that she squeezes the juice out of the product. Meat just cut into small pieces. But if there is a mesh with large holes, then you can use the meat grinder. Or chop the pieces in the combine.

Potatoes with onions are just peeled and diced. If the vegetables are juicy, then you need to salt and let stand for excess moisture to come out. Then the liquid is drained and add minced meat. Of the spices mainly put black and red peppers. Less often add cumin, crushed coriander.

How to sculpt manta

1. Roll out the dough into a sausage with a thickness of 3-4 centimeters and cut across into washers, 1 centimeter thick. Each roll in flour.

2. Roll out thin flat cakes from washers.

3. In the center of each place the stuffing. On average, about two spoons.

4. We pinch the opposite edges of the cake in the center. 5. Now we bend the remaining edges to them and also connect them. The original letter “H” will turn out, only the filling will serve as a partition.

6. Loose tips are held together by two pieces. Get rounded ears.

If you can’t make classic mantles, you can always make triangles or envelopes. Also, the products can be shaped khinkali and just blind edges in a pile on top.

How to cook manta

Steamed manti. You can use a special man-cooker with pallets, which have round holes. Or use a double boiler, use the stand in a slow cooker. Manti cooks 40-45 minutes after boiling. The lid is not removed, it does not open all this time. You can not give a couple to go.

Recipe 1: Manty with Potatoes and Forcemeat ordinary

A simple recipe for cooking mant with raw potatoes and unleavened minced meat. Meat use any, but better with fat. If the pieces are lean, then you need to crumble a little fat or at least add butter.


• 0.4 kg minced meat;

• 0.3 kg of potatoes;

• 0.5 kg of onions;

• salt pepper;

• egg;

• 250 ml of water;

• 0.45 kg of flour.

Method of preparation

1. Immediately make the dough. Beat the egg with salt, add water, mix. Pour flour on the table as a slide, make a well, pour liquid into it and knead the stiff dough. We remove the package for half an hour.

2. Clean the potatoes with onions, chop the vegetables into small cubes, add the minced meat and mix the stuffing. Salt, add black pepper.

3. We sculpt manti. If there is no experience, then above you can see how to do it.

4. We put in a mantovarka. So that the products do not stick, the pallets are oiled.

5. Cook 40 minutes after boiling water in a saucepan.

Recipe 2: Manty with potatoes, minced meat and fat in the form of fat

Fat tail fat (fat) Asians are considered the best supplement for mantas with potatoes and minced meat. This product gives the filling extra fat and juiciness. This is especially important if minced beef. Ingredients

• 400-500 grams of flour;

• 200 ml of water;

• salt, egg.


• 4 potatoes;

• 200 g fat tail;

• 200 g of minced meat;

• spices;

• 400 g onions.

Method of preparation

1. Knead the dough of the above products. It should be cool and elastic. Cover and give rest to make it softer.

2. Cut potatoes and onions into small cubes, with sides of no more than 4 millimeters.

3. Fat tail fat also, and to make it easier, you need to freeze it a little.

4. Combine bacon with potatoes and minced meat. We salt, we pepper. Good for this filling is suitable zira. If there is, then add it too.

5. We take the laid dough, sculpt the manty with the prepared filling.

6. We put on the greased pallets and cook for 35 minutes for a couple.

Recipe 3: Manty with potatoes, minced meat and cabbage

Another option is diluted mantov with potatoes and minced meat. Thanks to cabbage, they always turn out juicy and very tender. But there are some subtleties in the preparation. For a change prepare the choux dough. It can be rolled out very thinly, but at the same time the products are not torn and strong enough.


• 250 ml of water;

• 40 grams of oil;

• salt;

• 500 grams of flour.


• 0.2 kg of cabbage;

• 0.2 kg of potatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• spices;

• 0.25 kg minced meat.

Method of preparation

1. Salt needs fine. Mix it with flour, add oil and pour in 250 ml boiling water. Stir vigorously. It is more convenient to use a mixer with nozzles in the form of spirals. Cool the dough, it should turn out smooth and soft.

2. Cut the cabbage, potatoes and onions into cubes finely. Now you need to mix vegetables, salt and let stand. After 15 minutes at the bottom of the bowl will be plenty of liquid. It needs to be drained.

3. Now we put ground beef into the vegetables, more spices and salt, since most of them are gone with the juice.

4. We take our chilled dough, sculpt the manty and send to boil, as usual, for 30-45 minutes. The time depends on the size of the stitched products.

Recipe 4: Manty with Potatoes and Mushroom Mushroom

Russified mantov variant with potatoes and minced mushrooms. The dish is delicious, great for vegetarian and fast food, if you replace the butter with vegetable fats. Knead dough for a variety of mineral water.


• a glass of mineral water with gas;

• 1 egg;

• 0.5 tsp. salt and sugar;

• 4 spoons of butter;

• 4-5 glasses of flour.

For the filling:

• 350 grams of onions;

• 300 grams of champignons;

• spices;

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• 120 grams of plums. oils.

Method of preparation

1. The dough kneads easily. Just mix all the ingredients except flour. After the grains dissolve, add it. But not all at once. Knead a cool and elastic ball. We give a rest.

2. For minced mushrooms, you need to wash, dry and coarsely chop into 2-4 pieces.

3. Heat a small piece of butter in the pan and fry the mushrooms for 2 minutes. We make a big fire so that they do not have time to put the juice.

4. Cool the mushrooms and twist through the meat grinder.

5. Onions and potatoes cut into cubes, add the mushroom stuffing, spices.

6. We sculpt manti. On each cake put the filling, and on top of each piece of butter. Quantity at its discretion. The more oil, the fatter and tastier the manti will be.

7. Cook in the usual way for about half an hour.

Recipe 5: Manty with Potatoes, Minced Meat and Pumpkin

Usually pumpkin is replaced in mantah potatoes. But if you put them together and add fatty meat, you get mega delicious. It is best to use fatty lamb or pork. If you take beef, add fat or at least chicken fat.


• 800 grams of dough;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• spices;

• 150 grams of potatoes;

• 300 grams of onions;

• 400 grams of minced meat.

Method of preparation

1. Use any unleavened dough. You can make it according to one of the recipes above.

2. Cut all the vegetables into small cubes. We salt and we leave for release of juice. 3. Drain the liquid, add twisted meat, pepper, if necessary, then add salt.

4. Sculpt manta from the rested dough and cook in the usual way.

Recipe 6: Manty with potatoes and minced meat in a frying pan

It turns out that manti can be cooked not only for a couple. There are several cooking options in the oven, multi-cooker, but the most interesting and convenient is on the stove. It will take a large frying pan with a tight lid. Manty cook for any recipe.


• 12 manti;

• 120-150 grams of oil;

• boiling water.

Method of preparation

1. Pour oil into the pan, the layer should be about 5 millimeters. We put on the stove and heat it.

2. Put in hot manta oil. They should not touch each other tightly.

3. Fry until brown crust bottom for about 10 minutes. We make fire medium, and a kettle should boil on the stove at this time.

4. As soon as the bottoms become very rosy, pour boiling water. The level should cover products to half.

5. Cover with a lid and cook until the liquid evaporates. It will take about 12-15 minutes, not more.

Recipe 7: Lazy Manti with Potatoes and Minced Meat or Khanum

Wonderful cooking option manti with potatoes, which avoids the process of modeling, unloved by many. Cooking dough according to any of the recipes above. And if there is your ideal unleavened test, then feel free to use it.


• 500 grams of dough;

• 300 grams of meat;

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• 300 grams of onions;

• spices, oil.

Method of preparation

1. We make ordinary minced meat from sliced ​​potatoes, onions and twisted meat. We fill with spices and salt to your taste.

2. Divide the dough into two parts. We take one and roll out a large and thin cake. It is desirable to give the shape of a square or rectangle, so that the roll turned out to be of the same thickness.

3. We spread out evenly half of the filling, about three centimeters of the far edge are not affected. 4. We twist the roll and shift it onto the oiled mantovarki pallet. It is very important that the seam is located at the bottom.

5. Similarly, twist the second roll and put it on the next pallet.

6. Cook khanum too about half an hour. When serving, cut into pieces with a width of 3-4 centimeters each.

Manty with potatoes and minced meat - tips and tricks

• To boiling water gave a lot of steam, it must be salted. But do not overdo it. Three liters of one tablespoon is enough.

• Manty will be especially fragrant if you add a couple of peas allspice and bay leaves to evaporation water. But it is better not to put fresh greens, because when digesting it begins to produce an unpleasant smell of grass.

• Manty are often glued to the pallet and cannot be removed. To prevent this from happening, the grille is always oiled and the bottoms of the products are dipped into it before installation.

• No manta sauce? It is very easy to cook! Mix the vinegar with water to make a sour water, add a little black pepper and you're done! You can add tomato paste or grated tomato.

• Manty never fit on the pallet close up. This threatens to poor air circulation in the structure, and even products can stick together. When cooking, they increase in size and inflate.

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