Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

Fruit and berry plants are widely used in the preparation of dietary rations, in the treatment of patients suffering from various diseases.

In cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, circulatory failure, etc.), the use of fruits and berries is especially useful. As carriers of alkaline valences, they contribute to the elimination of acidosis, which develops when circulatory insufficiency occurs, and to eliminate the accumulated metabolic products, since they are poor in nitrogenous substances and rich in water, which is absorbed more slowly and is eliminated faster than free liquid. Fruit and berry plants contain little sodium salts and quite a lot of potassium salts, positively affecting the water-salt metabolism disturbed in heart patients. It affects the diuretic effect of potassium, as well as its positive effect on myocardial contractility. The so-called potassium diet gives a particularly good therapeutic effect, as well as the periodic inclusion of apple “potash” days on the background of a hypo-sodium diet.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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The basis for the inclusion of fruit in the diet of patients with atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and hypertension is the practical absence or low content of fats, cholesterol, salt, as well as the presence of vitamin C, potassium salts, cell membranes containing fiber and promote the excretion of significant amounts cholesterol. The predominance in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits limits the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines, which is especially important for hypomotor intestinal dyskinesia characteristic of the elderly and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

In gastritis with increased secretion and peptic ulcer disease during the exacerbation of the fruits excluded. During the process of recession, jelly from diluted fruit and berry juices from non-acidic varieties of berries and fruits are allowed. Fruits containing essential oils and rich in cell walls, fiber, are excluded. Allow homogenized fruits, and outside the period of exacerbation - soft, ripe, sweet varieties of berries and fruits in the uncleaned form.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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When gastritis with secretory insufficiency is widely used fruit and vegetable juices, fruit and berry Navara. During the exacerbation of the process, fruits are consumed in a shabby and boiled form (mashed potatoes, jelly, jelly). Outside the period of exacerbation, patients should not limit the consumption of fruits and berries and subject them to special culinary treatment. Vegetables and fruits are necessary not only to improve the motor function of the stomach, but also as a source of volatile production for the rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal tract - the bactericidal properties of the gastric juice in case of achilia are impaired.

In acute gastroenterocolitis, fruits are excluded from the diet. Allow tea with lemon, broth hips, diluted juices of fruits and berries. Preference is given to juices or decoctions containing a significant amount of tannins (blueberry decoction, dogwood jelly, black currant juice, quince juice). With the elimination of acute phenomena gradually include fruit and berry jellies, jelly, and then fruit, poor cell membranes, fiber.

When treating patients with acute and chronic colitis, apple days are successfully used (1, 5-2, 5 kg of pureed freshly prepared apples in 5-6 doses per day) - 1-3 days. The favorable effect of the apple diet is explained by the presence of pectin, tannins with an adsorbing, astringent effect and organic acids with their bactericidal action in apples; in addition, the intestinal bacterial flora is altered.

When constipation fruits - an important therapeutic factor due to the significant content in them of substances that contribute to the strengthening of peristalsis and the formation of fecal masses. This is primarily cellulose cell membranes of the fruit. Strawberries, figs, gooseberries, prunes and other fruit and berry plants are particularly rich in fiber. Organic acids and sugar contained in fruits and berries also have a laxative effect (it is expressed in juices because the concentration of Sugars and organic acids in them is higher than in natural fruits). When constipation is widely recommended to use pickled, salted and pickled fruits. Their usual effect on peristalsis is enhanced by the large amount of salt in them. True, patients with cardiovascular diseases to consume such fruits is undesirable.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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In diseases of the liver and gallbladder, the beneficial effect of many fruits and berries is primarily due to their pronounced choleretic effect. Fruits, especially sweet varieties, due to the content of large amounts of water-soluble carbohydrates (sugars) are a valuable source of glycogen formation in liver cells. Vitamin C also contributes to the enrichment of the liver with glycogen - it increases its fixation in the liver and other organs and the absorption of glucose from the intestine. In addition, fruits have an impact on cholesterol metabolism, contributing to the removal of cholesterol from the body, and thus play a role in the prevention of cholelithiasis and atherosclerosis.

However, not all fruits and berries can be used for liver diseases. Excluded are those that are rich in oxalic acid and essential oils, they irritate the liver parenchyma. Note that oxalic acid in fruits can be one of the factors for the formation of stones in the biliary tract. Acidic varieties of berries and fruits, causing irritation of the gastric mucosa, can contribute to muscle spasm of the gallbladder and lead to increased pain. In the presence of concomitant disorders of the stomach or intestines, fruits are prescribed in boiled and shredded form (mashed potatoes, souffles, baked fruits), and also in the form of juices. With liver diseases often use contrast (unloading) fruit and vegetable days: grape, watermelon, apple, carrot, etc.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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Fruits and berries, like fruits, are often used in the treatment of obesity. The use of diets that are reduced in calories, mainly due to carbohydrates, requires a wide inclusion of fruits and vegetables with low energy value. Fruits, especially those poor in carbohydrates, are used in large quantities to increase the volume of the diet. For this purpose, use, for example, gooseberries, lingonberries. But not all fruits can be recommended for obese patients. Sweet varieties with a high carbohydrate content, such as figs, persimmon, grapes, dates, are excluded from the diet. In obesity, fruit and vegetable fasting days are widely recommended.

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of the diet of diabetics as a source of vitamins, mineral salts and carbohydrates. However, fruits rich in sugar (figs, grapes, persimmon, bananas, dates) are excluded. Fruits and vegetables containing 10-12% carbohydrates (apricots, pineapples, cherries, peaches, potatoes, beets) can be consumed taking into account the carbohydrate content in the daily ration.

When diabetes mellitus is combined with obesity, the purpose of fruit, as well as vegetable, fasting days (apple, cucumber, etc.) is especially shown.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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Berries should be used for kidney stones. In the formation of urate stones, fruits poor in purines, characterized by a significant predominance of mineral salts with alkaline valences, are recommended. These are oranges, lemons, tangerines, bananas, gooseberries, peaches, raisins, figs, black currants, dates. When oxaluria, to reduce the concentration of oxalic acid in the blood and urine, it is recommended to exclude products containing a large amount from food.

Here are the recipes for making some refreshing diet drinks from fruits.


It is a juice drink, diluted with water and flavored with sugar. It can be prepared from various berry and fruit juices and their mixtures or nz fresh berries and fruits. To prepare fruit drink, you need to take only boiled water, otherwise it will be covered with foam. The sugar is dissolved in hot water, the juice is added to the cooled syrup, do not boil.

The drink is served on the table in a jug or in glasses. In any juice you can put a piece of lemon, orange or lemon zest.

In winter, mors is served warm, in summer you can put ice in it. Mors from juice. 1-2 glasses of berry or fruit juice (depending on the degree of acid), a liter of boiled water, sugar.

Dissolve sugar in water, add juice to taste.

Morse from syrup. Half to three quarters of a glass of fruit or berry syrup, a liter of boiled water.

To the syrup add boiled water, mix. If the drink is too sweet, add citric acid or sour juice. Serve hot or cold.

Morse from jam. A glass of berry jam, a quarter cup of sour juice or one lemon, a liter of boiled water.

Dissolve jam in hot boiled water, cool, fill with sour juice (lemon). Serve hot or cold.

Cranberry juice. A glass of cranberries, half to three-quarters of a glass of sugar, a liter of water, a slice of lemon.

Squeeze the juice with a juicer or, crushing the berries, add a little boiled water and strain through gauze; squeezed berries pour water, boil, strain, dissolve sugar in the broth, cool, add raw juice, fill. Put a slice of lemon in a jug.

Mors from currants. A glass - one and a half red, white or black currant, three quarters or a whole glass of sugar, a liter of water.

Squeeze the juice with a juicer or crush the berries, add a little boiled water and strain through gauze; squeezed berries pour water, boil, strain, add sugar and raw juice.

Lemon juice. One or two lemons, a liter of water, half to three quarters of a glass of sugar.

Squeeze juice from lemons. Boil water with sugar and a thin slice of peel (only the yellow part). To the cooled water add lemon juice, if desired, a little burnt sugar, which will give the drink a beautiful color. The table can be served with slices of lemon.

Morse from raspberry. One and a half cups of raspberries, a liter of water, half to three quarters of a cup of sugar, some juice from currants.

Crush the raspberries, strain the juice through gauze, squeeze the berries, add water and boil, strain, add sugar and juice. To taste add juice from currants. Strawberry juice. Cook in the same way as raspberry juice.

Morse from rose hips and apples. 3-4 tablespoons of wild rose berries, 4-5 sour apples, a liter of water, 3-4 tablespoons of sugar or honey, citric or orange peel, citric acid.

Peeled fruits of the miners and apples cut into small pieces, pour with cold water, boil a few minutes, strain, add sugar or honey, a little lemon or orange zest, to taste lemon juice or citric acid. Sprinkle berries and apples with sugar and eat.

Mors from apples. 4-5 sour apples, a liter of water, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, cinnamon.

Juicer squeeze juice from apples or take ready juice, add boiled water, sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Cranberry or apple juice with carrot juice. A glass of cranberries or 4-5 sour apples, a pound of carrots, 4 glasses of water, sugar.

Crush cranberries, grate apples, strain the juice through cheesecloth. Squeezed berries pour water, boil, strain. Grate carrots, strain the juice through cheesecloth. Mix juice, add sugar to taste.


It is a sour yeast drink containing a few percent alcohol. Kvass is made from juice or infusion, adding sugar, and sometimes seasoning: honey, lemon peel, sugar caramel, cloves, cinnamon, etc.

Yeast fungi that cause fermentation, develop best of all at a temperature of 20-30 ° C, so it is recommended to keep the drink in a warm place for several days. The finished drink is tastier to the cold, especially since some types of microbes that develop at low temperatures give it an especially pleasant taste and smell.

Ready kvass recommended clog and keep in the cold. Open bottles immediately before use.

Healthy drinks from fruit and berry plants

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Kvass from currants. 2 l (kilogram) of red currant, 5 l of water, two - two and a half cups of sugar, 15-20 g of yeast. Boil water with sugar, cool, add raw currant juice and yeast, pounded with a teaspoon of sugar. Keep warm for several days (at a temperature of 25-30 ° C), pour into bottles, cork up and store in a cold place.

Kvass made from strawberries or raspberries. Kilogram - one and a half fresh berries or juice (sour juice and citric acid), 5 liters of water, 2-27g glasses of sugar or honey, 10-15g yeast, raisins.

Boil water with sugar, add raw juice and yeast, pounded with sugar. To taste, you can add some sour juice or citric acid. If the juice is squeezed at home, you need to boil and squeezed berries, and use water to make kvass. The mixture should wander in a warm place until foam appears (1-2 days). Pour the drink into bottles or into well-fitting dishes, add raisins, keep in a cold place.

Kvass from fresh apples. Kilogram - one and a half fresh sour apples, 5 liters of water, 2-2 '/ 2 cups of sugar or 2' / g - 3 cups of honey, a piece of cinnamon, lemon or orange peel, half a cup - a glass of mountain ash juice, raisins, 10- 15 g yeast.

Crush the apples together with the peel, boil, drain the water, add sugar or honey, yeast, pounded with a small amount of sugar, add seasoning or rowan juice to taste. Keep the mixture in a warm place until foam appears (1-2 days). The finished drink is poured into bottles or corked dishes, add raisins, store in a cold place. Serve with ice cubes.

Kvass from dried apples. 650-800 g of dried apples or apple peel, 5 liters of boiling water, 2-21 / 2 cups of sugar, 10-15 g of yeast, citric acid.

Apple peel or apples lightly browned in the oven and put in enamelware. Pour boiling water, cover, cool. Drain the water, add sugar to it, cool to a temperature of 25-30 ° C. Pound the yeast with sugar, mix with apple water, keep it in an open container until foam appears. Pour the drink into bottles or corked dishes, close, store in a cold place. Serve cold. Kvass from lemon. 3-4 lemons, 2-2V2 glasses of sugar or honey, 5 liters of water, 15-20 g of yeast, raisins.

Boil water, add sliced ​​lemons or lemon juice and a thin yellow layer of lemon peel. Glass of sugar a little browned in a pan with a small amount of water, add to juice. Cool the mixture to a temperature of 25-30 ° C, add yeast, ground with sugar or honey, and the remaining honey or sugar. Hold for several hours in a warm place until the juice begins to ferment strongly. Then put in a cool place, add raisins and, without covering, keep 1-2 days. Then pour the drink into the bottles, add the raisins, close the bottles and keep them in a cold place.

Apple Milk Drink. 4-5 large apples or half a liter of apple juice, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, a liter of milk, a tablespoon of crushed roasted nuts.

Apples grate together with the peel, mix with sugar and add hot or cold milk, mix well and beat, add crushed roasted nuts.

Strawberry milk drink. One and a half to two glasses of strawberry juice or fresh strawberries, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or honey, 3-4 glasses of milk.

Strawberry juice or strawberries crushed with a wooden spoon, mix with sugar or honey, whipping, add cold or hot milk, fill.

Cherry milk drink. 1-2 glasses of cherry juice, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or half a cup of cherry syrup, 4 glasses of milk, whole berries.

To the cherry juice or syrup mixed with sugar, whipping well, add cold or hot milk, fill. Put whole cherries in a hot drink.

With morodino-milky drink. Half a glass - a glass of red currant juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 glasses of water, 3-4 glasses of milk.

Currant juice mixed with sugar. Boil water with milk, cool to a temperature of 50 ° C, mix, beat it tightly, with juice (and milk protein coagulates). Served cold or hot. Lemon-Milk Drink. One or two lemons, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or honey, a liter of milk.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon, add sugar or honey, whipping, add milk. Beat well. Drink through a straw.

Drink from raspberry or strawberry juice with milk and malt extract. 2 glasses of raspberry or strawberry juice without sugar, 2 glasses of malt extract, 4 glasses of milk.

Mix juice with malt extract, whipping, add hot milk. Serve hot or cold.

Currant milk drink with egg. Half a glass - a glass of red or black currant juice, an egg or 2 yolks, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar or honey, 4 glasses of milk.

Grind the egg, mix with juice and sugar, add cold milk, beat with a broom or mixer. Immediately serve cold on the table, add pieces of ice.

Drink from gooseberry juice and milk with cream. Half a glass — a glass of gooseberry juice or compote, sugar, honey, 3 cups of milk, a glass of cream or sour cream.

To add sugar or honey, milk and cream or sour cream to the sour gooseberry, beat, fill. Serve cold, with a piece of ice.

Orange Milk Drink. 2-3 oranges, 4-5 glasses of milk, sugar and syrup.

Squeeze the juice from the oranges, grate the crust of one of them. Beat the juice with milk and sugar using a whisk or a mixer. Immediately serve on the table, add a piece of ice to the glass.

Plum-milk drink. 2 glasses of fresh plums or a glass of plum juice, half a lemon, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, 4-5 glasses of milk.

Remove bones from plums, crush plums, peel off. Add lemon juice and zest, sugar and milk, beat well in a cold place. There is a teaspoon.

Drink from syrup and milk. 3-4 tablespoons of berry or fruit syrup, 4 cups of milk, half a tablespoon of crushed nuts. Pour syrup at the bottom of the jug, top with milk, whisk with a broom or spoon. Sprinkle with crushed nuts.

Drink from jam and milk. 1-2 tablespoons of juicy bologna, 4 cups of milk, a tablespoon of sour juice.

Put the jam on the bottom of the jug, gradually pour the milk, stirring all the time. If the jam is too sweet, add a little sour juice.

Rose Hip Drink and Milk. Half a glass of rosehip extract or a glass of fruit, 3-4 tablespoons of honey or 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, 4-5 glasses of milk.

Soaked seeds of rose hips soaked for 2-3 hours, boil in this water until soft and rub through a sieve. Stir with other foods, serve cold.

Apple Egg Drink. Egg or 2 yolks, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or honey, 2-3 glasses of apple or other juice.

With a wooden spoon, rub the egg with sugar, add juice. Beat thoroughly, serve immediately.

Lemon Egg Drink. Egg or 2 yolks, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or honey, lemon, 2 cups boiling water.

With a wooden spoon, rub the egg with sugar or honey, add lemon juice, a little zest and water. Beat thoroughly, strain, serve immediately.

Berry lemonade. Liter of ripe berries, half a cup of sugar, half a lemon, half a liter of sparkling water, ice.

Crush berries, mix with sugar and lemon juice, hold for 1-2 hours in a cold place, add carbonated water. Pour with berries in glasses, add a piece of ice.

Lemonade from syrup or juice. A half-glass is a glass of berry or fruit syrup or juice, sugar, a liter of sparkling water.

Pour syrup into a glass or jug, add cold sparkling water, mix, add pieces of ice.

Cranberry Lemonade. Three-quarters cup of cranberries, half a cup of sugar, a liter of soda, lemon peel pieces.

Crush cranberries with a wooden spoon, strain the juice through gauze or squeeze with a juicer, add sugar and soda. For taste put pieces of fresh lemon peel. Lemonade from lemon. Lemon, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, half a cup of tea extract, 4 1/2 cups of sparkling water, ice.

Squeeze juice out of half a lemon, cut the other half into thin slices, put in a jug or glasses. Juice mixed with cooled tea extract and carbonated water, add sugar. Instead of tea extract, you can add caramel made from a spoon of sugar to add color.

Lemon Cocktail. Half a lemon, a tablespoon of sugar, half a cup of milk, 1-2 tablespoons of creamy ice cream.

Squeeze lemon juice, pour into a blender, add sugar, yolk, milk and ice cream, beat, pour into a glass (or 2-3 small glasses), sprinkle with lemon juice.

Cherry Cocktail. A quarter cup of cherry syrup, half a cup of milk, yolk, lemon peel.

Put syrup, milk and yolk in a blender, beat, pour into a glass, sprinkle with lemon juice.

Orange Cocktail. Orange, a teaspoon of sugar or honey, a yolk, half a glass of apple juice, a tablespoon of crushed nuts.

Squeeze the juice from the orange, pour in the mixer, add sugar or honey, yolk, apple juice, beat. Pour into a glass, add crushed nuts, sprinkle with juice from orange peel.

Fruit Cocktail. By a quarter cup of tomato, carrot, orange, and onion or apple juice, sugar, salt, pepper.

Pour juice into a mixer, add seasonings, beat, pour into a glass, sprinkle with juice from lemon or orange peel.

Strawberry Cocktail. 1-2 tablespoons of strawberry syrup, half a cup of boiled water, 100 g of strawberry ice cream, a few strawberries.

Dissolve syrup in cold boiled water, add ice cream, beat. Put strawberries (of compote or fresh) into each glass. In the same way you can make cherry, raspberry, blueberry, orange, lingonberry and other cocktails. If there is no berry ice cream, take milk or cream and add more juice or syrup. Materials used:

  • L. G. Dudchenko, V. V. Krivenko Fruit and berry healer plants.
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