How to soak a sponge cake: recipes, ideas, tips. Biscuit impregnation: make biscuit dessert juicy, tasty and fragrant

How to soak a sponge cake: recipes, ideas, tips. Biscuit impregnation: make biscuit dessert juicy, tasty and fragrant

For the manufacture of cakes, pastries, rolls and other delicacies use a variety of cakes. But biscuit is especially popular. It is not surprising that it is simple enough to make a sponge cake; it turns out to be fluffy, tender, and is enjoyed by both adults and children. To give a special taste and softness biscuit should be soaked.

How to soak a sponge cake - general principles

Impregnation for biscuit - space for the imagination of any chef. Traditionally, biscuit impregnated with sugar syrup in a ratio of 1: 2, where 2 parts of water use 1 part sugar. Often in the cooled syrup add wine, brandy, coffee, fruit juices, liqueurs, all sorts of essences and flavors.

It is important not only to prepare the impregnation correctly, but also to soak it. Here, both the amount of ingredients used and the thickness and quantity of the cake layers are important, with which cream the biscuit will be smeared, whether fruits, nuts and other fillers will be added.

Too liquid syrup, thickened impregnation - frequent mistakes, carefully selected impregnation recipes for biscuit, which will give your confectionery masterpiece a truly unique taste and aroma, will help to avoid them.

1. How to soak biscuit: vanilla syrup


vanilla - half a teaspoon;

250 ml of water;

sugar - one glass without a hill;

Cooking Method:

Pour water into a small container, add sugar.

Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, stirring continuously, until the sugar is completely dissolved.

When the syrup boils, remove the froth and remove from heat.

Cool the syrup a little, add vanillin, stir well and soak any biscuit cakes.

2. How to soak a biscuit: berry syrup with brandy


berry syrup - a little more than one cup;

granulated sugar - 30 grams;

Cognac - 20 ml;

250 ml of purified water; For berry syrup:

black currant jam - five tablespoons;

250 ml of water.

Cooking Method:

Cook the berry syrup: put jam in a deep metal mug, pour in water and boil until bubbles appear on a small fire. Remove the foam and turn off the fire. Cool the syrup. Strain through a sieve with small holes.

Pour water into cooked cooled berry syrup, pour in sugar and boil over low heat until sugar dissolves, with continuous stirring.

After dissolving the sugar, remove the fragrant impregnation from the heat, cool, pour in brandy, mix well.

3. How to soak a sponge cake: coffee and milk syrup


half a glass of milk and purified water;

natural coffee powder - two teaspoons;

sugar - 250 grams.

Cooking Method:

Coffee powder pour hot water. We expose capacity on slow fire, stirring, we boil until boiling.

Cool ready coffee drink a little, insist a few minutes, filter.

In another bowl, mix milk with sugar and boil over moderate heat with frequent stirring.

As soon as the milk boils, pour coffee into it.

The resulting syrup is thoroughly stirred and cooled.

4. How to soak a biscuit: soaking on boiled condensed milk


half a cup of boiled condensed milk;

half a glass of sour cream 15% fat;

100 ml of milk.

Cooking Method:

Pour milk into an iron mug, boil until the first bubbles appear on medium heat.

Put boiled condensed milk in hot milk, mix well until smooth.

Add fresh sour cream, mix again.

Prepare hot syrup and coat with white or chocolate biscuit cakes.

5. How to soak biscuit: syrup with lemon peel


purified water - 250 ml;

sugar - four tablespoons;

lemon rind - one handful.

Cooking Method:

Pour a glass of filtered water into a small metal scoop, add granulated sugar, boil until foam appears on low heat. Grind lemon zest in a dry form in a blender.

When the syrup boils, remove the froth, stir, add milled lemon zest, stir well again.

Close the lid of the cooked lemon-flavored syrup, cool, leave for ten minutes.

Strain the impregnation through gauze.

6. How to soak biscuit: syrup with pomegranate juice


filtered water - 250 ml;

sugar - half a glass;

one grenade.

Cooking Method:

Pour water into the container, add sugar, boil until the foam appears on low heat.

When the sugar is dissolved, remove the pan from the stove, cool the syrup a little.

While the syrup is cooling, we take a pomegranate, cut it into four parts, remove the grain.

We squeeze the juice from the grains using a juicer and filter it through cheesecloth.

Pour pomegranate juice into the cooled syrup, stir well and soak biscuit cakes.

7. How to soak a sponge cake: lemon juice syrup


1 cup of purified water;

incomplete glass of sugar;

30 ml of lemon tincture.

For lemon tincture:

one small lemon;

half a glass of any vodka.

Cooking Method:

2-3 days before the preparation of the impregnation, we prepare a lemon tincture: wash my lemon, release it from the peel (do not throw the peel, it will still come in handy) squeeze juice out of the pulp of citrus in any convenient way.

Grind lemon rind on a grater with fine teeth.

Squeezed lemon juice is poured into vodka, pour zest into the same place, stir well, close with any lid and leave for 48 hours in a dark place. After we filter.

Prepare a simple sugar syrup: pour a glass of water into a small iron or aluminum container, pour in sugar and boil until a white foam appears over moderate heat. Remove the foam, cool the syrup.

Into the cooled syrup pour infused lemon vodka, carefully stir and soak the sponge cakes.

8. How to soak a sponge cake: fresh berry syrup


fresh strawberries - 300 grams;

purified water - 350 ml;

sugar - half a glass;

Any vodka is a full glass.

Cooking Method:

Strawberry berries washed in a colander running cold water. Remove cuttings, greens.

Make mashed potatoes from prepared berries using a blender.

We mix the resulting gruel together with the juice with sugar and vodka, set on low heat and boil until boiling, about five minutes.

Remove the foam, mix well, turn off the heat, cool, filter and soak the cakes of biscuit dough.

9. Than soak biscuit: honey and sour cream impregnation

Ingredients for syrup:

250 ml of water;

any thick honey - 100 grams;

Ingredients for sour cream:

1 small jar of cream 15% fat;

sugar - a glass floor.

Cooking Method:

Pour filtered water into an iron mug.

Add some honey to the water, stir until dissolved.

Prepare sour cream liquid cream: pour sugar into sour cream, mix well with a whisk, so that the sugar is dissolved.

First, biscuit dough cakes are soaked with honey syrup, and then with sour cream.

10. How to soak a sponge cake: orange-lemon impregnation


two oranges;

one lemon;

lemon peel - two pinches;

orange peel - two handfuls;

sugar - a glass floor.

Cooking Method:

Free from the peel of oranges and lemon.

Individually soak the zest in hot water for a few minutes so that they do not get bitter.

Soaked crushed zest is ground with a blender or grated with fine teeth.

Fruits cut into pieces and squeeze the juice out of them through a juicer.

The resulting lemon and orange juice is poured into a saucepan, add the zest and cook for five minutes until the liquid is boiled down twice.

We filter the cooked syrup through cheesecloth, cool and saturate the cakes with it. Optionally, in a cooled syrup, you can add a couple of vanillin pinches.

How to soak a sponge cake - secrets

If you like wet biscuits, but against a too-sweet syrup, simply change the proportions. Prepare impregnation in a ratio of 1: 3. The syrup viscosity will add added starch: for one liter of the finished syrup, it is enough to take one teaspoonful of starch.

In addition to water, you can also use juices, milk, and even thawed ice cream. Berry, fruit syrups, and alcohol can be added to any of these basics.

The simplest impregnation, which requires absolutely no preparation, is syrup of canned fruit: pineapple, strawberry, apricot, peach — any of them is tasty.

Using alcohol for impregnation, be careful: for example, cognac or red wine will give an unsightly shade to a light sponge cake. Therefore, choose them for the impregnation of chocolate, coffee cakes. For light liqueurs, dessert wines are good.

If you want the biscuit to retain its freshness as long as possible, use more sugar, which will act as a preservative here.

It is not very convenient to saturate a biscuit with a spoon, somewhere it is possible to underpaint, but somewhere, on the contrary, to pour. Therefore, use a spray or pastry brush. You can take the usual plastic bottle, in the lid of which should make small holes.

If your cake consists of several biscuits, soak them like this: the bottom cake is minimal, the middle cake is standard, the top cake is abundant. Then the cake will be soaked evenly.

Accidentally poured on a biscuit a lot of impregnation? Do not worry. Just wrap the cake in any clean cloth for a while, it will absorb excess liquid.

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