How to soak a cake with syrup correctly and without hassle. Cake impregnation syrups - recipes of magical transformations

How to soak a cake with syrup correctly and without hassle. Cake impregnation syrups - recipes of magical transformations

Baking on the basis of biscuits, by definition, turns out to be rather dry, and it is for it that the technology of moistening is used with special aromatic and flavor compositions. Juicy biscuits are strikingly different from the dry option of serving desserts, they can be made spicy, chocolate, fruit and berry. One simple and verified recipe for baking biscuit cakes, complemented by several variants of impregnations and creams, will allow you to prepare dozens of dissimilar cakes.

Syrups for cake - general principles of preparation

• Biscuit cakes often need additional soaking to avoid dryness of the finished product. Most often for this purpose specially prepared syrups are used. Cake syrup is not just a sweetened liquid, which is impregnated with a biscuit for juiciness. The various additives which are its part give to dessert a certain taste and aroma. The choice of impregnation depends on the type of cake prepared and your own taste preferences.

• Liquid and regular granulated sugar - the main components of any impregnation. When preparing it, first carefully dissolve granulated sugar in a liquid: drinking water, fruit or berry broth, then put on a small fire and bring to a boil. The hot liquid is cooled, and then flavored. If the flavors are added to the hot impregnation, they will evaporate, and the expected effect will not work.

• In order to properly soak the cake with syrup, you must determine the required amount of liquid. For the calculation, you can use a special formula, where the weight of the finished biscuit is taken for one part. Ideally, the liquid mass is 0.6 of the weight of the biscuit, the cream should weigh exactly twice as much. For example, if the cakes weigh one kilogram, about 600 grams of syrup should go to them for high-quality impregnation.

• How to soak a cake with syrup? Simple but mandatory rules:

1. First of all, make sure that the impregnation does not turn out to be liquid, which can lead to the spread of biscuit blanks. 2. Soak only well-cooled cakes, and bring the syrup to room temperature before use. The only exception is the chocolate-based version, which tends to thicken when cooled. In this particular case, the cakes must be warm, and the impregnation itself is hot.

3. For putting syrups use the table or dessert spoon. She scoop the impregnation and put on the surface of the biscuit.

• It is worth noting that impregnation of the cake is necessary only if the product is not planned to be coated with an oil cream. To saturate the taste of this cake, flavors and all other additional components should be added directly to the cream.

Simple Cognac-Sugar Syrup for Cake

The recipe with the ridge is considered basic for making such impregnations. In the dessert will be present subtle aroma and delicate flavor of brandy. Impregnation goes well with butter creams. Of course, such treats are not recommended for children.


• five large spoons of white sugar;

• a tablespoon of three-star brandy;

• seven tablespoons of bottled water.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill sugar poured into a saucepan with potable water and put on a very moderate heat.

2. Continuously stirring to completely dissolve the sugar crystals, bring the mass to a boil and, immediately setting it aside from the heat, cool.

3. Add cognac and stir well.

Alcohol-coffee syrup for cake impregnation

Coffee impregnation is prepared on the basis of a strong coffee drink with the addition of skate. Used in the preparation of coffee cakes with nuts, for impregnation of biscuit cakes, which are coated with a low-fat coffee cream.


• full glass of cold water;

• two spoons of ground coffee;

• spoon of brandy;

• 200 gr. refined sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour sugar with 125 ml of cold water and heat over low heat until the grains dissolve. Bring to a boil, stirring, then remove from heat.

2. Pour ground coffee into the remaining water, boil. Reduce heat to medium, boil coffee drink a couple of minutes and let it brew for a quarter of an hour. Then strain, mix with brandy and enter into the cooled sugar syrup.

Lemon syrup for cake impregnation

Lemon flavor is obtained on the basis of lemon infusion, flavored with vanilla. If you do not like the smell of vanilla, you can eliminate it, the aroma of lemon peel will be enough.


• three teaspoons of sugar;

• 250 ml of drinking purified water;

• half an average lemon;

• vanilla powder (optional).

Cooking Method:

1. Cut half a lemon with zest into slices.

2. Boil water and pour lemon over the boiling water. After about 10 minutes, strain all the liquid and add sugar in it.

3. Put on low heat and stir while boiling. Remove from heat and cool well. If the grains of sugar have not dissolved, continue stirring while the mass is still hot.

4. Add vanillin to slightly cooled sugar mass, mix well again and leave to cool completely.

Chocolate-cream syrup for cake impregnation

You can soak any dry biscuit with this chocolate syrup. He will give the cake a delicate creamy chocolate flavor. The syrup should be applied on warm cakes still unrefined.


• four yolks;

• tablespoon of water;

• 300 ml of 22% cream;

• beet sugar, refined - 1 tbsp. l .;

• 200 gr. 74% chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-separate the yolks from the whites. Put the whites in the refrigerator, and pour the yolks into a clean bowl and leave on the table, covered with a lid.

2. Dissolve sugar in water and, stirring, bring to a boil in a water bath. Immediately add yolks to the hot syrup and whip quickly.

3. Also in the water bath, melt the chocolate broken into pieces. Add the resulting chocolate mass in the egg mixture, mix thoroughly.

4. In a cooled bowl, whip the cream with a cold whisk until smooth and add them to the hot chocolate syrup, mix.

5. Allow the liquid to cool slightly or soak the still cold cakes before soaking.

Orange syrup for cake impregnation on vodka with mint

Mint adds its unique refreshing aroma to the orange flavor. In the preparation of used fresh mint leaves, which are infused with the addition of vodka and sugar for about a week. Ingredients:

• small orange;

• 30 gr. fresh mint;

• 200 gr. sugar;

• drinking water - 125 ml;

• 100 gr. ordinary vodka.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly, under a stream of cold water, wash the leaves of mint. Wipe them dry with a towel and chop them into small strips with a knife.

2. Dilute vodka with water, add all the sugar and stir to achieve complete dissolution of the crystals.

3. Pour the chopped mint with the prepared syrup, cover with a lid. Store the container in a cool place for up to 2 weeks.

4. Strain the present syrup through a sieve and mix with freshly squeezed orange juice.

How to make currant syrup for impregnating cake from jam

Currant syrup is used to soak the “Negr” cake, the cakes of which are prepared for jam. It can also be used in the preparation of other sponge cakes, in combination with sour cream. For cooking, it is not necessary to take exactly currant jam, it can be replaced with any other one that contains a lot of liquid.


• not thick currant jam;

• 50 gr. refined sugar;

• clean drinking water - 250 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Type approximately a glass of jam. Using a fine sieve, separate the berries. Take half a cup of liquid jam, dilute it with drinking water, add refined sugar and put on moderate heat.

2. To sugar well dissolved, mix the contents of the pan thoroughly and continuously. Be sure to remove the resulting foam.

3. After boiling, reduce the heat, boil the syrup for another couple of minutes and remove from the stove, cool.

Cherry-Brandy Syrup for cake impregnation

It is made from cherry juice and sugar with brandy. You can use liquid jam and cherries preserved in its own juice, and regulate sweetness with sugar. It is good to use for cherry sponge cakes in combination with simple sour cream creams.


• cognac - 40 ml;

• a glass of clean boiled water;

• 4 spoons of cherry syrup; • sugar - 50 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the cherry juice with brandy and water.

2. Pour the whole measure of sugar, stir and put on intense heat. Still stirring, bring to a boil.

3. Then lower the heat to medium and boil the mass for another three minutes, then remove from heat and cool completely.

Cake impregnation syrups - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To prepare these liquids, it is better to take fine sugar. Its grains will dissolve faster and better.

• To extend the shelf life of soaked cake in hot weather, increase the sugar rate.

• Before applying the impregnating liquid, determine the condition of the cake layers - they are dry or wet, and what kind of cream you will lubricate. This will help determine the amount of moisture.

• If three cakes are used in the formation of the cake, then most of the syrup, about 40%, should go to the top, a little less to the middle, and the bottom should be soaked in residues, in a volume of about 20%.

• The best method of applying to the biscuit blanks, is to spray a spray from the spray on both sides of the cake. But this method is not applicable for thick formulations, it is better to apply them with a brush.

• In order to saturate the cake well, it needs to be placed in the refrigerator for about five hours. Be sure to pack well, otherwise the dessert is filled with extra flavors.

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