Wild Rose Compote - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty compote rose hips.

Wild Rose Compote - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty compote rose hips.

Wild Rose Compote - General Cooking Principles

Wild rose compote is an unusually healthy drink. It is recommended to drink with kidney disease and a number of other diseases. Rosehip compote is rich in vitamin C, which is especially important during the period of acute vitamin deficiency. Cooking compote rosehip is very simple. For these purposes, use fresh berries or dried fruits. Rosehip does not require prolonged heat treatment. Berries pour water and boil for a few minutes. This is how a one-component rosehip compote is prepared, which can be sweetened with sugar or honey. A more saturated and healthy drink will come out if you add dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes, etc.), fresh apples, hawthorn and any other berries and fruits to the hips. Sometimes for taste and freshness a lemon or orange slice is added to rosehip compote. The drink is served warm or chilled. It is recommended to strain compote before serving.

Wild Rose Compote - Preparing Food and Dishes

Preparation of fresh rosehip berries is as follows: the berries are sorted, cut the stalk, villi and inflorescences. Sometimes seeds are removed. Berries better a little crush. Dried fruits also knead, but not in powder. If dried fruits are used in the recipe, they are thoroughly washed, poured for an hour or two with cold water or steamed for 10 minutes with boiling water. the remaining fresh berries and fruits are also picked and washed. Apples are cut and remove seeds from them.

From the dishes you may need: a saucepan, mortar, knife, colander, gauze for straining and a thermos.

Rosehip Compote Recipes:

Recipe 1: Rosehip Compote

The easiest and fastest recipe for rosehip compote. The drink is prepared for no more than 10 minutes, and for its preparation only fruits and hips and water are needed, if desired, add a little sugar to the drink.

Ingredients Required:

  • Rosehip (dry berries) - a few handfuls;
  • Water - liter and a half;
  • Sugar or honey - to taste.
  • Preparation:

Preparation Method: To begin, prepare the berries: pour in a deep bowl and slightly rastolchem ​​mortar. No need to turn the fruit into powder - just slightly knead. Pour water into the pan and set on fire. After boiling add wild rose and cook for about 5-7 minutes. Then remove the pan with rosehip compote from the heat and leave to cool and infuse.

Recipe 2: Rosehip Compote with Apples

Very useful and tasty drink. Especially such compote from wild rose with apples is relevant in the period of lack of vitamins. Serve compote can be warm and chilled.

Ingredients Required:

  • Rosehip - 2-3 handfuls;
  • Water - 3 liters;
  • Apples - 3-4 pcs .;
  • Sugar - to taste.

Preparation Method:

Rosehip fill with water and set on fire. After boiling, reduce the heat and burn for about 14-15 minutes. While the dogrose is boiling, prepare the apples: sort out the fruits, wash them and cut several slices. Do not forget to cut the seeds. We put the apples in the pan to the hips. After boiling, reduce the heat and hold for 5-8 minutes. Turn off the fire. Add sugar or honey to your taste, mix and leave to infuse. Cooled drink filter and serve. Optionally, in a glass, you can throw an ice cube and a slice of lemon.

Recipe 3: Rosehip Compote with Hawthorn

Such a drink of the most valuable berries is subjected to minimal heat treatment. Rosehip compote with hawthorn is not brewed, and steamed and infused all night. With this method of cooking berries retain color, flavor and a maximum of vitamins.

Ingredients Required:

  • Freshly picked hips and hawthorn berries - 1-2 handfuls each;
  • Water.

Preparation Method:

Berries are sorted, cut off the stalk and inflorescences. Thoroughly wash the berries in running water, then we recline on a colander and let the water drain. We spread the berries in a thermos and pour boiling water. Leave the thermos open for 1-2 minutes. After that, close and leave to insist on all night. Next day we boil for 10 minutes some fresh rosehip berries. Do not forget to remove the foam. We filter broth and we pour in glasses. The liquid should be a bit - decoction is used only for color and flavor. Then pour the berry tincture through each strainer into each glass. At will the drink can be sweetened and decorated with a slice of lemon or apple.

Recipe 4: Rosehip Compote with

Very tasty and healthy rosehip compote with raisins. All you need to make a drink is dried rosehips, raisins, and some water.

Ingredients Required:

  • 3 tbsp. l dried rosehip berries;
  • 2 tbsp. l raisins;
  • Water - 5 glasses.

Preparation Method:

Boil water. Rosehip berries chopped and pour three cups of boiling water. Insist about 20 minutes. Then decoction should be strain through cheesecloth. Then we fill in the marc boiling water over the new one and again insist 20 minutes. Strain and pour both broths into one bowl. Add raisins to the drink and leave to infuse.

Recipe 5: Rosehip Compote with Dried Fruit

This rosehip compote with dried fruit is very useful for both adults and children. To prepare a drink, take any mixture of dried fruits, including dried apricots, prunes, apples, pears, cherries, etc. Sugar is used for sweetness.

Ingredients Required:

  • A mixture of dried fruits - 40 g;
  • Dry rosehips - 10-15 g;
  • Sugar - to taste;
  • 200-250 g of water.

Preparation Method:

Dried fruits are washed and filled with cold water. When the dried fruits swell after a few hours, put them to boil right in this water, bring to a boil. Rosehip washed, cleaned of seeds, mash with a mortar and lay out in boiling compote. Add sugar to taste, cook for a few minutes and remove the pan from the heat. Leave the drink to cool and infuse.

Wild Rose Compote - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Compote rosehip is not necessary to boil, you can put the fruit in a thermos, pour boiling water and leave to tune for the whole night. Then the present drink is filtered and served as usual tea or mixed with other compotes.

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