Kissel - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook jelly.

Kissel - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook jelly.

Kissel - general principles and methods of preparation

Kissel - sweet gelatinous dish. And you get a drink or dessert from it, depending on the amount of starch introduced into the liquid. This is a native Russian dish. If earlier it was cooked on peas or oats, and it was sour, hence the name is “kissel”, i.e. sour, now more sweet kissels prefer. They are boiled from fresh (frozen) fruits and berries, cocoa, milk, oatmeal, dried fruit, jam. Starch acts as a thickener. Most often potato, but sometimes add corn or wheat.

Kissel - food preparation

Starch is one of the main components of this dish. It is thanks to him, as if by magic, the usual compote turns into jelly. Before you add to the pan, starch must be diluted with chilled broth, juice or water. Usually it is diluted in a ratio of 1: 4 (one part of the starch is mixed with four parts of water). Starch solution should be poured into boiling liquid as quickly as possible, intensively stirring with a spoon. Otherwise it forms lumps, because pretty quickly swells. For liquid jelly it is necessary to take 30 g of potato starch, medium density - 40g and for thick - 70g (per liter of liquid). If corn starch is used, its amount should be increased by 1.5-2 times, since it has a weaker viscosity. If the kissel is boiled on potato starch, then after boiling, it is immediately removed from the heat, and the kissel on corn starch should be boiled for another five minutes.

Kissel - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Cherry Jelly

At the mention of jelly, many have an association with a square briquette, which is sold in the store. Yes, it's easy and convenient - dilute the semi-finished product with water and boil. But concentrate is concentrate. It seems to be jelly, but not the one that grandmother or mother cooked. And if you cook the most natural jelly, from real berries or fruits, for example, cherries. Much more benefit. Moreover, it is brewed once or twice. Other fruit or berry jellies are prepared according to the same principle.

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of cherries (any - frozen, fresh), sugar - (to taste), starch - 6 tablespoons, water - 1.8 liters. Method of preparation

If the cherry is fresh, pour it with water and bring to a boil. If frozen, then throw immediately into boiling water without defrosting. As the water boils with the berries, add sugar and boil for about ten minutes.

Dissolve starch in half a glass of cold liquid and pour it into boiling berry broth, stirring intensely. As the mass boils (the first big brooks appear), immediately turn off the fire.

Recipe 2: Milk Jelly with Yolks

A slightly modified version of the classic milk jelly. In this recipe added egg yolks. Kissel can be decorated by dropping any fresh berries into a glass. If you add frozen berries, then such a drink, if it does not quench your thirst, it will pleasantly refresh you on a particularly hot day. The consistency of the jelly should resemble kefir. Children will be happy to drink this jellyfish under the fairy tale “Geese-swans”, with milk rivers and milk and honey.

Ingredients: milk - 0.8 l, sugar to taste, chicken yolks - 4 pcs., Vanilla sugar bag, starch - 2 tbsp. l., on request - lemon peel, orange.

Method of preparation

Grind the yolks with sugar until dissolved. Starch diluted in an incomplete glass of cold milk. In the remaining prescription milk pour sugar and boil, then pour the diluted starch. The mass should be constantly stirred to avoid lumps. For convenience, you can use the whisk. Remove from heat. Kissel requires rapid cooling. Therefore, you should put a container with jelly in a bowl with cold water. While the jelly cools, it must be whipped. In the cooled mass add vanilla sugar and chopped zest.

Recipe 3: Fruit and milk jelly

This product is more like a drink, and for dessert - tasty and useful. Two-color jelly especially like children. For fruit jelly, you can take any compote or juice. It is better if it is cranberry, cherry, black currant, i.e. with intense color. Kissel turns out quite thick and decomposes on the bowl.

Ingredients - 0.5 l of milk, a bag of vanilla sugar, granulated sugar - to taste, 0.5 l of compote (juice), 5 tbsp. starch (2.5 tbsp on dairy and fruit basis).

Method of preparation

First you need to cook milk kissel. In an incomplete glass of milk, dilute the starch (2.5 tablespoons). Pour the remaining milk into the pan, add sugar (plain and vanilla) and boil. Add a thin stream of dissolved starch and mix thoroughly and quickly to avoid lumps. Remove from heat. For milk jelly, it is better to take corn starch, but you can cook it with potato. Put a thick milk mass in the bowls, bowls or other small dishes, fill it in half. The consistency should resemble thick semolina. Cook by analogy fruit jelly. Dilute the starch in the compote glass, boil the remaining liquid and stir in the starch mass, while stirring. At the first sign of boiling (bubbling bubbles appeared), remove from heat. Cool it a bit and put it on top of the milk one. Let the dessert cool and serve. You can sprinkle with crushed mint leaves, powdered sugar, coconut chips, chocolate chips.

Recipe 4: Kissel for jam

If in summer you can cook fresh fruit jelly, then why not make it from jam in winter. For this, absolutely any jam is suitable, as well as jam, jam, or berries twisted with sugar.

Ingredients: jam, water - 1.5 l, pinch of citric acid, 4 tbsp. starch.

Method of preparation

Dissolve to taste in one and a half liters of water jam, to get morsik. Taste, if too sweet, add a little water, if not very sweet - put another jam spoon or two. If raspberry jam or twisted berries are used, it is recommended to strain the broth using a sieve, gauze or a colander. Press the cake, and put the juice on the fire.

Dissolve starch in an incomplete glass of water. Pour it into a boiling fruit drink. Do not forget to constantly stir the liquid. As the jelly boils, remove from heat.

Kissel - useful tips from experienced chefs

Kissels, after adding potato starch, do not boil, but only bring to a boil. Since with prolonged boiling, the paste breaks down (loses its properties) and the consistency of the kissel becomes watery.

To avoid the appearance of kissel film, its surface should be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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