Mayonnaise Cupcake - this is a twist! Recipes for homemade muffins on mayonnaise with raisins, jam, cocoa, starch, butter and kefir

Mayonnaise Cupcake - this is a twist! Recipes for homemade muffins on mayonnaise with raisins, jam, cocoa, starch, butter and kefir

It turns out that mayonnaise can be not only an ingredient for salads, but also an indispensable component of dough. On its basis, you can make amazing homemade muffins with a variety of tastes and let the strange composition not frighten. Everything will turn out at its best!

Mayonnaise Muffins - General Cooking Principles

Mayonnaise for the dough can be used homemade, but any commercial sauce is also quite suitable. The basis is usually eggs and butter, for this reason it is great for making dough. Sometimes the ingredients of mayonnaise are stratified, the liquid flows away. In these cases, the sauce before adding to the main dough should be well stirred in a separate bowl. Sometimes it is first combined with some other products and only after that they are shifted to the total mass.

What else to put in the cupcake dough:



milk products;

other fats (butter, margarine);


Nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits are often added to taste, zest, vanilla and cinnamon are added to flavor. But they should not be too much so that the cupcake does not turn out too heavy and dense. For pomp, they put soda or ready baking ripper into it. He does not need additional quenching.

For baking need forms and oven. You can cook small cupcakes or one big one. Sometimes they use a slow cooker. In this case, additional forms are not needed, the cake is baked in the main bowl.

Muffins on mayonnaise with raisins

The recipe for the most simple, but tasty and sweet cake in mayonnaise. As an additive raisin is used. Here he is soaked, but if the grapes are not dry, then simply rinse well. By the way, this dough can be used for baking fake Easter cakes, they are soft, do not get stale for a long time.


three eggs;

1.25 cups sugar;

250 grams of mayonnaise;

2.5 cups flour (standard); 100 grams of raisins;

0.7 tsp. regular soda


Immediately we sort out the raisins, fill it with warm water. So the grapes swell, become juicy, there will be a lot of them in the dough.

We send in a large bowl fresh chicken eggs. If small copies of the second category are used, then we take one more. Beat a couple of minutes without sugar, then pour it and beat until all the grains are completely dissolved.

It's time to gently mix mayonnaise.

Sift flour. Squeeze the raisins. We put on a napkin, we press down the dry side and as if we wipe. Pour into flour, stir.

We send flour with raisins to the dough.

Begin to stir and enter the extinguished soda. To neutralize the taste, you can use vinegar, lemon juice or diluted acid.

Stir the dough and immediately pour it over. The form should be ready by this moment. Distribute evenly.

Sent to preheated oven (approximately 180-190). Cooking a cupcake to ruddy color. Do not forget to check the crumb stick. After cooling the mayonnaise cake decorate with powder.

Mayonnaise Chocolate Muffins

With this recipe you can cook not only small mayonnaise muffins, but also one big one. In this case, reduce the temperature and increase the baking time. The taste will strongly depend on cocoa powder, we take a high-quality, chocolate product without sugar.


two glasses of flour;

three eggs;

10 grams of ripper;

three spoons of cocoa;

a glass of mayonnaise;

a glass of sand;



Oven included. Let the oven warm up to 200 degrees or 180 if one big cupcake is cooked in mayonnaise.

Mix in a sieve cocoa powder, baking powder and wheat flour. Sift all together.

Eggs break into another bowl, immediately add to them prescription sand. Beat until dissolved for about five minutes. If there is no fluffy foam. That's okay, ripper fix everything.

We mix a glass of mayonnaise, followed by falling asleep chocolate flour with cocoa powder, which was prepared earlier. Shuffle the dough into molds. You can use small silicone cups or paper capsules with stands or one large container. Metallic forms of grease. Fill for 2/3, do not impose more dough, as it rises during baking.

Cooking mayonnaise muffins in the oven until dry.

We take out, cool, powder with powder. You can cover with chocolate icing.

Cupcake on mayonnaise without eggs

Very convenient recipe, which can be a real magic wand. Baking is great even without eggs.


a glass of sugar;

a glass of milk;

125 grams of mayonnaise;

1.7 cups of flour;

10 g ripper;

1 tsp. peel;

1 tsp. oils.


You can cook this cake with lemon or orange zest. If necessary, they can be replaced by vanillin or cinnamon, the flavor will be different, but also pleasant.

Mix mayonnaise and milk. Whisk whisk until smooth.

Add sugar, continue stirring and in a couple of minutes we throw flour with zest and ripper. Bring dough to homogeneity.

Lubricate any available form, pour the dough with mayonnaise, send bake.

Cooking mayonnaise cake about 45 minutes, temperature 180, check with a toothpick.

After baking, let stand a little in the form, then extract. Decorate with powder or grease with jam.

Cupcake on mayonnaise with starch

Flour is also added to this dough, but it is distinguished by the presence of starch. Optionally, along with zest, you can throw a handful of dried fruits or nuts. But only washed and cut.


two glasses of flour;

a glass of starch;

two eggs;

a glass of mayonnaise;

250 grams of softened margarine;

a glass of sugar;

15 grams of bag ripper;

rind with one lemon.


Margarine needs to be well softened, then beat it up to pomp for several minutes. Enter the sugar, continue to wield a mixer until dissolved.

Gradually add mayonnaise, then eggs. Bring the mixture to a smooth, resembling cream. Flour should be poured into a dry bowl or sifted into it, add starch, followed by the ripper and chopped lemon zest. But you can also take an orange or plain vanilla. Stir.

Pour the starch mass with flour into the dough, stir. At this stage, you can add dried fruits or nuts.

Transfer to the missed. Sprinkled with a thin layer of flour mold.

This cupcake is baked on mayonnaise also at 180 degrees. On average, about 40-45 minutes, but it is better to check the readiness with a match or toothpick. The wand should remain dry.

Mayonnaise Cupcake with Butter

The recipe for a delicate cake with butter, mayonnaise. For the filling, you can choose to use jam, jam, boiled condensed milk.


150 grams of oil;

a glass of sugar;

five spoons of mayonnaise;

a pair of eggs;

10 g vanilla sugar;

10 g of baking powder;

a glass of filling


Cut the butter into pieces, melt on the stove or just in the microwave. Leave for about fifteen minutes to cool completely.

Mix eggs and sugar, whip at high speed with a mixer, there should be a good foam. Laying mayonnaise, stir.

Enter the previously melted, but already cooled butter, mix again.

Add all the dry ingredients mixed together. Immediately shift semi-liquid dough into shape.

The furnace at this point should warm up to 180. We put in it our stocking. Bake for about half an hour, if necessary, increase the time for another ten minutes.

Take out the cake, cool it, but not quite, let it remain a little warm. Cut into two layers.

Stir the filling, lubricate one part, cover with the second layer. Give the cake soak and cool completely. Top can be powdered.

Cupcake on mayonnaise and kefir in a slow cooker

A wonderful recipe for cake with mayonnaise and kefir. He prepares in a slow cooker on a baking program. But you can also use the oven. In this case, set the temperature to 180 degrees.

Ingredients two eggs;

a glass of sugar;

spoon ripper;

half a glass of mayonnaise;

1.5 cups flour;

0.5 cup of kefir;

0.5 cups candied fruit, nuts, raisins.


In the eggs, pour the prescription granulated sugar. Beat well until foam.

Mix mayonnaise and kefir until smooth. You can take for the test yogurt. Pour over the eggs.

Stir flour and ripper. If desired, throw the zest, vanilla, cinnamon or any other flavoring.

Combine egg mass with flour.

Add washed raisins or other dried fruits, you can use chopped nuts or colored candied fruits. Stir and the dough is ready.

Multivarki bowl must be lubricated. Use a piece of butter, it will give a beautiful crust.

Fill the dough, set the program for baking, prepare the cake for about 80 minutes.

Mayonnaise Cupcake - Tips and Tricks

The dough for cakes must be well stirred so that it turns out to be homogeneous, but it is also impossible to settle the foam. Make it a rule to combine the bulk with a flour spatula, gently lifting the dough from the bottom up in a circle.

Spicy muffins can be cooked with zest, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, but baking with “dry spirits” is especially successful. So is the mixture for Christmas sweets, in which spices are collected in a certain proportion.

Any dough recipe can be made chocolate, but do not forget to deduct flour. Otherwise, the dough will turn out cool, crumb hard and will crumble.

If you need to beat the eggs in a cool foam, then take a clean bowl and better not plastic. Glass, enameled container is ideal for whipping; it can even be a regular pan.

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