Biscuit with jam - fragrant miracle! Recipes bright and juicy biscuits with jam and sour cream, kefir, eggs, cream

Biscuit with jam - fragrant miracle! Recipes bright and juicy biscuits with jam and sour cream, kefir, eggs, cream

Biscuit with jam is a wonderful way to identify the remains of the delicacy and make a chic homemade dessert. Baking is not only tasty and sweet, but also very fragrant. It's time to cook!

Biscuit with jam - the general principles of cooking

In most recipes, the biscuit dough is kneaded according to the classical scheme: beating eggs with sugar until fluffy, adding additional liquid ingredients, then injecting flour. But there are simplified recipes without whipping for a long time, the pomp of baking is achieved by adding baking powder, this is ordinary baking soda or baking powder from a bag.

Jam can be added to the dough, there are a huge number of such recipes, but sometimes it is used to coat the biscuit. In this case, it can be combined with different creams, whipped cream, fresh fruit, nuts.

What kind of jam is usually used:

• black currant;

• cherry;

• raspberry, blackberry.

You can take apricot. Peach, pear jam, but these types are not so popular due to the content of the pieces. But if desired, they can be crushed.

Biscuits with jam in the dough are baked in exactly the same way as the usual classic options. The dough is poured into a greased form, you can use a slow cooker, then placed in a preheated oven. The cooking temperature ranges from 180-200 degrees. The exact time is determined individually, the readiness is checked with a wooden splinter.

The easiest biscuit with jam

This recipe for biscuit with jam will help out if there are no standard ingredients for baking at home. Cake can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or used as a base for the cake.


• 4 eggs;

• 320 grams of jam;

• 1.7 cups of flour;

• 1 tbsp. Sahara;

• 0.3 cups oil;

• 1 tsp. with a ripper tubercle.


1. If there are large berries or fruit pieces in the jam, then it is better to cut them into several pieces. 2. Beat the eggs together with sugar until fluffy foam.

3. Combine the jam with the eggs, gently stir, pour the vegetable refined oil.

4. Combine flour and prescription baking powder. You can use a teaspoon of soda, but then you need to add it immediately to the jam. Stir well, leave to quench for a couple of minutes.

5. Fill the dough with flour, stir, pour into cooked form.

6. We put in the oven, bake until dry blades on the average mode of 180-190 degrees.

7. Either pour the prepared dough with jam into a greased cup of the slow cooker, bake in it on the baking program for about an hour. If the device cooks poorly, then increase the time by another fifteen minutes.

Biscuit with jam on kefir

Kefir variant of sponge cake with jam is also very simple and unpretentious. It turns out very juicy and tender cake. For him, you can also take a diluted sour cream or ryazhenka.


• two eggs;

• a glass of currant jam;

• a glass of sugar;

• a glass of kefir (preferably high fat);

• 1 tsp. soda;

• 2.5 cups of flour;

• spoon of butter.


1. If there is no time to remove the kefir in advance. To make it warm, simply put the bowl in warm water. Add soda, stir, let it be until extinguished in the fermented milk product.

2. Mix prescription eggs and sand, whisk with a whisk or whisk with a mixer until smooth.

3. Add kefir. Next lay out the currant jam. You can take any other kind, but with it it turns out the most delicious.

4. After thorough mixing, pour the flour and the dough is almost ready.

5. Grease the form and sprinkle with flour. Or, first cut to the bottom a piece of parchment that matches the size, then lubricate it and the sides.

6. Baked currant sponge cake from jam at 180 about 35-40 minutes.

7. Remove from the oven, leave for ten minutes in the form, then remove. After cooling, sprinkle with powder or coat. By the way, you can use the same currant jam.

Classic sponge cake

A variant of the classic biscuit with a layer of jam. It can be absolutely any, liquid, thick, from fruits or berries.


• four eggs;

• one glass of flour;

• two glasses of jam;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• a glass of sugar.


1. We take fresh eggs, whipping will depend on it. We break into a clean bowl, turn on the mixer, beat for a couple of minutes.

2. Spread sugar in parts. It is necessary to beat the biscuit mass until it all dissolves, a fluffy white foam should appear.

3. Add flour to the eggs and immediately pour out the ripper. Stir the dough, pour into the mold, bake at 180 degrees until ready.

4. Cool the cake for at least two hours.

5. Jam stir. If necessary, it can be interrupted by a blender, so that the mass is homogeneous.

6. Cut the cake into three parts. It is convenient to use a long bread knife for this. If the shape was large, you can make a cake of two cakes, cut the biscuit in half.

7. Putting the cake, promazyvaya layers of jam, laid on each other. For decoration, you can sprinkle jams of almond petals, nuts, coconut flakes on top.

Sponge cake with “Black Prince” on sour cream

For such a biscuit is also better to use black currant jam, but blackberry, honeysuckle is also suitable. Sour cream use an average fat content of about 20%.


• a pair of eggs;

• a glass of jam;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 7 grams of soda;

• two glasses of flour.


1. Eggs for this biscuit should be beaten well with sugar until a dense foam appears.

2. Mix sour cream with jam, add baking soda to them, extinguish.

3. Transfer this mixture to the eggs, gently stir.

4. Add wheat flour, be sure to sift.

5. Stir the dough, pour into a greased form or just on a baking sheet. Baking time will depend on the height of the cake, but we do not change the temperature.

6. Put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. We bring to readiness.

Sponge cake with jam and butter cream

The recipe is very tasty sponge cake, for a layer you can use any jam. Very tasty with apricot, strawberry, plum.


• five eggs;

• 1.5 glasses of jam;

• 1.2 cups of flour;

• 300 ml of cream;

• a glass of sugar;

• 5 tablespoons of powder;

• vanilla, pinch of salt;

• bag (10 grams) ripper


1. Sponge cake for this cake can be baked in advance or use purchased cakes. A great option if there is not enough time. In other cases, whisk until a dense foam eggs, add a bag of ripper together with flour, stir and pour the classic biscuit dough into the form. We send baked.

2. After cooling, the biscuit should be cut into three layers of the same thickness.

3. Whip cream into thick foam, slightly sweeten with powdered sugar. You should not add much, as jam will still be used. Do not forget to add vanillin to the cream.

4. We grease one cake with jam, half of the prescription rate should go.

5. Apply a layer of cream over the top. It should leave about a third. Repeat all this with the second cake.

6. Cover with the last layer of biscuit, coat it with the remaining cream, decorate to your liking.

Biscuit with jam on milk

Another option biscuit jam in a hurry. The dough in milk with vegetable oil, jam is used for layer, you can choose any taste or jam.


• a glass of milk;

• 90 grams of oil;

• three eggs;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

• 2 tablespoons of powder;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 400 grams of sifted flour;

• 1.5 glasses of jam.


1. Measure out the right amount of products. Beat eggs with sand to a good foam, add butter, milk, pour in flour and baking ripper.

2. Pour the dough into a mold, bake an ordinary cake in the oven. After cooling, cut into three layers.

3. Spread the cake with any jam to taste. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Sponge cake with condensed milk

A variant of a very delicate and tasty biscuit, the dough for which is kneaded on ordinary white condensed milk. Jam for layer take any to your taste. Ingredients

• 200 grams of condensed milk;

• three eggs;

• two glasses of flour;

• 2 glasses of jam;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 10 g ripper.


1. Beat the eggs. Gradually add sugar to the mass.

2. After all the grains are dissolved and the egg mixture is increased by two times, add condensed milk, then gradually add sour cream. Bring to homogeneity.

3. Cover the flour and prevent the ripper. Pour the dough into a greased form.

4. Bake the cake at 180 degrees.

5. Chill the biscuit well, then cut into the cake, as far as possible.

6. Stir the jam so that the berries are evenly distributed, grease the cakes, put them on top of each other. Leave a sponge cake for a couple of hours so that it is well soaked.

Biscuit with jam - tips and tricks

• Flour and other bulk ingredients will be better distributed in a fluffy biscuit dough if they are first put together and sieved. You can sift immediately into beaten eggs.

• In order not to precipitate the beaten eggs when adding flour, the dough should be stirred with a spatula in a gentle upward motion.

• If the jam is not very fragrant or tasteless, it can be improved by adding grated zest, cinnamon, cloves or vanilla.

• A crispy crust will appear on the sponge cake, and it will not stick to the form, if, after lubricating with oil, sprinkle the surface with dry semolina.

• If baking with jam is prepared in silicone mold, then you do not need to leave it for a long time in it. Bottom will damp, will be wet.

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