Tasty, healthy and beautiful milk jelly at home. How to quickly and accurately make dairy jelly: the secrets of white dessert

Tasty, healthy and beautiful milk jelly at home. How to quickly and accurately make dairy jelly: the secrets of white dessert

Milk jelly is one of the most simple and delicious desserts. In addition, we must not forget about the benefits of this dish. After all, the milk that it contains consists of nutrients and vitamins. However, even this simple dessert has some special features and tricks. In order to prepare a really light and airy dish that will delight loved ones, you should familiarize yourself with all the subtleties in detail and follow the technology step by step.

Basic principles of making jelly from milk

First of all, it is necessary to determine the ingredients for jelly. Of course, it must be very high-quality milk. It is better to take a pasteurized version of high fat. That he is ideal for cooking.

An important element of this dessert is the gelatin base. It is better to choose gelatin, which quickly dissolves in the liquid. This will not only make cooking as simple as possible, but also save a lot of time. In addition, it is necessary to give preference to high-quality gelatin, which just grabs and will not fail, otherwise the other ingredients will be spoiled.

Adding sugar or fruit base in milk jelly, you can dilute the sweetness with vanilla extract or flavoring. In this case, the finished dessert will taste like ice cream. And its flavor will wake up the taste buds of everyone around. Of course, you can apply other flavors.

Pour jelly, you should closely monitor the sides of the form. If droplets of liquid fall on the walls, they should be immediately washed, because in the end they will look like sloppy stains.

Milk jelly goes well with sour fruits or berries. In addition, it is very harmonious in chocolate desserts. Therefore, you should experiment in this direction.

Classic Milk Jelly


· 1 tbsp. gelatin;

· 3 glasses of pasteurized milk; · 4 tbsp. Sahara;

· Some vanillin or vanilla extract.

Cooking Method:

· Pour milk into a bowl or pot. This mixture give rest for about half an hour. If it is instant gelatin, you can immediately put on fire.

· Heat the liquid until everything is mixed and the gelatin is completely dissolved.

· Add sugar, vanillin or extract to the mixture. Poured on kremankam or molds. To make the dessert completely frozen, it must be kept in the refrigerator for several hours. You can leave for the night.

· For serving dessert, you can decorate with a scoop of ice cream, grated chocolate or fresh berries. This is a very fresh and light dish that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Creme Brulee Milk Jelly

This version of the dessert is prepared on the basis of the previous recipe. Thanks to the harmonious combination, you can achieve a bright exquisite taste that will impress the most fastidious guests.


· Classic milk jelly;

· Boiled condensed milk;

· Chopped nuts.

Cooking Method:

· If you need to diversify the usual recipe for jelly from milk, you can pour only part of the mixture into the form and let it harden.

· After that, the top of the dessert should be covered with a small layer of boiled condensed milk. Here we add nuts.

· Put the molds in the fridge for a few minutes. Next, pour another part of the classic jelly.

· We alternate milk mixture with condensed milk until it ends. When the dessert completely hardens, decorate it and serve it in beautiful tins.

Quick Milk Jelly Recipe

There is not always a time for long congestions and alternations. In this case, you can make jelly from milk in one go. At the same time, the dessert is complemented by fruit cutting. This is a very refreshing and tasty dish that will appeal to both adults and children.


· 1 glass of milk;

· 1 pack of gelatin;

· Fresh fruit or berries.

Cooking Method:

· If you can not find fresh fruits or berries, you can use the frozen version. In this case, they need to be drained, cut into cubes and put some of them down the form. · Next, prepare the jelly part. Mix gelatin with milk and heat in a water bath until completely dissolved.

· Add the remaining fruit to the liquid. Pour the mixture into the form.

· In order to completely freeze the jelly from milk, we send it to the refrigerator for several hours.

· To achieve the most beautiful cut of the dessert, it is better to cut the fruit into larger ones. We decorate the finished dish with nuts or chocolate pieces.

Milk jelly with bananas and orange slices

This recipe is ideal for children, because they love the fresh taste of milk jelly and fruit. Bananas and oranges fit into the concept of this dish very harmoniously, as they are moderately sweet and juicy.


· 1 banana and an orange;

· 3 glasses of milk;

· 150 g of sugar;

· Vanilla or vanilla extract;

· 1 pack of gelatin.

Cooking Method:

· To begin, prepare orange slices. Cut fresh fruit into suitable pieces and lay them on parchment paper. Next, remove the oranges for half an hour in the freezer. After solidification, spread out the bottom of the molds.

· Cooking gelatinous part. Dissolve gelatin in milk using a steam bath. Mix liquid with sugar and add vanilla extract.

· Cut the banana into cubes. Pour the fruit pieces into the cooled gelatinous mixture. Fill the future milk jelly in the molds.

· Until fully prepared, the dessert will stay in the refrigerator for several hours. Its fresh taste will please anyone who loves delicate and tasty sweets.

· Additionally, when serving, you can pour dessert with a layer of melted chocolate.

Chocolate Jelly with Milk

Well, who does not like the bright combination of milk and chocolate? Especially when it is a harmonious dessert, made with love.


· 1 glass of milk;

· Vanilla extract;

· 1 tbsp. gelatin;

· 0.5 bars of favorite chocolate.

Cooking Method:

· Mix milk with gelatin and leave for a while.

· We melt chocolate in the microwave in several passes for 10 seconds. For convenience of mixing, you can add a couple of tablespoons of milk. · Milk gelatin is heated in a water bath. It is necessary to completely dissolve it in the liquid.

· Now you need to mix all the ingredients together.

· Fill the jelly with milk and chocolate in molds or sucker. Give freeze, leaving in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. When serving, sprinkle with pieces of black or milk chocolate.

Coffee Milk Jelly

Delicious desserts are loved not only by children. Adults also do not mind enjoying the delicate taste of jelly made from milk, especially if it is well cooked. Well, for coffee lovers, the next dessert will be just the perfect complement to your favorite drink.


· 1 cup of natural coffee with milk;

· 1 same cup of milk;

· 50 g of sugar;

· 20 g of gelatin;

· Vanillin.

Cooking Method:

· Add gelatin to coffee and milk in the same proportions. Separately, we warm both mixtures, mix thoroughly and allow them to cool.

· In each jelly part we mix in 25 g of sugar and vanilla on the tip of a knife.

· Fill the coffee gelatin in the form. Give frost and pour the milk on top.

· Finished milk jelly with coffee can be decorated with chocolate pieces or just enjoy it in a classic way.

Milk jelly with cottage cheese

It is difficult to imagine this dish in an even more delicate format. However, it is cottage cheese that can turn this dessert into a real gourmet extravaganza. It becomes tasty and light, like a snowy cloud.


· 0.5 glass of milk;

· 1 tbsp. gelatin;

· 1 tbsp. Sahara;

· 2 tbsp. water;

· 100 g of cottage cheese.

Cooking Method:

· It is important to use a slightly damp curd. It will make the dessert more juicy and tasty. Mash it with a little warm milk and add sugar. Thoroughly mix everything.

· Gelatin is mixed with water and heated, dissolving it completely.

· Combine both liquids, pour them into molds or ice cream bowls. Give the dessert a little frost in the fridge.

· Shortly before serving, we take out a dish and decorate it with berries or grated chocolate.

Tips on making jelly from milk

The main ingredient of this dessert is milk. It should be natural, because only in this case the dish will turn out delicious. In addition, it is better to use milk with the highest fat content. This way you can achieve a nice soft texture.

For those who like experiments, the use of baked milk will be an excellent option. Jelly turns out gentle and madly tasty. However, it is not justified for all recipes, so you should be careful.

There are several flavors that are ideal for milk jelly. Among them are classic vanillin and its various interpretations, cocoa, coffee, or even cinnamon. Insanely tasty jelly will be, if in gelatin milk when heated add vanilla stick. Of course, at the time of cooling it should be removed. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.

Do not use boiled milk. From him in the dessert may appear a strange taste. The best choice will be pasteurized milk. Also suitable sterilized version.

To jelly froze faster, do not need to dissolve gelatin in water. It can be put directly into the milk. Besides the fact that this process will significantly save cooking time, it will give the dish extra density in the texture.

If the jelly with milk is prepared in layers, it is worth pouring the individual parts of the dessert right in the refrigerator. The fact is that during the transportation of the molds, liquid drops may fall on the walls. This will create ugly divorces that can degrade the overall look of the dish.

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