Lemon jelly - savory dessert, which is always the way. Terms of cooking and variations of dishes based on lemon jelly

Lemon jelly - savory dessert, which is always the way. Terms of cooking and variations of dishes based on lemon jelly

Lemon jelly is the most piquant. It has a pleasant bitterness and moderately sour. It has a pronounced taste and a great citrus aroma.

Jelly can increase appetite. Has the ability to saturate the body with vitamins, recalls the summer days, the warm sea and the sun. Lemon scent elevates mood and gives vitality. Lemon jelly is quite easy to prepare and very, very tasty !!!

Natural lemon juice jelly

The basis for making jelly is freshly squeezed, natural lemon juice. Extraordinarily useful, well fortified. Perfect for kids menu. It gives an opportunity not only to pamper children, but also to get the necessary amount of vitamin C. With the help of natural lemon jelly, you can prepare a lot of various desserts, as well as use as a fill for fruits and berries.


- 1 large lemon

- 1 tbsp. spoon of gelatin

- 2 glasses of water

- 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar

- Vanilla sugar or vanillin

- Lemongrass sprig (optional)

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly rinse the lemon with a brush under running water. Cut into two halves.

2. Remove the zest with a vegetable grater. When hit in dessert, zest gives an unpleasant bitterness.

3. Squeeze out each half of lemon - juice. Using a juicer or fork.

4. Put a saucepan on the stove with two glasses of water.

5. Add to the water 3 tablespoons of sugar, vanillin, a sprig of lemongrass. Give boil for 5 minutes. You can add a small pinch of zest.

6. Pour the gelatin into a glass beaker. Fill with three tablespoons of hot water. Reserve for swelling.

7. Remove the pan from the heat. Give a little cool.

8. Gradually, we introduce gelatin, constantly, stirring.

9. Add lemon juice to gelatinous liquid.

10. Mix thoroughly and put in the fridge to set.

In 3-4 hours Lemon jelly will be ready!

Lemon Cake Jelly

Exceptional citrus cake. Motley bright yellow color with fruit, covered with lemon jelly. Appetizing in appearance, has a sweet and sour taste. Very easy and fast to prepare, requires minimal cost. Perfectly complement the holiday table, or suitable as a birthday gift for the birthday. Ingredients

- 1 kg. cookies (galetny or baked milk)

- 2 pcs. lemon

- 1 can of condensed milk

- 50 ml cream

- 1 pack of ready-made lemon jelly, or made from lemon juice

- fruit for decoration

Method of preparation

1. Prepare a baking sheet, using parchment paper. Brush with butter.

2. Lay out a layer of cookies on the parchment.

3. Make a cream:

- squeeze juice from lemons

- mix condensed milk with cream

- pour the resulting juice from lemons into the cream

- beat well with a mixer, or whips by hand, to obtain a thickness

4. Lavishly grease a layer of biscuit cream. Then again lay out a layer of biscuits and cover with cream. Continue until the lemon cream is over.

5. Prepare lemon jelly according to the recipe.

6. Decorate the cake with fruit and pour cold jelly.

7. Put the cake in the fridge overnight.

Cake can be eaten the next day!

Dessert Jelly “Limoncello”

According to its composition enters the category of desserts: “For Adults”. Diversifies intimate romantic dinner, its alcoholic touch. Aphrodisiacs, which are in a tart, but at the same time sweet dessert, contribute to relaxation and passionate intimacy. Liquor "Limoncello" can be bought as ready, and prepare in advance at home.

Ingredients for liquor

- 300 ml. Water

- 6 lemons

- 700 ml. Vodka

- 500 gr. Sahara

Method of cooking liqueur

1. Rinse the lemons well. Remove the zest with a knife.

2. In a three liter jar folded zest and pour vodka. Leave to insist exactly two weeks.

3. Strain the tincture through a sieve or cheesecloth. Squeeze the zest.

4. Put the pan with water on the stove. Add sugar. Boil. Boil for 7 minutes, take off the white foam.

5. Cool to room temperature.

6. Mix the syrup with lemon setting. Bottled.

7. Insist another 7 days.

After the required time, the liquor is ready for use!

Ingredients for dessert

- 1 glass of Limoncello liqueur

- 3 tbsp. spoons of water

- 10 gr. gelatin

- 1 tbsp. spoon of sugar

- Fresh strawberries or Banana (for decoration) - 2 pcs. carnations

Method of preparation

1. In hot water, dissolve the sugar. Add gelatin. Leave to swell for 15 minutes.

2. Heat the gelatin in a water bath.

3. Mix gelatin with liquor. Pour half in molds. Leave in the fridge for 40 minutes.

4. Cut the fruit into slices.

5. Put nicely on the frozen jelly.

6. Fill the remaining jelly molds to the brim.

7. Beautify the star anise with a carnation or asterisk.

8. Put in the fridge.

Alcoholic dessert is ready to eat in a couple of hours!

Cheesecake with lemon curl in jelly

Cheesecakes have become especially popular in cafeterias and teahouses. Preparation does not take a lot of time and effort. Cheesecake is best served just for tea. Its flavor and appearance will make your taste buds run wild. From its base, made from lemon jelly, will flow saliva.


For the basics:

- 400 gr. Cookies "Jubilee" or "Savoyardi"

- 150 gr. Butter

Lemon Kurt:

- 3 lemons

-4 eggs

- 150 gr. Butter

- half a glass of sugar

- Lemon jelly

- vanillin

fruit for decoration

Method of preparation

1. Biscuits to kill cookies in small chips

2. Cover the round shape with parchment

3. Melt the butter in a skillet

4. Mix the biscuits with butter and thoroughly tamp in the mold.

5. Prepare a lemon curt:

6. With lemons, remove the zest and smash with sugar in a blender

7. Add melted butter and gradually introduce beaten eggs.

8. Squeeze out the remaining whole lemons and add to the cream

9. Tighten Kurt on the steam bath

10. Strain the cream through a sieve or cheesecloth, add vanilla and a pinch of salt.

11. Put in the fridge for 1.5 hours

12. Make a lemon jelly, according to the recipe, or dilute packaged

13. On a biscuit base, spread the cream evenly.

14. Cut fruit and berries for decoration.

15. Jelly divided into two parts. First pour on the finished cream.

16. Put in a circle fruits and berries. Pour the rest of the jelly.

17. Put in the fridge.

A lemon cheesecake will be ready, in exactly two hours !!!

Children's cake: “Lemon Asterisk”

Can you surprise children at the holiday table? Of course!!! Kids love everything bright and toy. Dessert “Lemon star” conquers the kids with its unusual shape. As if the cosmic “Asterisk”, fell straight from the sky on a plate. Yes, it is also edible!


For Panna - Kota Milk Jelly:

- 500 ml. Milk

- 150 gr. Sahara

- 15 gr. Gelatin

- vanillin

For lemon jelly:

- 3 lemons

- 2 tbsp. spoons of gelatin

- 4 tbsp. spoons of sugar

- 2 tbsp. water

- 1 can of boiled condensed milk

- icing sugar

- mint leaves for decoration

Method of preparation

1. Lemon jelly is prepared according to the recipe: Natural lemon jelly. In double proportion.

2. Prepare milk jelly. According to the previous scheme, only tighten with warm milk, without water.

3. Forms for cookies - an asterisk, grease with butter. Cover the baking sheet with parchment.

4. The first layer in the dessert will be Panna Kota. Pour the cooled milk jelly in molds.

5. We remove in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

6. We finish the finished jelly with boiled condensed milk so that the jelly layers are tightly bonded to each other.

7. In the fridge for 15 minutes.

8. Pour lemon jelly on condensed milk.

9. Put in the fridge for 4 hours.

10. Before serving, decorate with mint leaves and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Children's dessert is ready to join the sweet table!

Exquisite dessert with custard and lime jelly


For custard:

- 4 eggs

- 2 tbsp. Milk

- 3 tbsp. Spoons of sugar

- vanillin

For jelly:

- 1 tbsp. spoon of gelatin

- 2 glasses of water

- 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar

- 2 limes

- vanillin

- nuts and raisins for decoration

Method of preparation

1. Prepare jelly, according to the recipe from lemon juice, replacing lemon juice with lime. Send in the fridge for freezing.

2. Cook the cream:

- beat eggs with sugar

- heat the milk in a bowl

- gradually introduce sugar-egg mixture

- remove from heat, thicken in a water bath

- cool to room temperature

3. We collect dessert:

- cut lime jelly into cubes

- put the molds on the bottom and pour the cream

- it is possible to lay out layers alternately, until the cream is over - the top layer should be cream

- decorate with nuts and raisins, you can pour fruit topping

Dessert, restaurant level is ready to eat !!!

Lemon jelly in orange

The trick of this dessert is to serve it. Jelly served in a half orange. Extraordinary citrus aroma, make you try it - immediately !!!


- 3 oranges

- lemon jelly

- white or black chocolate

Method of preparation

1. Cut the oranges in half. Using a spoon, remove the pulp.

2. Prepare jelly and pour into the empty halves

3. Melt the chocolate and decorate the dessert.

Lemon Jelly - Tips and Tricks

- The addition of lemon peel in jelly should be treated with caution, it gives an unpleasant taste and bitterness.

- Lemon juice can be squeezed using a regular fork. Paste it vertically in half a lemon and scrolling clockwise.

- Thicken jelly, can with the help: leaf gelatin, agar-agar or pectin.

- When buying ready-made, packaged jelly, you should give preference to quality manufacturers who make powder from natural raw materials. High-quality jelly has a more natural flavor and contains natural dyes.

- In order that the jelly does not have lumps, it can be filtered through a sieve or gauze.

- To jelly froze very quickly, it must be placed in a container with ice.

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