Multilayer jelly at home: a rainbow of flavors and colors. How to make a beautiful and tasty jelly layers - the subtleties of a beautiful dessert

Multilayer jelly at home: a rainbow of flavors and colors. How to make a beautiful and tasty jelly layers - the subtleties of a beautiful dessert

Sweet dessert is a pleasant and irreplaceable attribute of any holiday. You always want to end the evening with your family or close friends with something bright, unusual. One of the most original options, in this case, will be a multilayer jelly. This delicate dish will be a light final touch of dinner. And, cooked with his own hands, it will impress all guests.

Jelly Interlayers: General Cooking Principles

It is easy to prepare such a dish, the main thing is to choose the right products and comply with all the technologies. The simplest option would be to buy ready-made jelly in powder. In this case, you can simply follow the instructions on the package. After that, you can slowly pour the colored layers on top of each other, first letting everyone froze.

You can make a multilayer jelly more original with the help of ice-cream bowls installed in the refrigerator at an angle. Thus, the dessert will harden with a striped diagonal. And the top layer can be performed in the usual horizontal position. Additionally, in jelly sometimes add pieces of fruit or berries. Thus, the dessert can be made softer and more contrast. In addition, the milky layer will be harmoniously felt.

Having decided on the appearance of the future dish, you should prepare each of the ingredients in different vessels. Start better with the jelly, which will be at the very beginning. Each layer needs to be added only in case of hardening of the finished part. So you can achieve the most beautiful cut. It is important not to let the blanks harden in advance. But, in this case, they can just be slightly heated in the microwave.

To avoid the spread of dessert, you must wait until each previous layer hardens confidently. In addition, the liquid should be poured carefully, without falling on the walls of the form. In this case, the finished product will look the most aesthetic. The height of the layers should be determined at its discretion, paying attention to the number of ingredients.

Classic Multilayer Jelly

This jelly layer is very simple to prepare, but it is incredibly tasty and beautiful. It is with him that one should begin experiments with variations of this dish. The recipe is designed for 6 medium servings.


· 3 packs of multi-colored fruit jelly;

· Purified water (the amount depends on the instructions on the packaging of jelly);

· Pieces of fruit or berries for decoration.

Cooking Method:

· To begin with, boil water. Usually for one pack of jelly requires 400 ml of liquid. However, it is better to reduce this amount by 1.5-2 times to get a richer taste.

· Next, pour the powder out of the packs into the pre-cooked dishes and pour it with the necessary amount of water.

· The resulting liquid must be thoroughly mixed to completely dissolve the jelly.

· Now you can pour the first layer into forms. It is desirable to make the layers about the same. After that, we put the ice-cream bowls in the refrigerator for half an hour.

· When 1 layer hardens, you can add the following. By this time it will just cool down a bit and will not melt the frozen part of the dessert.

· The same should be done with 3 pieces of multilayer jelly. It will harden faster, as the form will have time to cool.

· Serve ready-made dessert should be in beautiful cups in which it was prepared. From above it will be better to decorate it at your discretion.

Curd-Chocolate Jelly Layers

The white-brown stripes of this jelly layers will not leave indifferent any chocolate fan. Dessert looks very appetizing, and preparing is quite simple. At the same time it is delicious and easy.


· A bag of gelatin;

· Half a cup of cream with low fat;

· 2 packs of cottage cheese;

· 0.4 l sour cream;

· 75 g of sugar;

· 25 g of cocoa.

Cooking Method:

· Mix gelatin with chilled cream. If necessary, they can be replaced with pasteurized milk.

· Give the mixture to rest for half an hour, after which it is heated in a water bath, stirring constantly. It is necessary that the gelatin is dissolved. The main thing - do not give the cream to boil · Sugar mixed with cottage cheese. We also pour in sour cream and cooled cream with gelatin.

· The mixture is divided into 2 equal parts. In one, we mix cocoa powder.

· We put in the form of first 1 liquid, and after solidification - the second.

· Finished jelly layers can be decorated with chocolate chips or chopped nuts.

Jelly layers of cottage cheese with pineapples

One of the reasons why many people love this dessert is its lightness and freshness. That is why fans of multi-layer jelly will appreciate the dish with delicate cottage cheese and pineapples.


· 0.4 l sour cream;

· 2 packs of cottage cheese;

· 150 g of powdered sugar;

· A jar of canned pineapples;

· A glass of boiled water;

· 1 pack of gelatin;

· 25 g of cocoa.

Cooking Method:

· Fill the gelatin with slightly warmed water and dissolve it by placing the dishes in the water bath. You should stir this mixture regularly.

· Cut the pineapple rings into equal cubes and place them on the bottom of the cups or ice cream bowls in which the jelly will be fed.

· We mix cottage cheese and sour cream. Add powdered sugar. Additionally, you can slightly beat with a mixer. Split the mixture in half.

· In one half add cocoa.

· Each part is alternately added to the form, give the dessert completely frost. Finished multi-layer jelly can also be decorated with diced pineapple.

Multilayer kefir and curd jelly

It does not matter if there is no milk or cream in the house. For jelly layers precocious and kefir is suitable. This wonderful dessert will be especially tasty with strawberries.


· 0.4 l of kefir;

· A pack of cottage cheese;

· 25 g of gelatin;

· 175 g of sugar;

· Strawberries in any form (you can even add berries from jam).

Cooking Method:

· Put gelatin in a saucepan or bowl and mix it with a little warm water. After 30 minutes, slowly heat the liquid in a water bath so that it has time to fully mix.

· Sugar mix with cottage cheese and pour warm kefir. Mix and add gelatin.

· Cut the strawberries into slices or cubes. We lay it on the bottom of the form. · We put in the molds the finished mixture with gelatin, alternating it with strawberry sliced. We give each part of the dessert to completely harden in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

· You can serve in a bowl or another form, decorating at your discretion.

Jelly with layers “Winter delight”

This variant of multilayer jelly will fit well into the menu of any holiday table. It is quite complex in execution, but has a very bright expressive appearance.


· 3 packs of multi-colored jelly bags;

· purified water;

· 20 g of lemon juice;

· Icing sugar.

Cooking Method:

· The main highlight of this multi-layer jelly - serve in tall glasses. They will need to be positioned at an angle. For this perfect pan. The legs of the glasses can be supported on its walls by setting it in the desired position.

· Prepare 3 mixtures of jelly and water, according to the package instructions.

· Pour the first layer into tilted glasses. Give freeze in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

· Turn over the glasses and fill the second layer. We send again to freeze.

· Put the glasses in the usual straight position. Pour the last layer.

· It remains to decorate the festive multilayer jelly. Lubricate the edges of the glasses from the inside with lemon juice, using a brush. While it is not dry, we hold a glass over a saucer with powdered sugar. This will resemble a snow cap.

Multi-layered Rainbow Jelly Cake with Fruit

Not everyone can quickly and tasty cook fruit dessert. Especially when guests want something fresh and tender. In this case, you can make a wonderful cake jelly layers. This dish will amaze even the most sophisticated gourmet.


· The maximum number of multi-colored jelly bags (for some colors of the rainbow you will need a food coloring);

· Raspberry or strawberry, peach, pineapple, kiwi, blueberry, dark grapes and currants (fruits and berries can be fresh, frozen or canned);

· purified water.

Cooking Method: · For each layer, you need to mix the jelly from the bags with the recommended amount of boiling water.

· Those colors that are not in the store (blue or blue) can be obtained using food coloring. To do this, take the yellow jelly in a bag, stir it with water and add a few drops of dye.

· We get 7 multi-colored liquids. Alternately add to each of them chopped fruit or berries.

· We put in the form of jelly layers, starting with red, according to the order of the rainbow. Alternately give each lane to harden before adding a new one.

· Dip the ready cake into hot water for a few seconds and turn it over quickly. From above it can be decorated with the remaining berries and fruits.

Multilayer jelly - useful tips

· Add 1 tsp to all blanks with jelly. Sahara. Yes, it is initially quite sweet, but after hardening, the taste will be significantly dulled.

· Add a little vanilla sugar to the cream or milk. The taste of the finished dessert will be a bit like melted ice cream.

· Creamers are more convenient to pour in the refrigerator. If you carry them already with liquid, a colored mark will remain on the edges of the form.

· The main thing is to always give the previous layer a completely freeze. Yes, it will take more time, but the final result is worth it. All strips of jelly layers will be clear and beautiful, especially in the cut.

· It is better to choose bright and contrasting colors so that at the end the dessert has an attractive appearance.

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