We treat guests and homemade pork liver cutlets. Any side dish will be good for pork liver cutlets: the best recipes

We treat guests and homemade pork liver cutlets. Any side dish will be good for pork liver cutlets: the best recipes

By-products, which include the liver, are used in the preparation of many dishes. Liver is probably the most popular. Despite the fact that it is usually softer than meat, it is also used to make meatballs.

Quite a bit of hassle and burgers turn out completely airy. This dish is perfect if your home is bored with classic dishes.

In addition, if for some reason you had a frozen liver, then do not write a better recipe. Guaranteed the dish does not work hard, and juiciness can be adjusted.

Pork liver cutlets - general principles of cooking

• Cooking pork liver cutlets is not at all tricky, on the contrary, quite simple.

• Such cutlets are fried on a stove in a thick-walled pan. Frying pans with non-stick coating are also suitable.

• You can bake liver patties in the oven or cook for a couple. But before steaming, they still need to be fried.

• Pork liver is a rather specific product. When roasting or boiling, it retains some smell and slight bitterness. But in the meatballs such flaws are almost not felt.

• For liver patties, it is best to take a fresh or chilled liver. Its color should not be too dark, or vice versa too light.

• Liver is minced for mince with a meat grinder or blender. The size of the grill in the meat grinder does not matter.

• Before chopping the liver is well washed, always in several waters. Dry well. The film covering the surface of the liver must be cut off. Coarse ducts and vessels remaining in the liver are also cut out.

• After grinding, a watery liver mass is obtained. To thicken it is usually added semolina, wheat or corn flour.

• Also, starch or grits (buckwheat or rice) are often used as a thickener. Added cereals necessarily boil until fully cooked. • The cutlets from the liver alone are slightly dry and dark. To add richness and more pleasant color, vegetables are added to the liver mass. Put them raw or slightly passer in fat.

• Liquid cutlet mass for frying is spread on the pan with a spoon, which is dipped in water each time. Minced liver with the addition of croup is molded by hand.

• Pork liver cutlets are good both hot and chilled. They can be served with any side dishes. Liver patties with cereals are served with sour cream or vegetables.

Pork liver cutlets - “scones”


• 600 grams of pork chilled liver;

• small onion;

• one medium carrot;

• three small potato tubers;

• table salt, nutmeg powder and finely ground pepper - to taste;

• Wheat flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Gently flexing your hands, rinse the liver under the tap. Drain well and smooth out hard veins and film covering the liver outside. Pass it along with onions, raw potatoes and carrots through a meat grinder.

2. Slightly add some salt to your taste. Add quite a bit (a small pinch) of nutmeg and mix the cutlet mass well.

3. Add flour to thicken. It is poured as much as needed, achieving the consistency of thick cream.

4. Dip a dessert spoon in water. Pry off the cutlet mass with it and place in butter heated in a frying pan. Forming cutlets, each time lower the spoon into the water.

5. Fry the liver patties under the lid, no more than a minute on each side.

Pork liver cutlets with mushrooms


• pork liver - 450 grams;

• 150-200 grams of fresh champignons;

• 1 egg;

• 1 bulb onion;

• average carrot;

• pinch of black pepper;

• tablespoon of semolina.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop the onion, carrot - coarsely rub. 2. Wash and clean the dirt from the champignons. Cut the mushrooms into very small cubes and fry in a heated pan. Roast at maximum heat until all moisture has evaporated.

3. In lightly browned mushrooms, add chopped vegetables and, stirring, cook for 4 minutes.

4. Grind a blender or twist in a meat grinder the smoothed liver. Add the semolina, table salt, eggs. Replenish fried mushrooms with vegetables. Pepper and, having well mixed all components, allow to stand ten minutes.

5. Fry liver patties with mushrooms in red-hot vegetable fat until tender. Until they turn ruddy on all sides.

Pork liver cutlets with minced meat


• 300 gr. pork liver;

• a glass of corn flour;

• 200 gr. pork not liquid minced meat;

• one raw egg;

• onion head;

• a small clove of garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Twist the liver and minced meat in a meat grinder. Enter the egg and a tablespoon of flour. Stir the mass until smooth.

2. Add chopped garlic. Report cut medium onions. Pepper, sprinkle and stir well again.

3. In a tablespoon type a little stuffing. Put it in a plate of cornmeal. Roll on all sides and fry in hot vegetable fat.

4. Serve the liver patties on their own or with a side dish.

Pork liver “homemade burgers” with gravy


• 400 gr. fresh liver (pork);

• 100 gr. brisket;

• 3 table. spoons of “Hercules” (oatmeal);

• large onion;

• 100 ml of milk;

• Tomato sauce or ketchup - 2 tbsp. l .;

• 50 gr. 15% cream;

• pepper peas - 4 pcs .;

• table. spoon of natural butter;

• Lavrushka leaf.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the “Hercules” flakes with milk and leave to stand for 20 minutes.

2. From the liver, carefully cut off the top film. Cut into small pieces. Cut the ducts and kill with a blender. As an option - grind on the smallest grid through a meat grinder. 3. The brisket (you can take fresh fat) grind in the same way.

4. Strain milk from the oatmeal. Squeeze the rest of his hands and put the flakes in the stuffing.

5. Add fine salt. To taste, pepper with black pepper and mix well the mass with a spoon.

6. Heat vegetable oil in a thick-walled pan. Spoon the minced liver in it and fry the patties quickly. Do not pour a lot of oil. Fat when melted will melt and give up your fat.

7. Immediately place the fried patties in a small saucepan for stewing.

8. Melt butter in a frying pan. Put the onion into small slices and fry. Do not overdry, fry only until you get a light ruddy (golden brown).

9. Dilute sour cream in a glass of water and add to the onion. Put the laurel with spices, salt and boil.

10. Pour the sauce into the container with the chops and simmer for 15 minutes under the lid.

11. Five minutes before they are ready, report to the ketchup sauce.

12. Ready cutlets before serving, allow about ten minutes. Serve the lush potato mash, or boiled loose rice.

Rich pork liver cutlets with buckwheat


• chilled pork liver - 550 grams;

• 140 gr. buckwheat groats;

• onion;

• 1 raw egg;

• 2 table. spoons of wheat flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the liver pieces and rinse with a large volume of water, put on a towel. Let the water flow out and blot the rest of it with a napkin.

2. Strip the liver of the film and coarse, sinewy ducts. Cut into chunks and chop with a blender or meat grinder.

3. Spoon the buckwheat and rinse thoroughly. Fill the grits with water, add a little salt and boil until ready.

4. Fry onion in vegetable oil until light ruddy. Connect it with slightly cooled buckwheat.

5. To taste, add salt, you can slightly pepper. Break egg into mince, report flour and knead well. 6. Over medium heat warm the vegetable fat in the pan. Spoon in the butter portions of meatballs, and until ready, fry them on both sides.

7. Serve such burgers with sour cream. Garnished with meatballs can be mashed potatoes or fresh vegetables.

Dietary pork liver patties (baked)


• 350 gr. pork liver;

• four tablespoons of rice;

• egg;

• 60 gr. fresh bacon;

• small onion;

• creamy unsalted butter - 1 tbsp. l .;

• 200 gr. low-fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. From the rice cereal, select the garbage and damaged grains. Rinse well in a colander with a water jet, or rinse in several waters. Fill with plenty of water and boil until done. Transfer to a colander and rinse well again. Drain, leaving rice in a colander.

2. Finely chop fresh bacon. Put the pieces in the pan and heat the fat well, put the cracklings. Finely chop the onion and fry in this fat until transparent.

3. Wash liver, wipe dry and chop with meat grinder. It would be better if the largest lattice is installed on it.

4. Combine boiled rice with liver minced meat. Add onion and salt. Enter a loose egg. Mix gently until smooth and refrigerate.

5. After 20 minutes with moist hands, form small patties of minced meat.

6. Grease or form a baking sheet. Put the patties and lightly sprinkle them with melted butter.

7. Bake diet pork liver patties in the oven for a quarter of an hour, at 180 degrees.

8. Serve baked patties, watering them with low-fat sour cream to a side dish of vegetables or as an independent dish.

Pork liver cutlets in a double boiler


• a pound of pork liver;

• two small bulbs;

• two raw eggs;

• fresh fat - 150 gr .;

• 2 tbsp. l dry starch (potato);

• incomplete glass of flour. Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the liver in several waters. Drain well and peel off the wires. Smash with a blender or grind in a meat grinder with a large grill.

2. Slightly chop the eggs with a fork and pour them into the cutlet mass. Add flour, starch. Add spices to taste and add a little salt. Stir until smooth. The result is a mass, consistency similar to the test for pancakes.

3. Heat vegetable oil in a pan. It should only warm up well, but not hot. Pour the minced meat in small pieces into butter and fry for a minute on each side.

4. After frying, place the liver patties in a steamer and cook in it for 20 minutes.

Pork liver cutlets - tips and helpful tips

• If slices of the liver are soaked a little in milk beforehand, the patties will be softer. Also, the liver can be soaked in water.

• Pork liver cutlets should be fried very quickly. Maximum 1-2 minutes on each side, otherwise they will be dry.

• If you still cooked the chops, stew them a little in a double boiler. They will become softer and juicier.

• Heat oil well in a pan. In an insufficiently heated fat, the liquid hepatic mass will dissolve.

• When serving pork liver cutlets as a separate dish, fry to an amber-colored onion in fat and place it on the cutlets. They well absorb the aroma of fried onions, and the dish will play a new way.

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