Pancakes with onions and eggs - you need to cook a lot! Recipes of different pancakes with green onions and egg, with sugar and with fillings

Pancakes with onions and eggs - you need to cook a lot! Recipes of different pancakes with green onions and egg, with sugar and with fillings

Pancakes have always been loved in Russia.

There were a huge number of recipes, toppings and pripekov, which changed the taste beyond recognition.

In pancakes you could lay everything your heart desires: meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms.

One of the favorite combinations is onion and egg.

Cooking pancakes with them?

Pancakes with onions and egg - the general principles of cooking

The pancake dough is kneaded liquid, fluid. For him use water, milk, kefir, whey or a mixture of different liquids. Mandatory ingredients are eggs and flour. Pancake dough is salted and sugar is added. It gives finished products a beautiful color. To make pancakes with holes, add a pinch of soda.

Onions and eggs can be used as a filling or hot pot. Other ingredients are often added to mincemeat: meat, dairy, fish products and various vegetables.

How can I stuff pancakes:

• roll up into rolls or rolls;

• fold envelope;

• fold in triangles.

But most often do convolutions-tubes with closed edges. Such pancakes are convenient to fry in a pan with butter. Additional processing holds pancake, does not allow him to turn around and makes it tastier.

Pancakes with green onions and an egg (with pripike)

Old pancake recipe with green onion and eggs.


• 400 ml of milk;

• 3 raw eggs;

• 1 cup flour;

• 1 spoon of butter;

• salt and sugar;

• 2 boiled eggs;

• 1 bunch of onions.


1. Beat raw eggs with a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar. We enter milk and flour, we add oil.

2. Cut finely boiled eggs and mix with chopped onions.

3. Heat the pan, pour the dough and distribute in a circle.

4. While the mass is not grabbed, quickly sprinkle on the dough onions and eggs. It is necessary that pripek stuck and a little drowned.

5. As soon as the pancake is fried on one side, turn it over, fry the side with the filling. Stuffed pancakes with onions and “Economical” eggs on the water

Recipe for great pancakes with onions and eggs, which require a set of the most simple products. On water, the dough is no worse than milk. But it is important to cook it properly.


• 2.5 glasses of water;

• 1 spoon of vinegar;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• 2 eggs;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 1 spoon of butter.

For the filling 4 eggs and a large bunch of green onions.


1. Heat water to 50 degrees. If you use a cold liquid, the dough will not work.

2. Whisk, beat until lightly foam the eggs with the addition of salt and sugar, inject a thin stream of water, beat well.

3. Add flour, pour in small portions and mix well to avoid lumps.

4. Pour vinegar into the soda, stir it and also send it to the dough.

5. It remains to add a spoonful of vegetable oil, stir and let the dough stand for about fifteen minutes.

6. Heat the pan, fry ordinary pancakes.

7. For the filling, just chop the onions and eggs, salt a little. Stuff in any convenient way.

Pancakes with green onions and an egg with milk

Recipe for ordinary stuffed pancakes with green onions and eggs. Sour cream is also added to the filling, which can be replaced by mayonnaise, natural yogurt. This addition will make mincemeat for pancakes juicier, and also will not allow it to crumble.


• 2 eggs;

• 1 liter of milk;

• 270 grams of flour;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• one pinch of soda.


• 5 boiled eggs;

• 2 onions;

• 2 tablespoons sour cream;

• pepper, salt.


1. Cooking dough. To do this, beat the recipe eggs with salt and sugar, add half of the milk and immediately all the flour, stir. Then pour the remaining milk.

2. Add a small pinch of soda and pour in the vegetable oil indicated in the recipe. 3. Heat up the pan, grease with a drop of oil.

4. Fry thin pancakes to rosy color on both sides. Stack up, do not grease.

5. Cut the finely green onion feathers, previously washed, enumerated and dried. Add chopped eggs and sour cream, which will hold the mass together. Stuff with salt and pepper according to your taste.

6. Unfold the pancake with the paler side up, put a tablespoon of topping and wrap. Serve immediately to the table.

Pancakes with green onions and egg on yogurt

Recipe for pancakes with green onions and egg from dough on kefir. Thanks to brewing technology, the products are quite thin, they are not torn and are great for stuffing.


• 1 cup flour;

• 1 cup of kefir;

• 0.5 cups boiling water;

• 1 egg;

• pinch of soda;

• one spoonful of sugar;

• one spoon of butter;

• some flour.


• 2 onions;

• 0.5 buns of dill;

• 4 boiled eggs;

• some salt.


1. Immediately we drop eggs into the bowl, salt with sugar, add kefir and whisk for a minute.

2. Add flour, stir.

3. Pour a pinch of soda into steep boiling water, stir and pour it into the prepared dough. Beat for a few seconds and pour in the oil.

4. Fry pancakes in a skillet until rosy color.

5. Make minced beef chopped onion with dill, chopped eggs and salt. Well stir it.

6. Stuff baked pancakes with any convenient option, served on the table.

Pancakes with onions, egg and rice

For the preparation of such pancakes, you can use any dough. If you have your favorite recipe, feel free to use it. Or knead the pancake dough in one of the recipes above per liter of liquid. Onions used onions.


• 120 grams of rice;

• 2 onions;

• 40 grams of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• 1 bunch of dill or other greens.


1. Boil rice until cooked, but do not digest. Drain the water through a colander, leave the cereal while in it. 2. Cut the onion heads in small pieces, fry in butter until ruddy color.

3. Chop the boiled eggs, mix with rice and fried onions.

4. Add chopped dill, seasoning with spices. Stir well.

5. Stuff baked pancakes, it is better to make closed convolutions so that the filling does not fall out.

6. Fry the pancakes in the pan on the side of the seam. Serve hot or cold.

Pancakes with onions, eggs and cheese

Another option is a delicious filling for pancakes with onions and eggs. This time the additional ingredient is cheese. Suit hard, soft and even sausage. The dough can be prepared according to any of the recipes, bake thin pancakes. For this amount of meat will need about ten pieces.


• 3 eggs;

• 2 bunches of green onions;

• 0.12 kg of cheese;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• salt pepper;

• 1 spoon of mayonnaise with a slide.


1. Chop the finely boiled eggs, throw in a bowl.

2. Cut the onion too finely, you can mash it a little with salt to make the filling more dense. We shift the greens in a bowl.

3. We rub cheese on a fine grater, we send in forcemeat. If soft cheese is used, you can simply knead.

4. Squeeze the peeled garlic cloves and put a spoon of mayonnaise. The sauce will make the filling juicier, but it is important not to put a lot of it. Pancakes can limp.

5. It remains to mix the minced meat thoroughly, season with spices and fill the pancakes!

Pancakes with spring onions, eggs and mushrooms

A variant of one of the most delicious fillings for thin pancakes. Use any pickled mushrooms, you can take and salty. But with fried champignons it also turns out quite well. In this case, they need to take twice as much, since during heat treatment the mass will be significantly reduced. This amount of filling is enough for stuffing ten medium-sized pancakes.


• 10 pancakes;

• 0.2 kg pickled mushrooms;

• 1 bunch of onions; • 3 eggs;

• 2 spoons of butter.


1. Cut the onion feathers, lightly mnev hands and shift in a bowl.

2. Add to the onions boiled eggs, also chopped finely.

3. Now it's a line of mushrooms. Marinade necessarily merge. Cut into small pieces and send to the filling.

4. Add a couple of tablespoons of butter to smooth out the taste.

5. If the mushrooms are salty enough, you can not add any spices. Just stir well the stuffing.

6. Stuff pancakes, served to the table.

Pancakes with onions, eggs and liver

The liver is often combined with onions and eggs, a combination of harmonious, tasty, fragrant. And it is great for stuffing pancakes. Onions in this recipe is used onions.


• 15 thin pancakes;

• 0.4 kg of any liver;

• 60 ml of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• 1 bunch of greens;

• seasonings.


1. Flush the liver. If it's beef or chicken, then just twist. You can grind in a combine. If pork liver is used, it is advisable to soak the by-product in milk first.

2. Cut the onion heads, fry in oil.

3. As soon as the onion slices become transparent, add the grinded liver and fry until cooked, but not long enough so as not to overdry. At the end add some salt and cool.

4. Boil eggs. Chop randomly and mix with the liver.

5. Add chopped garlic to the filling, put chopped greens, season with salt, pepper and stuffing ready! Fill the pancakes, serve to the table.

Meat pancakes with spring onions and egg

To prepare the stuffing for meat pancakes with onions and eggs, we will use boiled beef. But you can take the chicken, pork, even any minced meat, pre-fried in a frying pan.


For the test:

• 2 eggs;

• 1 glass of water;

• 1 glass of milk;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 1 spoon of butter.


• 1 bunch of onions;

• 300 grams of boiled meat; • 1 bulb onion;

• 3 eggs;

• some oil;

• spices.


1. Beat eggs with sugar and salt, add milk and water, add flour and at the very end a spoonful of butter.

2. Fry ordinary thin pancakes.

3. Boiled meat finely cut or twist into stuffing.

4. Fry the chopped onion in a pan, put the meat at the very end, season with spices. Cooling down.

5. Add chopped onion and chopped eggs to the filling, boil down and cool. All well stirred.

6. We make cooked pancakes, you can fry the convolutions in a pan with butter so that they do not turn around.

Pancakes with Onions and Egg - Tips and Tricks

• For frying pancakes, it is better to take a special griddle and not to use it for other needs.

• If pancakes are torn and do not want to roll over, then you need to add another egg and a little flour.

• No time to cook eggs for the filling? You can fry them! Beat the eggs with salt with a fork, pour into the pan and in a few seconds they will be ready. It will only cool, combine with chopped onions or other ingredients.

• If you overdo it with sugar in the dough, the pancakes will quickly burn. If it is not put at all, then the color will be gray. Pancakes are not fried if you add a lot of salt. In everything there should be a measure and you need to follow the recipe.

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