Kurnik from pancakes with chicken and mushrooms is the king of pies. How to cook chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms.

Kurnik from pancakes with chicken and mushrooms is the king of pies. How to cook chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms.

The royal pie was called Kornik in Russia. They baked it mainly for big celebrations and festivities, for the wedding at the Trinity. At the wedding Kurnik baked "great" size. Two kurnik was done: one for the groom, one for the bride. Pie broke over the heads of the newlyweds. According to the grains dropped (by their number), it was judged whether the wealth would be young or not. The name presumably comes from the fact that chicken broths were traditionally stuffed with chicken meat. The most popular was the chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms.

King Kurnik: a View from the Inside

Cook kurnik can be on yeast dough. And you don't have to make the dough yourself. Pie perfectly goes from the purchased puff pastry. The filling is prepared from raw ingredients. Easier to use chicken fillet. It is quicker to prepare and easy to cut. Mushrooms can be used, based on their personal preferences. The easiest way is to buy mushrooms, because they are sold everywhere. The most delicious is a chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms, which uses oyster mushrooms.

Kurnik from pancakes with chicken and mushrooms


For the test:

• flour - 545 g;

• normal yeast - 65 g;

• sugar - 65 g;

• milk - 60 ml;

• butter - 85 g;

• salt - 1/2 tsp;

• egg - 3 pcs.

For pancakes:

• milk - 400 ml;

• flour - 250 g;

• sugar - 65 g;

• lean oil - 90 ml;

• salt - 1/2 tsp;

• egg - 3 pcs.

For lubrication:

• cream of 33% - 60 ml;

• yolk - 1 pc.

Stuffing 1

• champignons - 300 g;

• lean oil - 30 ml;

• butter - 10 g;

• salt;

• pepper;

• leek - 1 pc.

Stuffing 2

• round rice - 250 g;

• parsley - 10 g;

• cream of 33% - 120 ml;

• salt;

• pepper;

• eggs - 4 pcs.

Stuffing 3

• chicken meat - 300 g;

• carrot - 60 g;

• onion - 75 g;

• chicken broth - 125 ml; • dill - 10 g;

• salt;

• pepper.


1. First you need to prepare the yeast dough, so that it has time to come, while there is a further process.

2. Put the yeast in a bowl and add granulated sugar to it. Stir until the contents turn into liquid. Water is not necessary to pour.

3. Combine sifted flour with salt, add eggs.

4. Heat the milk so it is lukewarm. Pour the milk into the yeast mixture.

5. Knead the dough. roll it into a ball. Add softened butter. Stir the dough further until the butter is evenly distributed throughout the dough. It will take no more than five minutes in the combine, and about ten minutes, if you mix by hand.

6. If the dough is ready, it will not slide off the hook of the combine. It will hang on it.

7. Take the dough off the hook. Hug it. Roll into a ball.

8. Put in the bowl, close the lid. It is permissible to put the bowl in the oven and close the door - let it stand there. If we use sublimated yeast, then the oven would have to be heated to 30 ° C.

9. Leaving the dough alone, you should do the stuffing. There will be three of them: mushroom, rice and meat.

10. Making the third filling. Chicken breast finely chopped. Onions and carrots process and cut very finely. Mix all.

11. In parallel, we make the second filling. Rice need to boil in a large amount of salted water. It will take 7-8 minutes.

12. Rice, drain in a colander. Let it all cool down.

13. Cooking the first stuffing. Wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth or sponge (no need to wash). Cut thin slices. Fry in a mixture of fat (vegetable oil + butter). Salted.

14. Remove the mushrooms from the pan. In it to lay leek rings (white part).

15. Connect fried mushrooms with leek. The first filling is. Leave it cool.

16. Boil soft-boiled eggs. Chop up. Combine with chilled rice. 17. Parsley wash, dry, chop, add to rice. Pour fat cream into rice. The second filling is.

18. Combine chicken breast with chopped dill. Salt, pepper. The third filling is.

19. Now it’s time for pancakes. You need to knead the dough of eggs, salt, sugar, milk (200 ml) and flour. Mix well with a whisk or mixer. After the dough reaches full homogeneity, pour the remaining milk. Introduce vegetable oil.

20. You need to cook seven pancakes. The diameter should be approximately 20 centimeters.

21. Next, the assembly starts kurnik. Divide the dough into three different parts: one - small, the second - more, the third - the biggest.

22. The biggest one is the lower part of the pancake kurnik with chicken and mushrooms. It should be rolled out in a circle whose diameter will be five centimeters more than the diameter of pancakes.

23. On the fry sheet lay out the rolled bottom, on it - a pancake. Mushroom stuffing fits on it. Cover it with a second pancake. On it - rice filling. Above - again damn. On it - chicken stuffing. On it overlap lay the remaining pancakes.

24. Roll out the middle part of the dough. She cover the cake on top. Connect and pinch the edges of the two parts of the dough to make a kind of big “dumpling”. In the center of the top make a small hole, so that there is a steam outlet.

25. The surface of the cake to miss the yolk and two tablespoons of heavy cream.

26. From the third part of the test to make a decoration to your taste. Pigtail, leaves - anything. Lay on the surface of the cake.

27. Oven chicken pancake with mushrooms and mushrooms for half an hour in the oven at 180 ° C.

Kurnik from pancakes with chicken and mushrooms 2


For pancakes:

• milk - 1 l;

• granulated sugar - 30 g;

• flour - 2 glasses;

• lean oil - 120 ml;

• salt;

• butter;

• egg - 2 pcs.

For filling:

• boiled rice - 200 g • chicken meat - 400 g

• champignons - 250 g

• carrot - 80 g

• Onion - 225 g

• salt

• spices

• lean oil (for frying).

For the sauce:

• sour cream - 300 g

• mustard - 15 g

• salt

• spices.


1. The first thing you need to fry pancakes. It will take 10 pieces. Allowed to bake pancakes in their proven recipe, as they used to. If not, then bake as follows.

2. Pour the milk into a saucepan, heat slightly.

3. Knock the eggs into a separate bowl. Throw salt, sugar, soda and whisk to mix until a homogeneous mixture.

4. In the resulting mixture pour vegetable oil. Stir again until smooth.

5. Add warm milk to the bowl. Stir once more.

6. Pour a sifted flour into a bowl in a thin stream. Carefully knead the dough without lumps.

7. Pour the remaining milk into parts in a bowl. Every time a lot of stir. When the dough is finally ready, put it aside for a quarter of an hour. Over time, bake a dozen thin pancakes. Ready pancakes lay on a dish, cover with foil or film.

8. Next is preparing the filling. Cook rice in salted water. Throw in a colander so that the water is completely glass and the rice has cooled.

9. Cook hard boiled eggs in salted water. Immediately put them under cold water, otherwise it will be difficult to clean them.

10. Carrots and onions process, wash. Grind carrots on a coarse grater. Onion cut into small cubes. Vegetables spasserovat in a hot skillet in vegetable oil.

11. Paste the vegetables in a bowl. Pour there boiled rice. Salted, backed up. Mix well.

12. Wash and dry the mushrooms well. Cut into a slice. Fry in vegetable oil.

13. Separately scroll raw meat, fried mushrooms through a meat grinder or punch in a blender. If you do not want to then wash the equipment, the ingredients can be simply finely chopped with a knife. 14. Boiled eggs grind coarse grater.

15. Mustard add to sour cream. Salted, backed up. Add spices. Stir well until smooth. Sour cream can be replaced by mayonnaise.

16. In a greased with butter form, in which the chicken roaster will be cooked, put the pancake, missed it with sour cream and mustard sauce.

17. Next, four pancakes must be laid in the form so that they go overlapping each other on the board of the form. Half of the pancake should be in the form itself, and half to hang over the edge.

18. Pancakes in the form of a fluff sauce.

19. Put the rice filling on the sauce.

20. Fill the pancake. Smear it with the sauce.

21. On the sauce, lay the minced chicken with mushrooms, close the pancake, grease with sauce.

22. The last layer is boiled eggs.

23. Pancakes that go beyond the edges wrap inside the form, hiding the stuffing. Pancakes on the surface of the fluff sauce. Cover with all the remaining pancake.

24. Put the chicken pan with chicken and mushrooms in the oven at 200 ° C. Cook for a quarter of an hour. By the willingness to get the cake out of the oven and let it cool for a while. After that a chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms can be portioned.

Kurnik from pancakes with chicken and mushrooms 3


• sour cream - 200 g;

• oyster mushroom - 200 g;

• chicken meat - 100 g;

• cheese - 50 g;

• onion - 75 g;

• Greenfinch;

• pepper;

• salt;

• boiled chicken eggs, 4 pcs .;

• thin pancakes - 15 pcs.


1. Bake 15 pancakes according to the recipe you like most.

2. Finely chop the chicken and onion with a knife.

3. Pour 1/2 of the sliced ​​onion into the pan. Fry. Perch, salt. Pour in 30 g sour cream. Cook, stirring, for a quarter of an hour.

4. Oyster mushroom process, wash, finely cut. Fry in another pan with the onions.

5. Peel boiled eggs. Grind with a knife. Mix with washed and treated dill. 6. Lay the bottom of the detachable form with foil. Grease it with butter.

7. Place the pancakes overlap so that they are well carpeted form. The edges of the pancakes should hang over the edge. In the center of the form put a couple of pancakes.

8. Smear the bottom pancakes with sour cream. Put onion and mushroom stuffing on it. Cover it with two pancakes. Put raw chicken on them. Cover with two more pancakes. Press down. Smear sour cream. Place chopped eggs with dill on top. On them - again two pancakes.

9. “Seal” the cake with pancakes that go beyond the bounds of the form. Dusted with grated cheese.

10. Place the chicken pancake with chicken and mushrooms in the oven at 180 ° C. Cook for 25 minutes, until the cheese becomes ruddy. Take out the cake, cool a little and share.

Tips and Tricks

• so that the cake retains its shape and does not crack, you must make a hole at the top so that steam will leave;

• in this hole, in the process of baking, you can gently pour a little broth in two or three times - so the cake will be very juicy;

• Chicken fillet should be put into the cake in its raw form, finely chopped - so it will be juicy, but not overdried as a result;

• soda must be extinguished with vinegar or lemon juice;

• rice is better to use round grain - with it the cake is more juicy;

• chicken meat can be pre-pickled to enhance the taste;

• in the filling of chicken, you can use any meat that you like;

• Pie can be baked even in a slow cooker.

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