Chicken and potato pie in the oven - potato chicken hen. Recipes pies with chicken and potatoes in the oven - different

Chicken and potato pie in the oven - potato chicken hen. Recipes pies with chicken and potatoes in the oven - different

Pies with hearty fillings are suitable not only for tea drinking.

They perfectly satisfy hunger, so they can replace a full meal.

A piece of cake is convenient to take with you on the road or to work.

And also, absolutely everyone loves this kind of baking!

Spoken chicken and potato pies?

Chicken and potato pie in the oven - general principles of cooking

Filling of potatoes and chicken is combined with all types of dough: sand, yeast, flaky, unleavened. Often prepare flood cakes from the batter. It is mixed in just a few minutes and even a child can handle the task.

The filling for the cake is prepared from raw or boiled, fried foods. Often mix ready and raw ingredients. The choice of filling depends on the test. If it is cooked quickly, then the products must be cooked or fried. Potatoes and chicken are cut into small pieces and mixed with the rest of the ingredients.

What else is put in minced meat:

• onions, garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables;

• greenery;

• mushrooms;

• spices;

• sour cream, butter and other fats.

Pies are made open or closed. Form just on the baking sheet or lay out in the form. Before being sent to the oven, the surface is smeared with a raw egg.

Recipe 1: Chicken Pie with Potatoes made from Yeast Dough

Option yeast pie with chicken and potatoes in the oven. The filling is laid raw. Poultry fillet can be pre-cut, sprinkle with spices and let marinate.


• 250 grams of milk;

• 10 grams of dry yeast (or 30 grams of raw);

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• flour;

• 1-2 eggs;

• 2 spoons of butter.


• 400 grams of chicken fillet;

• spices;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 onion.

For lubrication 1 yolk, the remaining protein can be sent to the dough.

Cooking 1. Heat the milk, mix with yeast, salt, sugar. Leave to dissolve the grains for 10 minutes. Then add the butter, whipped eggs with a fork, add flour. Making the dough. Let it settle for at least an hour.

2. We rub the carrots, cut the potatoes and onions very finely, add the chicken, which is also chopped, and fill the filling with spices.

3. Roll out the dough 2 cakes, one large, the second slightly smaller.

4. We spread the first on the anointed baking sheet, from above the stuffing and cover with the second flat cake. Be sure to make holes, so that the cake does not crack when baking and leave extra steam.

5. Grease the top with yolk, whipped with a spoonful of water.

6. Bake 60 minutes, set 180 degrees.

Recipe 2: Chicken and potato pie in a puff pastry oven

Shape for the pie with chicken and potatoes is better to choose a square. If you take a round pot, then there will be unnecessary trimming and will take more time. You can simply form the product on the baking sheet.


• 500 g ready-made puff pastry;

• 1 egg;

• 300 grams of chicken;

• 50 grams of onions;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• 50 grams of oil;

• spices.


1. Prepare the stuffing of peeled and chopped vegetables, add the chicken. The bird is also cut into small cubes, can be thin straws. Spice with spices.

2. Break the egg into a bowl, beat with a fork.

3. We expand the puff pastry on the table, if the thickness of the layer is 0.5 centimeters, then you can not roll out, leave it. Divide into 2 rectangles, one slightly smaller.

4. Put a large layer in the form or on a baking sheet, then the filling, spread the pieces of butter on top. Now put a small rectangle. The edges need to be smeared with an egg to ensure tight grip.

5. We pinch the upper and lower layers together. Use a sharp knife to cut the surface of the cake. Top lubricates the remaining egg.

6. We bake about 40 minutes, setting the average temperature to 170-180 degrees.

Recipe 3: Chicken and Potato Pie in the oven

Even those housewives who are not at all friendly with the dough, who doubt the consistency and cannot knead, can cope with the jellied chicken pie with potatoes in the oven. We immediately set the oven to 180 ° C, since everything is prepared very quickly.


• 120 grams of mayonnaise;

• 120 grams of sour cream;

• 140 grams of flour;

• 1 teaspoon ripper;

• 2 eggs and salt.

To the filling:

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• 300 grams of chicken;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• pepper, salt.


1. Whip mayonnaise with eggs and sour cream. Add flour, salt and dough is ready! It should have the same thickness as a good sour cream.

2. Cut the peeled potatoes and chicken. If it is with skin, then we add it too, the cake will be juicier. Put chopped onion, salt, stuffing, pour a little pepper.

3. Pour half of the dough into a greased mold, sprinkle evenly with the filling, spread it all at once. Take a spoon and pour dough on top. And you're done!

4. Send bake for 35 minutes, you can 40. The finished product, while it is hot, you can lubricate a piece of butter.

Recipe 4: Chicken and potato pie in oven made from pastry

Prepared from yeast dough with kefir. The product turns out very ruddy and magnificent.


• 1 tsp. yeast;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• salt;

• 700 grams of kefir;

• about 4 glasses of flour.

In stuffing:

• 3 potatoes;

• 2 hams;

• soy sauce;

• butter;

• 2 onions.

For lubrication 1 egg.


1. Knead the usual yeast dough from warm kefir with sugar, salt, flour. Leave it warm for an hour.

2. Remove the flesh from the legs and cut them into small pieces together with the skin. Add 2 spoons of soy sauce and leave to marinate until our dough fits.

3. Cut diced onion, fry in a frying pan for a minute. Add also chopped potatoes and fry slightly.

4. Mix chicken with vegetables, fry for 2-3 minutes and the filling is ready! Optionally, you can add peppers and some greens. 5. We take out our dough, form a cake, as in the first recipe. We bake.

Recipe 5: Chicken and potato pie on kefir in the oven

A variant of tender and lush pie with chicken and potatoes in the oven. The dough for him is kneaded on kefir. You will also need a good butter or margarine with a high percentage of fat.


• 500 grams of kefir;

• 180 grams of oil;

• 500 grams of flour;

• salt;

• 1 egg;

• 2 spoons rast. oils;

• 4 potatoes;

• 400 grams of chicken;

• 1 onion.


1. The oil must be melted to a liquid state and cool. Add kefir, salt, alter.

2. Pour the flour, mix well the resulting lump, cover and make the filling.

3. Peel potatoes, cut into very small cubes. Also onion and chicken.

4. Add the butter to the mince, salt, pour a little bit of pepper and immediately proceed to the formation of the pie, while the potatoes do not let a lot of juice. The oven should already be turned on at 180 ° C.

5. Divide the dough. Need to do 2 parts. The first should be 25 percent more. We roll it and put it into shape, the edges must be completely closed.

6. Spread the potato mince, cover with a loaf of a smaller lump of dough, make holes. One in the middle and several around.

7. Grease a broken egg, bake until cooked, about 50 minutes. Then we take out, we immediately cover with a towel and leave for 20 minutes so that it becomes soft and soft.

Recipe 6: An open pie with chicken and potatoes in the oven

A variant of a very tender crusty cake with creamy filling. Well dilutes the taste of ripe tomato slices. The number of products is calculated on the form of 22-24 centimeters.



• 1 egg;

• 120 grams of margarine;

• 3 spoons of water;

• salt;

• flour.


• 300 grams of fillet;

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• 1 tomato;

• spices, dill.

To pour, you need 150 grams of cheese, 2 eggs and 200 grams of cream. Cooking

1. Pound the softened margarine with 250 grams of flour. Add salt, egg and water, knead the dough. If you want to make it a little more magnificent, then add a pinch of the ripper, quite a bit. We remove in the refrigerator.

2. Boil the potatoes, cut into cubes.

3. In a pan fry chicken fillet, which must be cut into strips or diced.

4. Combine potatoes with chicken, add spices, chopped dill.

5. We take out the dough, roll it out and put it in the form, do not forget to make the sides.

6. Spread the potato filling, sliced ​​tomatoes.

7. Mix the grated cheese with cream and raw eggs, salt, pour the cake. We do it carefully, so as not to dislodge the content.

8. We bake half an hour, focus on pouring, it should thicken and brown.

Recipe 7: Pie with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms in the oven

This cake is a full-fledged dish that can be a hearty snack and even dinner. The dough is kneaded on cream with baking powder and margarine.


• 200 grams of margarine;

• 220 grams of sour cream;

• 3 cups flour;

• 1 bag ripper;

• salt.

For minced meat:

• 300 grams of chicken;

• 400 grams of mushrooms;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• 3 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 1 egg;

• oil, spices.

One egg for greasing baking.


1. Mix the melted margarine with sour cream, salt, add the flour with the ripper. Making thick dough under rolling.

2. Boil the potatoes and fillets, cool, cut into cubes.

3. Mushrooms cut into slices and fry with onions in a frying pan.

4. Combine all the ingredients of the filling, add mayonnaise, raw egg, salt and pepper, you can add greens.

5. Form the cake. To do this, we put the cake from the greater part of the dough into the form with the sides, lay out the stuffing, then the layer of the dough residues and pinch the edges together.

6. Make 3-5 cuts on the surface, lubricate with an egg, set to bake for half an hour.

Chicken and Potato Pie in the Oven - Useful Tips and Tricks

• To make the filling after baking juicy, you can add butter pieces, sour cream or a little mayonnaise. Some housewives simply rub a little oil over the filling while shaping the product, put pieces of bacon, chicken fat or bacon.

• Baking will be softer and softer, if immediately after pulling out of the oven, cover with a cloth towel and leave to cool in this form.

• Raw onions in pastries are cooked for a very long time and sometimes remain crispy. To avoid this, it can be slightly fry with oil in a skillet. The taste of the cake will only benefit from this.

• Soda and baking powder are interchangeable ingredients. But the ripper is simply mixed with flour, and fashion requires prior quenching with acid (lemon juice, kefir, vinegar). Otherwise, ready-made pastries will have an unpleasant taste.

• The cake was baked, and the filling inside did not reach readiness? Do not try to put it in the oven again. The cooled product will simply dry out and become tough. It is better to send baking for 3-5 minutes in the microwave, and the problem will be solved. You can also do with meatballs, pasties, meat patties and other products.

• Did not calculate the dough when dividing the cakes, and left an extra piece? Clay decorations for the cake: flagella, flowers, bows. Lubricate and spread out. Baking will be much more charming.

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