Pie with canned fish and potatoes - a super dinner! Recipes of jellied and other pies with canned fish and potatoes

Pie with canned fish and potatoes - a super dinner! Recipes of jellied and other pies with canned fish and potatoes

So he asks for a pie: “Well, eat me, my friend.” Let it be a joke, but there is a huge amount of truth in it. If there is fresh pastry at home, then it is simply impossible to resist.

Pies are different, one of the options - from potatoes with canned fish. This filling is prepared simply, quickly and most importantly - it is combined with all types of dough. Choose the favorite!

Pie with canned fish and potatoes - general principles of cooking

Dough for canned pies, as mentioned above, you can knead absolutely any or buy in the store. Below are described in detail different recipes. Pies with unsweetened stuffing of several ingredients are usually made closed, but there are also shifters, open pastries.

What canned food can be used:

• saury;

• mackerel;

• Sardinella;

• pink salmon.

The fish should be in its juice or in oil, the liquid is usually drained. Potatoes are used raw or boiled. Also in the filling can be added other products: herbs, cheese, various vegetables, sauces.

For the formation of the cake is often used rolling pin, which is rolled dough. Next, it is shifted to a baking sheet or in the form, will distribute the filling, cover with another cake. Jellied cakes are prepared from the liquid mass, also collected in layers. The oven is usually used for baking, but some recipes are suitable for the slow cooker.

Pie with canned fish and puff pastry

The easiest way to make canned fish and potatoes is to make puff pastry. You can take it in any store. Go yeast or just a product.


• 1 pack of dough;

• 1 can of fish;

• 3 boiled potatoes;

• green onion feathers;

• one egg.


1. Take out the dough, let it thaw on the table.

2. We cut boiled potatoes into small cubes, like for a salad.

3. Cut the greens, add to the potatoes.

4. Open a can of canned fish, break the pieces so that they become smaller, shift them to the potatoes. Mix the stuffing, salt to taste. 5. Spread the egg in a small bowl, shake well with a fork, no need to whisk.

6. Roll out the dough. If there is 1 layer in it, then we will cut it into two parts. We do one 30% less. This will be the top layer of the cake.

7. We invest in the form of a larger reservoir. Leveling. Pull out the small bumpers. We take a brush and coat the edges with an egg. Puff pastry is usually dry, let it soften.

8. Now make a layer of the filling.

9. And again the dough. We roll a piece on the table and make cuts directly on it, or simply dig holes. We transfer layer.

10. Connect the previously smeared edges of the lower dough with the upper layer. Cover all the egg.

11. Pie can be baked! Temperature 200, time - to a brown crust!

Jellied pie with canned fish and potatoes on kefir

Kefir jellied dough is very popular, as it is incredibly quick and easy to prepare. They are perfect for canned fish and potato pie.


• 2 potatoes;

• a glass of kefir (yogurt, ryazhenka);

• A pair of glasses of seeded flour;

• a pair of eggs;

• grows oil 2 tbsp. l .;

• seasonings;

• 1/2 tsp. soda


1. In kefir, pour half a teaspoon of soda, a little more salt, mix.

2. Shake a couple of eggs separately, pour it into the dough, pour in the usual flour, stir and pour in a couple of tablespoons of butter. Re-mix the filling dough, set aside.

3. Potatoes can be used boiled or raw. If the tubers are boiled, then we cut the plates. If the vegetable is raw, then chop a very thin straw.

4. Fish open, knead.

5. Half the dough needs to be poured into a baking dish.

6. Now lay out the potatoes, then the broken fish.

7. Sprinkle over with residual dough. We take a spoon and stretch everything well.

8. We send the pie from canned fish to be baked. At 180 degrees, the process will take a little more than half an hour.

9. You can collect all this in a multi-cooker bowl. There, the cake will be prepared 45-50 minutes.

Pie with canned fish and “Changeling” potato

The dough is again used to make this cake, but a bit different. It is prepared on the basis of sour cream and mayonnaise. Ingredients

• 0.1 kg sour cream;

• 3 eggs;

• 0.1 kg of mayonnaise;

• 0.5 tsp. salt, soda.


• 3 potatoes;

• 2 canned fish.

You will also need breadcrumbs, butter.


1. Mix all the ingredients of the dough together. You can quickly beat a mixer. Flour poured so much. To make the dough look like sour cream. We set it aside for now.

2. Rub the oil form. Sprinkle with a thick layer of breadcrumbs.

3. Cut the potatoes into circles. Beautifully laid as the first layer. We put overlap, prisim, pepper.

4. Lubricate the potatoes with a thin layer of dough, it will hold this layer together.

5. We take out the fish from the cans, with their hands immediately cut into shape. Level the layer.

6. Close the fish with the remaining dough.

7. Bake the cake for 40 minutes. The temperature should be no higher than 180 degrees, the potatoes should not be burnt.

8. Take out the cake. Leave alone.

9. Fifteen minutes later we cover the dish, turn over and immediately serve to the table.

Pie with canned fish and shortbread dough

The recipe for a tender and crumbly cake made from uncooked shortbread. For kneading, you can use both butter and regular margarine.


• a pair of eggs;

• 0.5 ordinary glasses of sour cream or kefir;

• salt (enough 0.5 tsp.);

• 200 g of oil;

• flour about 3-4 tbsp .;

• pinch of soda.


• onions 2 pcs .;

• 3 medium potatoes;

• 2 cans of canned food;

• spices, butter cream.


1. Take out the oil on the table in advance, let him shut up. Then pour a couple of glasses of flour to it, finely grind it into a crumb.

2. Shake eggs and sour cream, you can add kefir. We enter soda and salt, we pound before dissolution. Combine with flour crumb.

3. Stir and add more flour. It is difficult to determine the amount in advance, since the density of sour cream or kefir is different. But we make a simple dough that does not spread on the table, does not stick to the hands, but it also does not work hard.

4. We divide a lump into two parts; we make one piece smaller. Sent in the freezer.

5. Cut the onion, skip a minute in the butter, put it in a bowl. 6. Cut the raw potatoes into small straws, combine with onions. Add mashed fish, throw spices at your discretion.

7. We take out a large piece of dough from the freezer. Roll out, straighten in shape, lay out the stuffing.

8. Now we roll out a small piece, cover the cake, make holes, twist the edges of the layers.

9. Bake the cake for 45-50 minutes. It is important to bring to readiness potatoes, temperature 180 degrees.

Yeast tart with canned fish and potatoes

The dough for this pie with potatoes and canned fish is prepared very simple on the water. However, for salt baking baking and not needed.


• 250 ml of water, you can take milk;

• 5 spoons of butter;

• 8 g yeast;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• Spoon with sugar knoll;

• Wheat flour.


• 4 potatoes;

• 2 cans of fish;

• 2 onions.

You will need an egg to lubricate the cake before baking.


1. Heat water, dilute salt, granulated sugar and yeast in it. Mix well. Set aside ten minutes. Introduce butter, add flour. We fall asleep enough to learn enough steep, but not tough dough. Cover the pot with a towel, leave it warm for two hours.

2. Boil the potatoes, you can wear a uniform or peel.

3. Cut onions into small cubes, fry a little.

4. Cut potatoes into cubes, mix with onions, add to them the broken pieces of canned fish. Mix the stuffing. To taste put spices in it, you can add onion, parsley or dill.

5. We get yeast dough, from a half we make a big flat cake. We transfer to odds or on a baking sheet.

6. Now lay out the stuffing.

7. And again we make a cake, which is now closing the filling. We connect, we press edges, from above in several places we make holes.

8. Grease the pie with an egg. We bake at 200 degrees until cooked yeast dough.

Open pie with canned fish, potatoes and cheese

Another recipe for the cake from the finished puff pastry. But you can use any other dough as a base. Go yeast or shortbread. Ingredients

• 1 layer of puff pastry 250-300 g;

• 4 boiled potatoes;

• 2 cans of fish;

• 130 g of cheese;

• 2 large onions;

• 3 tbsp. l mayonnaise;

• spices;

• 1 clove garlic;

• 1 tbsp. l oils.


1. Starting with a bow. Cut it into strips, fry in butter until rosy color. Leave to cool.

2. Cut the boiled potatoes in small pieces. Mix the fried onions.

3. Mayonnaise combine with chopped garlic, fill the filling.

4. Open the fish, pour the marinade. We break pieces into 2 parts, that is, we do not shallow.

5. Roll out the dough, lay out in the form. If it is round, then all the excess is cut off. Big sides do not do, enough 1.5-2 cm.

6. We put on the dough potatoes with mayonnaise, onions and garlic. Align the layer.

7. Spread chaotically pieces of canned fish, press into the potatoes.

8. Fall asleep all with grated cheese.

9. Bake a hearty cake for about 20 minutes at 210 degrees. We look at the beautiful crust of cheese. As soon as it appears - you can take out!

Pie with canned fish and potatoes - tips and tricks

• If boiled potatoes go to the stuffing, then after cutting it can be poured with liquid from canned fish.

• In all cakes, you can use cabbage instead of potatoes, it will also be delicious.

• If suddenly the cake is not baked, the potato crunches, do not try to bake it again. The product dries, it will be tough and not tasty. It is better to warm the fish pie 5-7 minutes in the microwave.

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