Recipes to taste and means - tender meat in tomato sauce. Fry, simmer, bake - meat dishes in tomato sauce

Recipes to taste and means - tender meat in tomato sauce. Fry, simmer, bake - meat dishes in tomato sauce

Baked or stewed meat in tomato sauce is a tasty and versatile dish, perfect for lunch and a hearty dinner. Served with mashed potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat porridge.

Meat in tomato sauce, regardless of the method of preparation, is tender and juicy, as the tomato is able to soften the fibers of any meat. Pork is especially popular, but if there are reasons to choose beef, you can take it.

One and a half hours spent time, several simple products available, but what is the result! Hardly anyone would appreciate the works, and rest assured, everyone will ask for the additives.

Meat in tomato sauce - general principles of cooking

• Cooking begins with the preparation of meat. To preserve its juiciness, cut into pieces the pulp, fry in hot oil to a blush. They do it at the maximum fire, and the pieces of meat are laid out, slightly receding from each other. If there is no suitable pan, roasting is done in parts. You can not immediately cook a lot, the accumulation of meat juice will prevent rapid browning, and the pieces just dry out.

• The base of tomato sauce is usually a paste diluted with water or broth. In the season of fresh vegetables, it can be supplemented with a sparse mash of fresh tomatoes.

• The sauce is more often prepared separately, after which it is poured to meat, which is then stewed or baked. Meat in tomato sauce can be cooked even in the simplest multi-cooker, equipped with the “Quenching” function.

• To get a more nutritious dish it is supplemented with vegetables or beans. Vegetables most often use onions and carrots, sweet peppers, eggplants.

• The taste of the main course is highly dependent on the sauce. Pasta diluted with ordinary water makes it lean, therefore, in the presence of broth, it is better to use it, and vegetables added to the sauce to brown over high-quality vegetable oil.

Classic stew recipe in tomato sauce

Ingredients: • pork neck - 600 gr .;

• two spoons (60 gr.) Of tomato;

• two large onions;

• oil, non-aromatic - 3 tbsp. l .;

• spices - not sharp, unsharp.


1. Cut the meat from the film, wash it, dry it well with a towel and cut it into small slices.

2. In a frying pan, until a white haze appears, we heat the oil and put the pieces of flesh in it. Fry over high heat, often stirring until a blush appears.

3. Add randomly chopped onions to the meat. It may be small slices or thin quarters of the rings. Fry until golden onion and pour hot water. Cover the pan with a lid, leave on low heat. Stew for about a quarter of an hour.

4. When the pork is soft and part of the broth is evaporated, add some salt, add a tomato and some ground pepper. Stir and continue cooking, no longer covering, and setting the heating below average. When most of the sauce is evaporated, remove from heat.

Stewed meat in tomato sauce with pineapples


• steam pork pulp - half a kilo;

• bank of canned pineapples;

• 50 ml of very high quality vegetable oil;

• three spoons of tomato paste;

• two spoons of dark soy sauce;

• two large spoons of dry starch.


1. Chopped and dried meat cut into oblong pieces, not too thin. Re-blot them with a towel and put them in a bowl. Fill the starch, mix thoroughly with a fork. We try to make meat slices completely covered with it.

2. On a strong heat we place a thick-walled pan. Pour oil into it and heat it up a lot. As soon as a white haze appears, dip breaded pork slices in hot fat. We do not slacken the fire, turn over the pieces as soon as a dense crust forms on them.

3. Fold the meat from all sides into a bowl and set aside.

4. Pour syrup from a jar with pineapples into a clean pan, add soy sauce and tomato. Mixing, on moderate heating, bring the sauce to a boil and put roasted meat in it. Stew under the lid for about ten minutes, not allowing to boil intensely. 5. Add the sliced ​​pineapples to the meat and continue heating for about five minutes, still under the lid, but already at the minimum heat.

Meat in tomato sauce with beans in a pan


• red beans - two glasses;

• 400 gr. pork with thin layers of fat;

• two large carrots;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• spices;

• ground hot pepper;

• 60 gr. unsalted thick tomato.


1. Fill the beans with cold water and leave for at least 6 hours, then wash and boil in clean water until ready. We do not add salt to the water, cook under the lid and do not let it boil intensively, otherwise the outer shell of the grains will crack.

2. Prepare the vegetables: chop the carrots with a large grater, chop onions in a small way.

3. Cut meat into small, slightly oblong pieces. Season with spices to taste, add some salt. Put in hot oil in a frying pan and fry from all sides.

4. We shift the chopped vegetables to the meat and continue to cook while stirring.

5. Having achieved softening and golden coloring of vegetables, put the tomato diluted with 50 ml of water. Adjust the taste of the sauce with salt and sugar, add red pepper for sharpness. Leave the meat in the sauce under the lid, over low heat.

6. No sooner than ten minutes, put the boiled beans and pour the remaining broth. Bring to a boil, then simmer on low heat for three minutes.

Meat in tomato sauce in the oven


• veal or pork tenderloin - kilogram;

• 900 ml of thick tomato puree;

• large onion;

• eight tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• spices “For meat in the oven”.


1. Use a sharp, narrow knife to cut the flesh perpendicular to the fibers into chunks, as thick as a finger. Slightly repel and fry on both sides. The fire is maximized, and the fat is well heated to quickly browse the meat. Fried pieces fold in high refractory form.

2. Finely chop the onion, skim on the butter until bright coloring and shift to the meat.

3. Dilute a tomato, adding 200 ml of cold water to it. Add some spices, stir and pour the meat with this sauce. 4. Place the form on the grid installed in the oven. Cook the meat for 45 minutes, when heated to 180 degrees, then turn the pieces upside down and keep the same until ready. Check the puncture of a knife or other sharp object.

Meat in tomato sauce: a recipe for tender beef for a slow cooker


• beef sirloin - 400 gr .;

• large onion;

• 30 milliliters of oil;

• garlic;

• thick tomato - 50 gr .;

• teaspoon adzhika;

• 30 gr. white flour;

• five sprigs of parsley;

• a mixture of ground aromatic peppers.


1. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl, select the frying option on the instrument panel.

2. Chopped beef cut into medium-sized pieces of arbitrary shape. Put the meat in the bowl, as soon as the oil is well warmed.

3. Fry the beef, stirring occasionally, and add finely chopped onion, chopped garlic. Well, all the stir and pour water into the meat. For two hours we translate the earlier mode to “Quenching” and close the lid.

4. After half the time, add a mixture of tomato, flour and adjika to the meat. Season with a mixture of peppers, prisalivaem, thoroughly mix everything. Five minutes to completion, add finely chopped parsley.

Meat in tomato sauce with vegetables


• medium-sized eggplants, fresh - 450 gr .;

• a pound of meat (pulp);

• 300 gr. sweet pepper;

• one big carrot;

• 200 grams of bitter onions;

• chopped basil, black pepper, crushed coriander - 1/4 tsp;

• 150 ml rich broth;

• one and a half tablespoons of tomato or two fresh tomatoes;

• sunflower oil;

• dried dill.


1. Rinse the eggplants, cut them into semicircles centimeter thick and drop them into salted water. Above, in order not to emerge, we cover with a plate and stand for half an hour. Well washed vegetables and lay out on a sieve.

2. Cut the eggplants and wide strips, carrots - quarters of the rings, and onion slices at your discretion.

3. Fry meat on butter in a deep stewpan, then add vegetables to it and cook over medium heat for three minutes. Pour water, close the lid, simmer meat with vegetables on low heat until almost ready meat. 4. Put a tomato or ground tomato pulp into a saucepan, mix it. If necessary, add broth or water.

5. Add to the meat slightly pressed eggplants and pepper cut in strips. Season with black pepper, pour in dried dill, add some salt and simmer eggplant.

Meat in tomato sauce - cooking features and recommendations

• The finished dish will look neater if the meat is cut in the same thickness and size into slices.

• Before putting the meat in boiling oil, dry it well with a towel, otherwise the hot fat will splash on contact with wet pulp.

• For thickness, add flour or starch to the diluted tomato, you can simply roll the pieces of pulp in the flour before frying.

• Use spices, garlic, fresh or dried dill, spices. They will improve the taste of the dish and saturate it with its aroma.

• Fresh greens do not need to be added to the prepared dish, you can sprinkle it when serving.

• The simplest meat dish in a tomato. It will take meat, tomatoes, salt, butter. Heat oil in a pot, fry sliced ​​meat in two or three portions. Fill the pot by one third with chopped tomatoes, put the meat slices, a layer of tomatoes on top of them. Salt, cover tightly with a lid, put on the weakest fire for two hours. Check the readiness of the dish, and mix it, add to normal, add crushed garlic and black pepper. The fresher and more natural products - the tastier the meal will turn out!

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