Soup-puree in a multicooker: lazy gourmets. Recipes soups puree in a slow cooker: cheese, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, liver

Soup-puree in a multicooker: lazy gourmets. Recipes soups puree in a slow cooker: cheese, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, liver

Cream soup is a delicious first course where various ingredients turn into a dish with a delicate texture, mild flavor and rich aroma.

Anyone who loves a simple, but at the same time nourishing and delicious food, recipes for mashed soups in a slow cooker will definitely come to mind.

Multi-Cooked Cream Soup - General Cooking Principles

The composition of soups, mashed potatoes can include absolutely any products: meat, vegetables, legumes. All ingredients are thoroughly washed, cleaned, boiled until fully cooked, and then ground in a food processor or blender.

Sour cream, cream, milk or grated cheese is added to make the soup soft and delicate. Spices and spices to your taste only complement the dish. Decorate soup puree often chopped herbs, nuts, sesame seeds.

Multicooker facilitates the process of cooking soups. Its main advantage is that it is not necessary to control all the stages of cooking with a spoon in your hand, fearing that something might burn or run away. In addition, there is no need to constantly reduce or add fire.

1. Cream soup in the Syrny multicooker


• five medium potato tubers;

• one small bow;

• two medium sized carrots;

• 220 ml of 20% cream;

• 100-130 grams of durum cheese, for example, “Dutch”;

• salt, spices, pepper;

• one and a half liters of water or vegetable, meat broth;

• 40-50 ml of olive oil;

• a couple of parsley sprigs.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the onions, potatoes and carrots in any convenient way: with a knife or vegetable cutter.

2. To make the vegetables boil faster, cut them into not too large cubes.

3. We take a large grater and rub cheese on it, if desired, you can cut the cheese with a sharp knife into small cubes.

4. Parsley wash, shake off excess moisture, grind. 5. Pour olive oil into the multicooker bowl, warm it in the “Frying” mode.

6. Spread chopped onion, fry, stirring slowly with a spoon until soft.

7. Putting potatoes, carrots. Pour broth or water, add salt to taste, pepper, favorite spices, mix.

8. Cook for 40 minutes in the “Quenching” mode or, if there is one, in the “Soup” mode.

9. Five minutes before readiness, pour cream into the soup, spread grated cheese.

10. After the sound signal indicating the end of cooking, we turn on the “Preheat” mode for ten minutes, we weary all the ingredients.

11. Pour the soup into the bowl of a stationary blender and grind all the ingredients to a state of mashed potatoes. If an immersion blender is available, perform the same procedure in a conventional saucepan.

12. Put the cheese-cream soup cooked in a multivariate in plates, decorate with chopped parsley, serve hot.

2. Cream soup in a duck meat multicooker


• 600 grams of duck;

• one onion;

• one carrot;

• salt;

• three potatoes;

• two glasses of milk;

• two eggs;

• one and a half liters of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Duck carcass thoroughly washed, cut off the excess, boil in slightly salted water until fully cooked, pour a half liter of water for two hours, turning on the “Cooking” mode.

2. Remove the finished duck from the bowl, filter the broth itself and pour the multicooker into the pan again.

3. The meat is cooled and separated from the skin and bones, then cut into strips or cubes.

4. Shred washed and peeled vegetables: onion diced, carrots thin straws, potatoes in cubes.

5. Put the prepared vegetables into the broth, cook in the “Cooking” or “Soup” mode for 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the vegetables.

6. While carrots are cooked, onions and potatoes we skip duck meat through a meat grinder.

7. Spread the meat to the vegetables, grind everything to homogeneity immersion blender. 8. In a bowl, beat the milk with the eggs, pour the mixture into the soup in a slow cooker, add some salt if necessary, simmer on the “Reheat” mode for ten minutes.

9. Serve hot soup, if desired, decorate with greens.

3. Mushroom soup in a slow cooker


• 200 grams of fresh champignons;

• 350 grams of processed cheese;

• one onion;

• one carrot;

• a couple of spoons of butter;

• two potatoes;

• salt, spices;

• litere of water;

• dried dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the washed and dried mushrooms, cutting them into plates or just into several parts.

2. Clean the carrots and grate them.

3. Onion shred half rings, potatoes diced.

4. We rub cheese or knead with a fork.

5. Heat the butter in a multi-saucepan, spread the onion, fry until transparent.

6. Add the mushrooms, fry until golden.

7. Pour in boiling water, lay the potatoes and carrots. Cook for twenty minutes by setting the cooking mode.

8. Once all the ingredients are cooked, take an immersion blender and turn an ordinary soup into a puree soup.

9. Mix mashed potatoes with spices, dill, salt and melted cheese.

10. We bring the soup to readiness on the “Heated” mode, setting it to fifteen minutes.

11. Serve hot, seasoned with sour cream.

4. Cream soup in lentil multicooker


• 250 grams of red lentils;

• two small potatoes;

• one carrot;

• 5 cm celery root;

• one large tomato;

• two liters of water;

• 40 ml of vegetable oil;

• 30 grams of butter;

• salt;

• 5 grams of coriander;

• 5 grams of turmeric;

• 10 grams of curry;

• 2 cm ginger root;

• 50 grams of sour cream;

• dried herbs.

Cooking Method:

1. We sort out the lentils and, having laid out in a sieve or a small colander, thoroughly rinse, leave in order to make the glass excess liquid.

2. Clean the potatoes, cut them into medium cubes. 3. With carrots, remove the peel, grate or cut into strips.

4. Using a vegetable cutter or, using a normal teaspoon, cleanse the celery from the skin, rub it on a medium grater.

5. Cut the tomato into cubes, first remove the skin from it.

6. Ginger root wash and rub on the smallest grater.

7. All the ingredients for the fragrant puree soup in the slow cooker are ready, it remains only to cook it.

8. Pour vegetable oil into the multi-cooker bowl, turn on the “Frying” mode.

9. As soon as the oil warms up, lay out the chopped ginger root, pour turmeric and coriander, fry for a couple of minutes, stirring the ingredients with a wooden spoon.

10. Add carrots and celery, continue, stirring, fry.

11. When all the vegetables in the bowl are soft and have a pleasant golden hue, add the tomatoes and curry. Keep the vegetables on the same mode for another five minutes.

12. Pour boiled water to the vegetables, pour the lentils, cook the beans in the “Cooking” mode for twenty minutes.

13. Add potato cubes and a small piece of butter.

14. Cooking, again setting the “Cooking” mode, about another fifteen minutes.

15. Grind all the cooked components of the soup in puree, salt, pepper, add herbs to taste, pour in sour cream. Mix well.

16. We bring the soup in a multicooker to full readiness by turning on the “Heating” mode for ten minutes.

5. Cream soup in chanterelle multicooker


• 350 ml of chicken broth;

• 400 grams of fresh chanterelles;

• 120 grams of sour cream;

• salt pepper;

• three large potato tubers;

• two medium onions;

• 70 grams of butter.

Cooking Method:

1. We wash the chanterelles with special care, at the same time removing all unnecessary forest trash.

2. With the help of a sharp small knife, we scrape the hard layer of the skin off the legs of the mushrooms.

3. Dry the mushrooms and cut into several pieces. 4. Peel and chop the potatoes and onions: onion half rings, potato slices.

5. Put the butter in the multicooker pan, turn on the “Frying” mode.

6. As soon as the butter is melted, spread the prepared chanterelles, lightly fry them, then switch to the “Quenching” mode, setting the timer for ten minutes, waiting for all the liquid to evaporate from the mushrooms.

7. After the allotted time for chanterelles, open the lid of the multicooker, spread onions to the mushrooms, fry for five minutes in the “Frying” mode.

8. Switch the mode to “Cooking”, pour in the broth, after boiling, lay out the potatoes, cook for 30 minutes.

9. After grinding all the ingredients until smooth, pour in sour cream, add pepper, spices, salt to taste.

10. Tomim five to ten minutes in the “Heating” mode, pour into plates, serve, decorate with greens. In a small bowl pour cream, so that everyone can fill the soup to your liking.

11. If desired, at the time of roasting the mushrooms, you can leave a few chanterelles whole for decorating the cream soup.

6. Milk and nut soup in a multicooker


• 500 ml of milk;

• 500 ml of chicken broth;

• 50 grams of butter;

• one small bow;

• small cauliflower head (600-700 grams)

• salt pepper;

• 100 grams of peeled walnuts;

• two teaspoons of curry.

Cooking Method:

1. Disassemble washed cabbage into florets.

2. Onions clean and cut into cubes, as small as possible, so that the vegetable is cooked faster.

3. Grind the nuts, chopping or breaking them into small pieces.

4. Pour boiling broth in a multi-cooker saucepan, spread onions and cauliflower, cook, turning on the “Soup” mode for ten minutes.

5. Pour in the milk, pour the nuts, cook in the same mode for another five minutes.

6. Blender whip all the ingredients until a homogeneous soft texture, add salt, curry and pepper to taste.

7. Turn on the “Preheat” mode for seven to ten minutes. 8. Before serving, add a piece of butter to the hot ready-made puree soup. Spilling soup in plates, you can sprinkle it with herbs and nuts.

7. Puree soup in a green pea multicooker


• 400 grams of green peas (fresh or frozen);

• a quarter pack of butter;

• garlic clove;

• 130-150 ml of 33% cream;

• salt pepper;

• 500 ml of chicken broth;

• 50 grams of greenery;

• 50-70 grams of sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled garlic into small plates with a knife.

2. We melt butter in a multivariate bowl on the “Frying” mode, spread garlic and green peas. If the peas are frozen, we first hold it at room temperature for about ten to fifteen minutes.

3. Switch the mode to “Quenching”, we weigh down the ingredients for ten minutes.

4. Pour the chicken broth, add salt and pepper, simmer another five minutes, then grind all the ingredients with an immersion blender.

5. We pour in warm cream, we torment five minutes on “Heating”.

6. Serve the soup puree, garnish with chopped herbs and seasoned with sour cream.

8. Liver puree soup in a slow cooker


• a pound of chicken liver;

• two carrots;

• 300 ml of milk;

• two eggs;

• 80-100 grams of butter;

• salt;

• litere of water;

• 50 grams of flour;

• pepper;

• nutmeg;

• three bay leaves;

• sesame seeds;

• parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. To begin, soak the liver for twenty minutes in cold water, then rinse it thoroughly.

2. Put the liver in the multicooker bowl, pour in water, salt, pepper. Cooking by setting the “Cooking” mode for 30 minutes.

3. Add the peeled and finely chopped carrots, bay leaves, cook in the same mode for another 15 minutes.

4. While the main ingredients of the puree soup are boiled, let's make the sauce: pour the milk into a dry clean container, add two yolks, beat the mixture with a mixer until frothy. 5. Shift the finished liver and carrot into the bowl of the blender, pour in the filtered broth and milk mixture. Grind, leave for a while in the bowl of the blender.

6. Meanwhile, in the pan of the multicooker, melt the butter in the “Frying” mode, add flour, stir vigorously, bring the mass to homogeneity.

7. Pour the puree from the bowl of the blender into the multicooker pan, add the spices, mix.

8. Tomim Soup for another five minutes by setting the “Heated” mode.

9. Serve, sprinkled with sesame seeds and greens.

Multivarke Puree Soup - Tips and Tricks

• It is not necessary to use durum cheese for cooking cheese soup in a multicooker, you can take a processed product or even a blue cheese, it all depends on your taste preferences.

• A pinch of curry will give any soup puree a pleasant golden hue.

• All recipes can be added to your taste with any ingredients.

• Mushroom soups-mashed potatoes can be prepared from different mushrooms, the main thing to consider is that all of them require different times and approaches in preliminary preparation.

• When cooking, put salt to a minimum. It is better to add a little more at the time of grinding the ingredients than to salt the dish.

• Serve garlic buns, crispy toast, croutons of black or white bread to the mashed soups - they best emphasize the taste of this wonderful delicate dish.

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