Pickle with pearl barley in a slow cooker - quick and tasty. Rassolniki with barley in a slow cooker with pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms

Pickle with pearl barley in a slow cooker - quick and tasty. Rassolniki with barley in a slow cooker with pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms

The pickle in the slow cooker turns out to be especially tasty due to the fact that it languishes like in a Russian stove, preserving the taste and all the useful substances as much as possible.

Thick broth, pleasant acidity and razvaristaya pearl barley makes this soup simply unique.

Pickle with barley in a slow cooker - basic principles of cooking

Those hostesses who will cook this soup for the first time should know that they are cooking it in meat broth (preferably beef). It must be barley and pickles.

First prepare the broth. As already stated above, it is better to cook it from beef ribs, but if you prefer pork, or, for example, chicken, you can safely use this meat. Then the finished broth is filtered to make the soup transparent.

Pearl barley is cooked long enough, but cooking time can be significantly reduced if you pre-soak it for several hours.

Vegetable oil is poured into the bowl of the device and the onions and carrots are fried in it. Then zazharku season with tomato paste and mix. Then the device is transferred to the “soup” mode and the potatoes, barley and pickles are placed in the bowl. Pour broth and cook for half an hour. At the end add the bay leaf and greens.

Recipe 1. Pickle with barley in a slow cooker


two liters of broth;


two pickled or pickled cucumbers;

Bay leaf;

60 g of pearl barley;


three potatoes;


small carrot;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

onion head;

30 g tomato paste.

Method of preparation

1. Pearl barley rinse thoroughly. Fill it with clean water and leave for a few hours.

2. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the device and run the “frying” program for a quarter of an hour.

3. Peel the onion and chop it finely. Transfer to a bowl with butter and lightly fry.

4. Chop the cleaned carrot into large chips and add to the onion. Continue frying, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Add tomato paste. 5. Marinated or salted cucumber grate with large holes. Add to vegetables, mix.

6. Pour meat broth into the bowl. Add peeled and diced potatoes and barley. Lightly salt. Remember, pickles will give up their salt. Switch the slow cooker to cooking mode and cook the soup for half an hour. At the end add pepper and bay leaf.

Recipe 2. Pickle with barley in a slow cooker with pork


pork on the bone;

two liters of filtered water;

incomplete multi barley pearl barley;

fresh greens;


250 ml brine from pickled cucumbers;

medium carrot;

four potatoes;

two pickled cucumbers;

60 ml of vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

1. Place a piece of pork (necessarily on the bone) in the multicooker bowl and, in the “quenching” mode, boil it for an hour. At the end of salt, add a couple of peas allspice black pepper and bay leaf. Remove the meat from the broth, and strain the broth itself. Rinse the bowl.

2. Put peeled and washed onions and carrots into the bowl. In the “frying” mode, pass them a couple of minutes by adding vegetable oil.

3. Then add the chopped pickles. Peel Bulgarian pepper and cut into strips. Send to the rest of the vegetables and cook a few more minutes. Put the browned vegetables on a plate to the meat.

4. Put the peeled and chopped randomly washed potatoes in pearl barley into the container. Pour all the broth and set the soup program for 40 minutes.

5. 10 minutes before the end of time, add the vegetable frying with meat, pour in the pickle, season with your favorite spices. Do not overdo it with salt!

6. Next send any fresh greens. Close the multicooker lid and after the device gives a signal, let the pickle stand in the “heated” mode for 10 minutes.

Recipe 3. Pickle with pearl barley in a slow cooker with beef


filtered water - two liters;

Beef on the bone - 400 g;

pearl barley - 60 g;

pickles - three pcs.;

big carrot; medium onion;

potatoes - three tubers;

Bay leaf;


Method of preparation

1. Bone the bone well wash, peel off the films and remove small pieces. Peel the potatoes and carrots, peel and rinse the onions. Rinse the barley under a stream of water, transferring it to a colander.

2. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. Grate the cleaned carrot into a small shredder, finely chop the onion. Cucumbers chop into large chips.

3. Remove the container from the multicooker, put the meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and cucumbers into it. Pour the washed cereal, season with spices and place a bay leaf.

4. Pour two lyres of filtered water into the bowl and mix. Place the container with the ingredients in the multicooker, close the lid and run the “SUP” program. Set the time for two hours. This time is enough for the beef to cook, the barley to steam out, and the rest of the ingredients to knead well in the broth. Cook before the beep, without opening the lid, without stirring and adding nothing!

5. At the end of the program, gently open the lid and let go a couple. Straighten the ready pickle for salt. Serve the soup with slices of beef, sour cream and greens.

Recipe 4. Rassolnik with pearl barley in a slow cooker with stew


two large potato tubers;

tomato paste - 30g;


vegetable oil - 60 ml;

small onion;

stew - 100 g;

three small pickles;

1/2 multi barley pearl barley.

Method of preparation

1. Vegetables clean and wash. Onion finely crumble, chop the potatoes into small cubes, chop the carrot and pickles into thin strips.

2. In the capacity of the multicooker pour oil. Spread chopped vegetables, pre-warming it. Fry them in the “baking” mode for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

3. Put the tomato paste, mix and fry for a couple of minutes.

4. Wash the barley under running water. Fill it with cold water and leave for a few hours. Then add the cereal into the container. We also send pickles to this place, stir and simmer for five minutes. Add the stew, pepper. Fill the contents of the container with a liter of hot water and a little cucumber brine. Liquid level should not exceed the maximum mark on the bowl. Cooking soup for about an hour in the mode of “stewing”.

Recipe 5. Pickle with barley in chicken cooker


1/3 stack pearl barley;

750 g chicken;

Bay leaf;

two bulbs;


six potatoes;

ground black pepper;

two carrots;

120 g sour cream;

bunch of parsley;

60 g butter ghee;

celery root;

stack cucumber pickle;

two barrel cucumbers.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the chicken meat under running water. Cook bzlion chicken, lightly salted, until meat is ready. Peel the carrot with a peeler and chop it into large chips. Peeled onion finely crumble. Peel celery root. Grind it on a fine grater.

2. Melt the butter in the container of the appliance. Put vegetables in it and fry, stirring occasionally. Start cooking in the “frying” mode, and then switch to the extinguishing mode.

3. Wash peeled potatoes and cut into small pieces. Barley wash. Soak it for several hours. So it will cook much faster. Barrel cucumbers finely chopped.

4. Remove meat from broth. Strain the broth through a sieve. Remove vegetables from the bowl. And pour broth into it. As soon as it starts boiling, put potatoes and barley into it, and then fry the vegetables. Cook everything in the "cooking" mode for a quarter of an hour, then add cucumbers, spices, bay leaf, pickle from cucumbers, boil it beforehand. Cook for another five minutes. Chicken cut into pieces, arrange on plates, and decompose pickle. Season with sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Recipe 6. Lenten pickle with barley in a slow cooker with mushrooms


dried forest mushrooms - 25 g;


pickled cucumbers - 300 g;

vegetable oil;

100 g of pearl barley;


three potatoes;

two cloves of garlic;


bow - head.

Method of preparation

1. Wash dried mushrooms and soak them in cold water for three hours. You can use any forest mushrooms.

2. Mushroom extract filtered and poured into the slow cooker. Mushrooms once again washed, cut into slices and also sent to the bowl. Add filtered water to the level of three liters. We start the device in the “Soup” mode. Set the time for an hour and close the lid. 3. Wash pearl barley and send it to the mushrooms ten minutes after boiling.

4. Cooking fry. To do this, clean the vegetables, chop the onion, chop the carrots on a coarse grater. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil until golden brown.

5. Peel potatoes, cut into cubes and add to the broth after forty minutes. Cook another ten minutes.

6. Pickled cucumbers into cubes. Add cucumbers to the soup and cook for a quarter of an hour. We try the soup for salt. If necessary, add some brine from under the cucumbers.

7. Add the roast and cook for another five minutes. Meanwhile, clean a couple of garlic cloves and squeeze them through a press into the soup. Turn off the device. Rassolnik will taste better if you leave it to infuse for forty minutes in heating mode.

Pickle with barley in the slow cooker - tips and tricks

  • Pickled cucumbers should be laid only if the vegetables are ready. Otherwise, the acid will not allow them to boil soft.
  • Use only pickles in pickle, not pickled ones.
  • To make a dietary option, fry the vegetables in a dry frying pan.
  • Serve pickle with sour cream, herbs and croutons.
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