Custard chocolate cream always turns out delicious! Recipes custard chocolate creams for impregnation, filling and decoration

Custard chocolate cream always turns out delicious! Recipes custard chocolate creams for impregnation, filling and decoration

Chocolate custard is widely used by cooks. They are stuffed with cakes, buns, muffins, they coat the cakes in the manufacture of cakes and biscuit rolls. Custard chocolate cream always turns out gentle, with a bright taste, which allows you to serve it as an independent dessert. The technology of making some custard chocolate creams allows you to use them to decorate culinary products.

Scalded chocolate creams - the general principles of preparation

• The taste of the cream mass depends on the quality of the products used and their freshness. You should not save, it is better to choose a cheaper recipe. It is easier to prepare a more modest cream than to throw away the failed one.

• Butter should be natural, the recommended fat content of the product for the preparation of creams - at less than 72%. It is this oil that softens well in heat, and creams based on it quickly harden and do not melt in the future.

• Milk should also be fat and always fresh. Stale dairy product can be curtailed when heated. For the preparation of a lighter cream mass, milk can be replaced by water, more fat cream can be replaced, the percentage of fat in which should not be less than 22%. Low-fat cream, as well as stale milk when heated can be curdled.

• Cocoa should be taken only powdered. It should have a rich dark color and bright chocolate flavor. When using light powder or instant granulated cocoa, chocolate cream will have a light color. In some recipes, cocoa is replaced with chocolate or used in conjunction with it. Porous chocolate is not suitable for making cream, it is also not recommended to take chocolate bars with fillings in the form of nuts, raisins and waffles.

• Eggs and condensed milk can be added to custard chocolate creams. Aromatic additives in the form of coffee, vanilla powder or sugar only improve the taste of the cream.

Delicate custard chocolate cream with cocoa on eggs

The recipe for the finest custard chocolate cream with milk, eggs are used in cooking. The creamy mass has a light, subtle vanilla scent. Vanilla sugar is perfectly replaced by powdered vanilla with a decrease in the rate of half. Ingredients:

• three glasses of milk;

• two spoons of first-class flour;

• four eggs;

• dark cocoa powder - two spoons;

• 10 gr. fresh vanilla sugar;

• a glass of white granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. In an enameled small bowl, pour half a glass of cold milk. Sprinkle over the flour and stir well, crushing the crumbling flour into a spoon with a spoon. If you are unable to break everything, strain the milk mixture through a sieve. Grind the remaining lumps of flour and stir the strained mixture thoroughly.

2. Mix the cocoa powder with sugar and, adding the yolks, pound, to obtain a homogeneous pasty mass. Separate the proteins put in a jar, cover with a lid, put in the refrigerator.

3. Bring milk to boil. Infusing half a glass, and each time carefully and intensively stirring, dissolve the chocolate mass.

4. Add vanilla sugar, pour in the diluted flour, mix well and put on minimal heat. Stir vigorously, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and boil for another three minutes. Then remove from heat and cool, but not completely, to about 36 degrees.

5. Beat the whites, transfer the airy protein mass to the cooled chocolate mixture and gently mix.

6. Place the brewed chocolate cream in a clean bowl and leave on the table until it cools completely.

Rich Scalded Chocolate Cream on Yolks with Chocolate and Cocoa

The use of cocoa powder, in combination with dark chocolate, allows you to prepare a cream of a rich dark color, with a bright chocolate flavor. It is not recommended to use dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa, the most suitable 76%. The higher the percentage of cocoa in the product, the tastier the taste of the cream mass.


• chocolate with 76% cocoa content - 50 g;

• 100 gr. refined sugar;

• four yolks;

• 10 gr. cocoa powder;

• a glass of medium-fat milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Chopped chopped chocolate into a small bowl. Add hot milk and, while stirring, dissolve the chocolate slices in it.

2. In a thick-walled sauté pan, sprinkle yolks with a mixture of cocoa and sugar. Pour in the chocolate dissolved in milk, stir and place on a small fire. 3. While stirring, bring the chocolate mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and boil, without ceasing to stir, to the desired density.

Recipe for custard chocolate cream with cocoa-free butter

The color and taste of this cream depends on chocolate. Darker color and rich taste are given by bitter chocolate. If you take a dairy bar, the creamy mass will turn out lighter with a delicate, softer chocolate flavor. You should not use a product with a high content of cocoa, cream can bitter. Potato starch can be replaced with corn or flour, it will not affect the quality of the cream.


• two large spoons of sugar with a slide;

• 100% dark, 76% chocolate bar;

• one and a half tablespoons of starch;

• two eggs;

• creamy, high-fat oil - 20 g;

• a glass of milk, with a capacity of 250 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Pound eggs with a little sugar in a small bowl. Pour in the starch and grind once more, trying to crush all the lumps.

2. Pour in half of the cooked cold milk. Intensive mixing, bring the mixture to homogeneity. Use the whisk, it will help speed up the process.

3. Put the chopped chocolate into a water bath to melt. Simultaneously, boil the remaining milk, and when it starts to boil, add a starch-egg mass into it in a thin stream. Be sure to intensely stir while the contents of the pan, otherwise the cream mass will take clumps.

4. Without stopping to stir, so as not to burn, boil cream on low heat for about two minutes. By this time, it should thicken well. Do not forget to mix and choked in the bath chocolate.

5. Remove the thickened cream base from the heat, immediately pour to it and stir in the melted chocolate. Add butter and mix again.

Scalded chocolate cream on boiled condensed milk - “Tavrichesky”

Condensed milk is added to the cream mass. The taste of chocolate cream depends on the type of product used. Condensed milk can be taken both boiled and white. Normal, Gostovsky, milk should be taken a little more, literally on a spoon. Such a custard has a rare consistency, so it is better to use it for pasting cakes or sponge cakes. Ingredients:

• four spoons of first-class flour;

• liter of pasteurized milk;

• 250 g glass of sugar;

• high-fat oil, cream - 250 g;

• boiled Gostovskaya condensed milk - 4 tbsp. l .;

• a quarter spoon of vanilla powder;

• dark cocoa powder - 3 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. In a thick-walled saucepan on an intense fire, but do not bring to a boil, warm all the milk. Turning off the heat to the very minimum, and intensively stirring the milk with a whisk, enter the flour. Having achieved uniformity, increase the heat to medium and, stirring occasionally, continue cooking the cream base for another five minutes. It should thicken well.

2. Remove the pan from the stove, place a film on the surface of the cream mass, leave to cool.

3. While the brewed mass is cooling, soften the oil. Cut it into pieces and leave on the table, laid out in a small bowl.

4. Beat at moderate mixer speed, combine the cooled base with soft oil. It is advisable to add it in small portions, introducing no more than a tablespoon each time.

5. After that, without ceasing to beat, gradually add a mixture of sugar, cocoa and vanilla. At the end, enter the condensed milk.

Light brewed chocolate cream without eggs on water

The cream is prepared on the water without eggs. Flour is used as a thickener, but if desired it can be replaced with potato or corn starch. Thanks to the added oil, it keeps its shape well. Before use, the custard should preferably be cooled for a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator. After that, it will be better to keep the shape and will not spread, if you need to lubricate warm biscuit cakes, for example, for rolls.


• granulated sugar - 100 g .;

• half a glass of water;

• full spoon of flour (with a hill);

• 100 gr. oils, 72-85%;

• dark cocoa powder - 4 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Fill sugar with the fourth part of the water rate indicated in the recipe and, setting on medium heat, boil a transparent, sparse syrup. Be sure to stir from time to time, otherwise the sugar will settle on the bottom of the pan and will not dissolve.

2. Dissolve flour 1/4 more from the initial volume of water. Stir thoroughly, there should be no lumps in the mixture. 3. Intensively stirring boiling syrup, pour thinned flour into it in a thin stream and, while stirring intensively, boil creamy basis until it thickens. Do not dilute the flour in advance, it will settle at the bottom. But if you still do this, thoroughly stir the solution again before administering.

4. Remove the pot of boiling gut from the stove. For faster cooling, transfer the brewed base to a clean cool bowl and be sure to tighten it with a film, otherwise the surface will wear out.

5. At room temperature, soften the butter. To speed up the process, lay it out of the package, then cut into small pieces. You can soften the oil in advance, putting a pack on the table for an hour before cooking.

6. In a soft butter, sieve with a sieve, add cocoa and mix until smooth with a spoon. Do not use a mixer in this case, a light powder will rise in a cloud and spread around the sides.

7. When the cream base reaches the temperature of the fresh milk, start beating it with a mixer, setting the average speed. Step by step increasing the speed and adding in small pieces, enter all the chocolate butter.

8. Custard chocolate cream will be ready when the marks from the rims will not spread.

Thick custard chocolate cream with a light coffee taste

No additional liquid is used in the preparation. Due to this, the cream is thick, which allows it to be used to decorate any confectionery. For the filling or impregnation is better to prepare another. Cocoa needs powdered, sugar-free, and instant coffee.


• 80 gr. dark, preferably milk, chocolate;

• icing sugar - 80 gr .;

• 30 gr. cocoa powder;

• half spoon of instant coffee;

• butter 72% butter (not spread!) - 140 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut butter into slices, leave to soften at room temperature. This may take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the quality of the product.

2. Fill a wide saucepan with water, put on an intense fire. When it boils, place a smaller bowl in the bowl and fold the chopped chocolate into it. Turn down the flame to medium. 3. While stirring regularly, dissolve all the chocolate pieces. Pour into a homogeneous mass of instant coffee, mix well and immediately remove from heat.

4. Scatter on cocoa sieve together with powdered sugar.

5. Beat the butter until fluffy, then, continuing to beat, add a mixture of cocoa and powder into it. Then gradually add a little warm chocolate mass.

Scalded chocolate creams - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• The taste of custard chocolate cream will become more noble if you mix a little alcohol, such as liqueur or brandy, into it after cooling. For a light aroma of 300 grams of cream mass, it is enough to take an incomplete tablespoon of alcoholic beverage.

• If the cream turned out to be rare and even after cooling does not freeze, add a little cocoa and whisk well after that. Served as a dessert chocolate cream mass, you can thicken chopped chocolate chips in crumb.

• Products with cream preferably stored in the refrigerator. If you only plan to decorate the product with a creamy mass, do it a couple of hours before serving, then place the dessert in the fridge so that the creamy decorations will freeze and not flow when you are on the table for a long time.

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