Custard for "Napoleon" - tender and light. Recipes best homemade custard for cake "Napoleon"

Custard for

Custard for “Napoleon” - the general principles of cooking

The standard way to make custard is to boil milk with flour and other ingredients. Further products are added at will: nuts, berry puree. The cream acquires an unusual taste and aroma. Creamy base quality soak puff cakes. This cream is not only for puff cake, it can be used as a regular cream dessert with fruit additives.

Custard for “Napoleon” (classic)

It is important to keep the recipes exactly, but there is an opportunity to supplement the filling with any suitable ingredient. To properly prepare it, you must have the right utensils. As it is known, dairy products, flour and granulated sugar are the basis of custard for “Napoleon”. As a result, the cream turns into a tender, amazing dessert.


- Milk 2 t .;

- icing sugar 1,5 st .;

- flour 1.5 tbsp. l .;

- butter 400 g;

- 4 egg yolks;

- vanilla sugar.

- additional products: almond nut, cocoa powder, berry puree.

Method of preparation

To prepare the custard for “Napoleon” you will need to take a double-bottomed saucepan. Pour there milk.

Flour is mixed separately with a small part of milk so that there are no pieces.

Next, take the separated yolks from proteins, pour into a glass bowl and mix them with a few spoons of milk and flour. Mix well.

Boil the milk mixture for about 10 minutes to medium density. Now pour the egg mass into it carefully, stirring a little.

After cooling the mixture there interferes with butter, icing sugar.

If desired, you can add cocoa and almonds, and the cream will be with a nut-chocolate flavor. Or just dilute with berry puree.

Custard for “Napoleon” (pear)

For the preparation of custard for “Napoleon” use corn starch, which makes the mass even better. Original custard can be created with the help of milk, pear, rum, etc.


- Milk 1.5 st .;

- Yolks 2 pcs .;

- granulated sugar 50-60 g;

- cornstarch about 20 g;

- a tablespoon of rum;

- lemon zest with half;

- two pears;

- oil for lubrication form.

Method of preparation

Mix one part of the sugar with two yolks to a lush beige texture. Pour the flour, a spoonful of cornstarch and grated lemon zest here.

The second part of sugar (30 g) dissolved in milk with vanilla and cook over medium heat, stirring continuously with a spoon.

Now you need to take part of the sweet milk (50 g) and combine with the egg mass. Before it boils, wait half an hour and then turn off the heat.

Rum or another alcoholic beverage in the house is poured into the warm cream. While the custard for “Napoleon” cools, you need to do pear.

Douse it in sugar syrup with vanilla sugar for about half an hour. Rub through a sieve and mix with a cream base.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with condensed milk)

The taste of the cream will not spoil the cake, if you add it with new notes (for example, apply marshmallow or marmalade). You can add anything, except for those ingredients that overpower it or completely spoil the delicate milky taste. There are products that can enrich the custard for “Napoleon”, make it even tastier, for example, boiled condensed milk.


- Half a liter of cow's milk;

- boiled condensed milk 250 g;

- Sugar 2-3 tbsp. l

- a pack of butter;

- flour or starch 4-5 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

Flour with milk is thoroughly mixed in a saucepan with a mixer so that there are no pieces.

Sugar is added and mixed too.

Boil on low heat, stir for 5 minutes.

In a cold thickened cream base a little melted butter is laid out. It is necessary to ensure that the oil does not melt, otherwise the dropping out drops of oil will not allow the mixer to beat it. Shake to make a thick white mass of snow. But it will not be white for a long time, since it is diluted with boiled condensed milk and becomes pale yellow.

After smearing the puff cake with custard for “Napoleon”, you can put marshmallow or marmalade slices on top.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with yogurt and honey)

To make the layers of the cake soaked well, it is necessary to make a cream of a not very thick consistency. If you dilute it with, for example, coconut, honey, yogurt, then the cream will acquire new flavoring colors that will be more liquid.


- Yoghurt 150 g;

- milk 200 ml;

- Honey 1 tbsp. l .;

- One egg yolk;

- berries (cherry, strawberry), coconut chips.

Method of preparation

Mix honey with milk and yolk. Using a whisk, mix all the ingredients by setting on fire. Stir occasionally.

When thickened, cool the cream.

If you want to be fatter, you can add a piece of butter (the amount at the discretion).

Next, add coconut chips. After smearing the layers of the cake, you can sprinkle the top cake with dry coconut chips.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with nuts)

Thanks to the nuts, the cream will be crunchy, and vanilla will fill it with a pleasant aroma.


- Milk 0.5 liters;

- sugar 200 g;

- flour 150-160 g;

- cream 200 ml;

- eggs 2 pcs .;

- corn starch 2 tbsp. l .;

- Vanillin 10-15 g;

- walnuts.

Method of preparation

Before you get down to business, prepare a work surface and dishes for making cream.

Pour a portion of milk (120-125 ml) into a special bowl, add granulated sugar and vanilla, also corn starch.

Then add the eggs. A mixer or blender will simplify the work and quickly beat the mass up to the necessary pomp.

The rest of the milk (375 g) is heated on medium heat.

After pouring the prepared milky-starch mixture.

Boil cream so that it becomes like thick sour cream.

After cooling, cover the bowl and put on the cold. Meanwhile, the chilled cream is whipped to a fluffy state.

Then they are combined with cold custard for “Napoleon”.

At the very least, add chopped nuts.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with curd and banana)

Curd mass turns any cream into a children's dessert.


- Milk 1 l;

- eggs 4 pcs .;

- sugar 300 g;

- flour 5-6 tbsp. l .;

- vanillin 1 tsp;

- butter 150 g;

- cottage cheese 300-400 g and banana.

Method of preparation

Eggs, sugar (250 g) and vanilla are mixed together, flour is added and whipped at medium speed with a mixer.

Milk is poured and cooked at medium heat, while stirring continuously.

Mix thick and cooled cream with softened butter.

When whipping cream becomes very lush, reminiscent of air clouds. Separately, beat cottage cheese with a banana and sugar (50 g).

Lubricate the puff pastry cakes “Napoleon” need to take turns: 1 cake - custard, 2 - cottage cheese, etc.

If desired, sprinkle top with nuts, blueberries, raspberries, etc. The taste of the two creams makes the cake a new masterpiece.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with sour cream)


- Sour cream (25% fat) 200 ml;

- icing sugar 200 g

- grated lemon.

- Milk about 800 ml;

- 4 tbsp. l flour;

- butter less pack;

- A bag of vanilla.

Method of preparation

Take 100 g of sugar and stir and add 1 tbsp. milk flour. Beat for a long time.

600 ml of milk to put warm on the stove, adding sugar and vanilla.

As soon as it boils, a mixture of eggs is poured in a small stream.

When cooking - all the time to interfere, about five minutes. Put to cool.

While cooled, whipped butter and only then it can be added to the cool custard.

The last stage is the addition of sour cream. Add a spoon and beat until smooth.

Custard for “Napoleon” (with chocolate)

To diversify the custard, you can brew the cream and add chocolate to it. The taste will be bitter-sweet. Ingredients

- 3 eggs;

- sugar 3/4 cup;

- a pack of butter;

- 100 grams of chocolate.

Method of preparation

Before preparing the cream, soften the butter at room temperature.

We need to take two pans, cream is cooked in one, and proteins are poured into the other.

In the first pan, put 2 yolks and 1 egg, sugar. Broken chocolate and soft butter are placed in a whipped egg syrup.

Over low heat slowly boil the mixture, cool to thicken better. Beat the remaining protein with sugar. Lubricate all cakes except the top chocolate cream.

A protein cream will look perfect on top of the cake.

Custard for “Napoleon” - Tips and Tips

- You can not boil the custard for a long time, otherwise it will turn out with the taste of burnt milk.

- Cold eggs are whipped better than those at room temperature.

- A wooden spatula is better than a regular spoon, well reaches the bottom of the pan and does not scratch the bottom.

- The secret of a properly prepared cream is a close observation of what is happening.

- It is necessary to keep the cake with the cream a day in the fridge, otherwise “Napoleon” will be dry.

- Any custard for "Napoleon" is not very suitable for decoration, because it is very soft texture, the pattern can spread around the top cake.

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