What kind of baking can be in the post?

What kind of baking can be in the post?

The fasting table does not have to be boring and monotonous, consist of boiled potatoes and stewed cabbage. There are lots of interesting dishes and even baking. It is about her and will be discussed. What to cook for tea, breakfast or for guests? Catch the most relevant pastries for a lean diet!

Ruddy pie: well, eat me, friend

Pies and pies - this is the cheapest, tasty, convenient pastries, which can be prepared in the post. The dough is excellent and without eggs with milk, butter can be replaced with vegetable fat. If you do not want to cook in plain water, then you should try options with potato broth, pickle, broth. Any dough is easy to make lean, you just want to. But the whole highlight in the filling.

With what to cook lean cakes and pies:

  • stewed cabbage, you can add to it other vegetables, mushrooms;
  • potatoes, you can also fill with mushrooms, fried onions, carrots;
  • carrots boiled or stewed with raisins;
  • jam, jam;
  • apples, fresh pears, boiled, dried fruits;
  • pumpkin baked, steamed, salted or sweet.

There is a huge amount of minced meat for pies. You can pamper yourself with such baking often, she does not get bored. Just do not forget about the high calorie flour products.

Good advice! To baked cakes and pies glistened, immediately after the oven, you can grease them with a drop of vegetable oil. This should be done immediately, while the products are still cold.

Mannik: if the porridge is tired

In the post is often cooked porridge, including semolina. But without milk and butter, it is not very tasty, which cannot be said about the cake. It works great without eggs and butter, does not require dairy products, all this can be replaced with fruit juice or compote. Thanks to the croup, the mannica has an interesting structure, it is tender, crumbly, such flour cannot be obtained from flour. The easiest recipe:

  • 1 tbsp. semolina;
  • 0.5 tbsp. rast. oils;
  • 0.5 tbsp. flour;
  • 1 tbsp. Sahara;
  • 1 tbsp. compote or water;
  • vanilla to taste;
  • 1 bag of ripper.

You need to mix everything, insist, bake. The most interesting moment in addition. What can be poured into the dough: nuts, raisins and other dried fruits. Not redundant will be sliced ​​apples, pears, zest, cinnamon, frozen, dried berries. You can not add anything to the dough at all, but lubricate the finished manna with jam, jam, make a layer of jelly or fruit. You get an amazing lean cake-cake, if you make a little effort and turn on the fantasy.

Lenten cookies - a great treat!

Cookies are pastries that can be served with tea or coffee, taken somewhere with you, used for snacking. Its advantage is that it does not get stale for a long time (unlike pies, pies). Cookie recipes are plentiful. Basically it is made from flour, sugar, vegetable oil, soda can be added for softness. For flavor and aroma, cinnamon or vanilla is often introduced, but there are more interesting options.

With which you can make lean cookies:

  • with bananas;
  • with pumpkin;
  • with cocoa, coffee;
  • with coconut chips;
  • with poppy seeds;
  • with raisins, dried fruits.

In fact, this list can still be continued. Seeds, nuts, various dried berries, jam, candied fruit pieces will not be spoiled for sure. All these options are good, but also diversity can be achieved by changing the flour. With oatmeal, corn grits, buckwheat and rice flour, you also get tasty, besides, very useful pastries. When to experiment with healthy dishes, if not in the post?

Lenten flakes in the pan

Flapjack is delicious and very fast. The simplest dough consists of water, flour and salt. But you can add oil, soda or yeast, it will turn out even better. Also not prohibited spices, dry garlic, herbs and other additives.

How can you fry cakes:

  • in a dry pan;
  • in a frying pan with oil;
  • in the oven.

So that after dry frying or the oven they are not hard, you can immediately smear it with vegetable oil and cover with a towel. All Khychins, pasties (of course, with a lean filling) and other similar dishes are excellent from unleavened dough. You can make cakes with greens, spinach, mashed potatoes inside. Why not?

Lazy Lenten Baking

Even in the post you can not spend a lot of time on cooking, if the house has pita. Thin Armenian cakes are made from water with flour and salt. There is nothing forbidden in them, and the possibilities of use are enormous.

What to cook from pita:

  • Lazy shawarma. Vegetable salad, mushrooms, potatoes, ketchup or soy sauce will be an excellent filling.
  • Lavash pies with potatoes, cabbage, any sweet and salty fillings. You can fry them quickly in a frying pan or bake in the oven.
  • Brushwood and chips. Cut the pita bread in small pieces, sprinkle with oil, sprinkle with spices, dry in the microwave or in the oven. Sweet twig just cut and dried, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  • Lazy pies. Put the sheets of pita in the form, alternating with the filling. Options for lean types of minced meat can be found above.

Well, for dessert - lazy strudel! We put sliced ​​apples or cherries with cinnamon and sugar on a pita bread, roll up the roll, make cuts on top. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. If the apples are tough, you can pre-fry them in a frying pan with a spoon of vegetable oil or stew a little in your juice.

Tricks of cooking lean and vegetarian baking

Of course, you can make lean cakes, pancakes, pancakes, rolls, various cakes with fruit. A huge amount of recipes. Change your favorite dishes, it turns out something new. It is only important not to forget about the main points.

The tricks of cooking lean pastry:

  • Minimum water. In such baking there are few flavor ingredients, muffins. Therefore, in all recipes, try replacing water with juices, brines, compote, tea, coffee, boiled cocoa.
  • Flour norm. Any dough can be spoiled and hammered with lots of flour. Even worse, when it is low in fat, no eggs and other muffin. Let the lean dough be weaker and softer than usual.
  • Focus on the filling. It is difficult to make something really tasty from one lean test. Therefore, it is wiser to choose pastries with filling and in no case save. Put from the heart!

The last secret is the aroma of baking. The better the smell of pies, pies, the tastier they seem. Feel free to add zest, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices to the sweet dough. Spices, dry garlic can be poured into salt dough dough, add fried onions. Italians make bread with dried tomatoes and peppers, why not try this option?

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