Cream of butter for the cake - a classic culinary genre. Simple recipes of delicious creams from butter for any cake

Cream of butter for the cake - a classic culinary genre. Simple recipes of delicious creams from butter for any cake

No matter how many confectioners invent different sweets, no matter how hard they try to stand out for their creams and decorations, none of the recipes can argue with the classics. Cake or cream cake based on butter is guaranteed not to become boring.

Cream of butter for the cake - the general principles of cooking

The basic rule of making any cream in butter is the use of a fresh and exceptionally high-quality product, with the highest fat content. Poor quality butter when whipping can stratify, and when used for long stored, the dessert can quickly deteriorate.

An important condition is the exact observance of the proportions and consistency of mixing the products recommended by the recipe. You should not save on anything, if you break the proportions, the cream when beating, as in the case of low-quality oil, can curl up or come out rare. Such flaws are almost impossible to correct.

The third rule - the cream should be used immediately after preparation. In order to avoid food poisoning, cream masses are not recommended to be stored for more than a day, even in the refrigerator.

Cream of butter for the cake “Glas”

A half-kilogram of cream comes out of a specified amount of products, which is enough to lubricate a cake with a diameter of up to 22 cm. The creamy mass is prepared on a scoop of eggs and sugar, and the butter interferes with the already cooled mixture.


“Traditional” oil, cream - 200 g;

a glass of sugar;

three eggs;

a small bag of vanilla;

spoon of brandy or strong wine.

Cooking Method:

Combine sugar with eggs in a small enameled bowl. Having well rubbed, practically having brought to uniformity, we place a bowl to heat up on a water bath. Long beating with a whisk or a mixer, warm the mixture until the sugar crystals dissolve.

Cool the whipped warm mass to a temperature slightly below room temperature to about 18-20 degrees. To achieve the desired result faster, you can place a bowl with an egg mass in a wider container filled with cool water. While the cream base cools down, cut into small pieces softened. Brought to room temperature, oil and begin to knead a large durable fork. It is necessary to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Check the egg mass, if cool - turn on the mixer. Beat, partly put the oil gruel. Add no more spoons at a time, beating until fluffy before introducing a new batch. In the end, in the almost finished cream, interfere with vanilla and alcohol.

Scallop classic cream butter for the cake - “Shalot”

Simple recipe of popular custard with butter. It is often taken as the basis for the preparation of new creams, changing the taste and color by adding dyes, flavors or additional products.


one egg;

refined sugar - two hundred grams;

“Traditional”, high-grade oil - 250 g .;

1 gr. vanilla powder;

cognac of any sort or brandy - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

Mixing part of the prepared sugar with milk, place the bowl on the smallest fire and, stirring constantly, warm the mixture until boiling.

Pound the remaining sugar and egg in a separate bowl until the color changes. Should come out almost homogeneous, white mass.

Remove boiled sweet milk from the stove and pour it in a thin stream into the continuously beaten egg mass.

Place the container with the milk-egg mixture in a water bath. Warming up, stirring for five minutes, it should thicken.

Remove the brewed cream from the stove, cool. Add vanilla and alcohol, stir thoroughly.

Lemon butter cream for cake

Often the cake cakes are covered with one cream and decorated with another. Lemon cream is better to use as a coating already formed dessert. Jewelry made of it keeps its shape well and does not melt even in a warm room. The light aroma of citrus will favorably emphasize the taste of any dessert, especially if non-flavored cream mass was used for its impregnation.


sugar - 330 g .;

125 ml of drinking water;

four eggs (yolks);

half a large lemon;

250 gr. high fat, 72 percent oil. Cooking Method:

Separating the whites, in a small bowl, thoroughly stir the yolks with a whisk. Beat is not necessary, the main goal is to achieve maximum homogeneity.

Pour sugar into another small bowl and scrape a brightly colored layer of dried peel from a lemon with a fine grater. Mix, put on low heat and warm, stirring, to dissolve the sugar without residue. Then slightly increasing the heat, bring the syrup to a boil.

After removing from the stove, with intensive stirring, slowly pour the yolks into the hot syrup and return the saucepan to the stove. Continuously stirring, boil cream base.

When the mass becomes similar in consistency to thick cream, turn it off and cool to room temperature.

Soften butter cut into pieces. Putting on a plate, grind to obtain a homogeneous slurry.

Combine the cooled base with oil, whisk until fluffy.

The output is a pound of airy creamy mass, which can decorate any cake or cake. It is suitable for filling sand baskets or eclairs.

Delicate butter cream for cake (with condensed milk)

This oil cream is not able to soak sand cakes, but it is ideal for biscuit cakes and puff Napoleon. Moderately sweet, it goes well with honey biscuit preparations. The cream is suitable for cakes that are not recommended to soak.


three hundred grams of absolutely dry icing sugar;

200 grams of natural condensed milk;

a small bag of vanilla (powder);

550 grams of creamy “Farm” butter;

Cognac - 1/2 tsp.

Cooking Method:

Release the oil from the packaging, put it in a bowl. Cut into small pieces, carefully rub with a spoon until white. To speed up the process, the oil is taken out of the fridge ahead of time, so that it softens well.

In a bowl with mashed butter through the rarest sieve sift icing sugar. Add alcohol, vanilla and condensed milk.

Beat everything with a mixer for a quarter of an hour. We start with the minimum speed, gradually raising the momentum.

Chocolate Butter Cream Cake

Cream mass is prepared on the basis of the basic custard “Shalot”. Cocoa gives it a rich chocolate color and flavor. Immediately, it is worth noting that only high-quality cocoa powder is suitable for making such chocolate cream. When mixed with oil, it is advisable to peresyat, as long-stored powder is often caked and collected in lumps. Chocolate cream can be lubricated as light and dark (chocolate) cakes. It is good not only for cakes, but also for cakes, both for registration, and for their filling.


two eggs;

340 gr. Sahara;

butter, “Peasant” butter - 410 gr .;

240 ml of milk;

cocoa powder (pure, without sugar) - two full spoons;

2 gr. vanilla powder.

Cooking Method:

Combine half the sugar in the saucepan with the milk, put it on the stove and slowly heat it with continuous stirring. As soon as the sugar crystals completely disperse, increase the heat and wait for the milk to boil.

While the mixture warms up, break one egg into a bowl and add the yolk of the second to it. Sprinkle the remaining sugar, rub with a spoon until the change in color (white).

Intensively stirring the egg mass with a whisk, pour in, without haste, hot, practically boiling milk. Place the mixture in a water bath and boil until thickened, then cool well.

Rub with cocoa 10 grams of butter and slightly warm the mixture over low heat, cool.

The remaining 400 grams of butter cut into a bowl, and grind it in the same, until smooth. Beating, in small portions enter the brewed base and cocoa.

Cream of butter for the cake with caramel flavor

Gentle oil cream with a pleasant beige shade and taste of caramel. Such a mass is ideal for biscuit cakes, and design desserts. After cooling, with a long stay in the heat, it does not melt, the jewelry keeps its shape well and does not flow.


a glass of sugar;

fat, 35% cream - 300 ml;

bag of vanilla powder;

150 high quality, high fat oils.

Cooking Method:

Put sugar in a low saucepan with a double bottom or stew-pan. Having distributed a uniform layer over the entire bottom, we place the container on the smallest fire and, stirring, warm up, achieving the dissolution of all the crystals. Next, boil the syrup before the change in color, it should get a faint reddish tint. Do not burn, otherwise the cream will be bitter. Simultaneously with the syrup on the next burner, we heat the cream at the lowest possible heat.

Intensively stirring the sugar syrup in circular motions, very carefully and slowly pour hot cream into it. Lumps may appear immediately, do not stop boiling down, they will dissolve when warming up.

Remove the thickened creamy mass from the stove and immediately pour it into the bowl. Cool slightly, filter through a sieve and for some time, at least half an hour, put in the fridge.

In a deep bowl, whip the chopped butter to shine. After, without ceasing to beat, stir in a cooled caramel base into it.

Cream of butter for the cake - cooking tips and useful tips

When using whole condensed milk, it is advisable to strain it before mixing it with butter. If there are impurities in condensed milk, the cream will lose its uniformity.

If condensed milk is sugared, preheat it in a water bath or in a saucepan with minimal heating, then be sure to strain and cool.

What to do if whipping cream exfoliated? You can try to correct this disadvantage by cooling and re-whipping the cream mass. If this method does not help, re-cool the cream and put it on a sieve so that the whey that comes out of the oil is completely gone.

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